The Lovestruck High Season 1: Where Are the Star Cast Now? Who Are Still Together?

The Lovestruck season 1 High amazon prime

The Lovestruck High Season 1: Where Are They Now? – With Lovestruck High, Amazon Prime has entered the reality dating pool, with single strangers returning to school in the hopes of finding love. Unfortunately, it’s cliched and unimaginative, lacking in real drama and depth. A group of fashionable singletons are giving themselves a second chance at finding their adolescent sweetheart by enrolling at Lovestruck High – an all-American high school located in Devon.

They’ve come to live out their Mean Girls fantasies with a busy term of cheerleading practise, sleeping through class, and kissing under the bleachers. The most in love couple will be proclaimed Prom King and Queen and will get a huge $100,000 (£84,000) prize, while those who fail to turn in their courting homework on time will be dismissed.

Season 1 of ‘Lovestruck High’ was a fan favourite because it featured a healthy amount of hot romance and high-octane drama, as well as a sprinkle of endearing camaraderie. It was also thrilling to see the rom-com-style troupes that had been adapted from popular American high school films. Nonetheless, now that the cameras have been turned away, fans are anxious about where the cast is. So let’s find them one by one.

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What Has Happened to KT Franklin and Where Is She Now?

One of the candidates on the show is KT Franklin, a comedian and TikToker. She describes herself as “fun, flirty, and ready to find love in real life.” She is also the series’ youngest character.

KT was sitting alone during prom night in the musical when Alex Dean approached her. Alex had previously been paired with Megan, the girl he had his heart set on since he first appeared on the show. Megan considered Alex’s sexual jokes repulsive during the homecoming festivities. He wasn’t the one she was looking for, she realised.

Alex ran into KT after the blowout and struck up a chat with her. They became fast friends after realising that they shared many interests. They even kissed, but KT chose to dump him because he wanted to keep his options open after what happened with Megan.

KT appears to be happily single at the moment, based on her social media activities. She has previously dated and spoken about it on her TikTok and YouTube channels. “I like to date males,” she said in her introduction. “I have dated girls in the past, but nothing serious.” I don’t want to name myself because I believe it will confine me. I’m 20, and I’m still figuring out what I enjoy.”

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What Has Happened to Junaid Ahmed and Where Is He Now?

Junaid Ahmed, who boasts a “24-carat gold heart,” was overjoyed to finally reveal to the world that he had been chosen to join the cast of Amazon Primes for his first-ever reality program, which will feature Lindsay Lohan as the narrator. He asked for fans to watch his diva moments, his happiest moments, tears, tantrums, and a whole lot of drama.

Junaid Ahmed admitted that finding love is something he has struggled with in the past. However, after he arrived at Lovestruck, he was immediately drawn to Dan Elward. Junaid moved quickly to invite Dan to the homecoming dance immediately at the start, as seen by viewers.

On television, their connection appeared to be pretty sweet. Was it, however, able to withstand the test of time? Junaid and Dan appeared to have gotten back into their daily routine after Season 1 filming concluded. They also appeared to wish to keep their personal lives private. Fans, on the other hand, will be pleased to learn that they have been following each other on social media (as of 2022). In fact, they regularly chatted in the comments section.

Nonetheless, some felt Junaid and Dan were no longer together based on how they left things on the show. Lovestruck High debuted on May 18, 2022, yet it was definitely filmed a year prior. Junaid stated to the Daily Star in 2019 that he had been dating straight men for years. But, then, speaking for himself and the others, he revealed the truth about the integrity of reality TV romances. Half of the men in heterosexual relationships are on reality TV shows.

Where Is Megan Vail Now?

Megan, a professional dancer from Cambridge, chased Adam during her time on ‘Lovestruck High.’ Despite the fact that they concluded the show on a nice note, it appears like they broke up after filming.

Megan kept her dating life secret in 2022 because Lovestruck High was still airing at the time, and she didn’t want to give anything away. Megan captivated two boys from her class — Alex and Huss — as her romantic interests on the show.

Huss was the one who first approached her and asked her for the homecoming dance. However, Megan immediately rejected Huss because of his reputation as a notorious playboy. Alex subsequently asked Emily out, and the two attended the dance as a pair, seizing the moment with both hands.

Unfortunately, Alex made a sexual joke during the homecoming event. Megan was immediately turned off by this, and she realised Alex wasn’t the man she was searching for. As a result, she grew apart from him, prompting Alex to seek KT. Surprisingly, although Alex was still seeing KT, he returned to Megan, attempting to maintain an “open” relationship with her. However, as soon as KT understood she was an alternative for Alex, she ended their relationship. Megan, who had been cheated on numerous times in the past, was not in a hurry to find a boyfriend. However, she did acknowledge that she hoped to find her husband soon.

What Has Happened to Jess Doolan and Where Is She Now?

24-years-old Jess Doolan (born January 8, 1998) is a fashion designer, podcaster, and social media influencer who works as a photographer for the Atika firm. Doolan launched a podcast with her friends in 2021 after meeting them at a friend’s party. Jess and her partner started discussing about themes affecting women’s lives that are normally disregarded by society through their talk show. Their podcast quickly became popular. It appears that they both developed feelings for each other while filming this episode.

We saw Doolan and her female companion, Lizzie, kissing passionately on a few occasions, implying that they may be in love. We can’t be sure, so it’s up to the readers to figure out if the females are actually in love.

What Has Happened to Yasmine Rabeea Morsi?

Although Yasmine concluded the season still in a relationship with Alexis, recent events imply that the two may have split up. “Now that I’m 24, I’d like to be married as soon as possible.” I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life if I don’t get married by 30.”

Unfortunately, after the end of filming, Max and Yasmine have kept their personal lives private and haven’t divulged anything about their relationship status. They both enjoy a nice relationship with the rest of their castmates and follow each other on social media. Despite this, they have rarely engaged with one another in public.

FOMO Models represents Yasmine Rabeea, who is a fashion model. FOMO claims to be the first talent management company in the UK with a blue tick verification on Instagram, representing models, social influencers, sports, entertainment, and musical talents. Yasmine, on the other hand, was yet to receive the blue tick on Instagram.

What Has Happened to Geoff Cheung and Where Is He Now?

Geoff pursued a relationship with Chante while on the show, but circumstances forced them apart. Chante was given the opportunity to remove the event merchant from Sandy, Bedfordshire, shortly after, and she took it without hesitation. Because of his appearance on the brand new show, Geoff Cheung drew a lot of attention from the public in the coming months. In the meantime, many people wonder if he has a girlfriend on this particular date. He’s come to find a new model of confederate, in particular.

As a result, he almost certainly does not have a girlfriend at this time. However, he has kept quiet about his previous ties with the media. Following his Instagram handle, there are no indications that he has a girlfriend.

What Has Happened to Huss Zalzale and Where Is He Now?

Huss Zalzale (born 1993) is a 28-year-old British man from London. He works as a postman, but in 2022, his career took a turn when he appeared on “Lovestruck High,” a British reality show. On May 18, 2022, the show premiered on Prime Video.

Despite giving it his all on the show, Huss was unable to find the perfect mate during his time on ‘Lovestruck High.’ Finally, his talent show performance with Geoff was deemed the worst, and Chante and Sin chose the pair to be dismissed. Despite the fact that Huss was involved in multiple feuds during his time on the show, none of them survived beyond production, since he was on good terms with the rest of the group. The London-based postman, on the other hand, has maintained a unique bond with Geoff and appears to be having a good time at the moment.

What Has Happened to Jody Williams?

29-years-old Jody Williams (born December 29, 1992) is a stunning makeup artist from the United Kingdom’s North West. After appearing in the reality show “Lovestruck High,” the first episode of which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on May 18, 2022, this lovely lady became a celebrity in 2022.

Jody left the show while in a relationship with Beth, and the couple seemed to still be together. She also built a beautiful bond with Dan Elward, saying that their friendship would last a lifetime. Jody appears to be busy with her job as a salon owner in Bolton at the moment. She gets along well with the majority of the ‘Lovestruck High’ cast, but her relationship with Dan has stayed unique.

Where is Dan Elward Now?

While on the show, Dan and Basit’s relationship had its ups and downs, and the two even had a major brawl at one point. They did, however, finish the season together and appeared to have made their relationship work after the cameras stopped rolling.

As of 2022, Dan Elward didn’t appear to be dating anyone. And for those who have been following Dan on social media and have seen the lovely Emerlee Brown frequently near him, she is not his spouse. Dan is a lesbian! However, Emerlee’s Instagram captions, such as calling Dan her man or a pair, were obviously deceptive.

Emerlee was also in a relationship with Elliot Antony Spear, the proprietor of Bridgend Carpentry Co.

Now, when it comes to Dan’s love interest in Lovestruck High, he was instantly enamoured by Junaid the moment he saw him. Although, before principle Nelson stated that the contenders didn’t have much time to pick a partner for the homecoming dance, the two were caught heavily flirting. Junaid naturally invited Dan to the dance, and the two made it to the event together.

Later, the two bonded over a couple’s painting session, and it was amazing to witness how much they loved and adored one another. The two appeared to have a genuine relationship and appeared to be the homecoming king and queen. But unfortunately, in episode 3, Dan appeared to be rather taken with the newcomer, Basit, and even kissed him during a CPR training session.

So that was the end of Dan and Junaid’s relationship. Despite the fact that they were unable to pursue a romantic connection, the two remained excellent friends at the time of writing this article.

If you’re curious about Junaid, he’s a model who has been dubbed the “Selfie King.” He was famous before Lovestruck High for his appearance on Channel 4’s Obsessed with My Body, where he was known for his obsessive grooming practises. Dan Elward is now employed as a factory worker.

What Has Been Happening to Alex Dean and Where Is He Now?

Alex was the first competitor to be sent off of ‘Lovestruck High,’ and he attempted but failed to have a relationship with Megan. Alex was born in Coventry but now lives in Fulham, where he works as an accountant. At the time of writing, Alex Dean was still single. He first noticed Megan, the self-proclaimed queen, on the show. She made him feel like a celebrity. However, because Huss was also smitten with Megan, Alex realised he needed to act quickly.

When Principal Nelson announced that each candidate needed to locate a date for the homecoming dance, Alex seized the opportunity. Huss had previously approached Megan, but she had declined due to his playboy behaviour. He and Megan went to the dance as a pair. Megan considered Alex’s sexual jokes repulsive during the homecoming festivities. He wasn’t the one she was looking for, she realised. However, after the blowout, Alex ran into KT and struck up a chat with her. They became fast friends after realising that they shared many interests.

They even kissed, but KT chose to dump him because he wanted to keep his options open after what happened with Megan. Prior to the show, Alex was dating Love Island’s Samira Mighty. They began dating in the spring of 2019. He did, however, make his Instagram romance public in late April 2019. Following that, they appeared on one another’s postings a few times. However, they broke off their relationship in March 2020, just before the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, after 14 months together.

“They haven’t been together in a long time,” an insider told The Spiky TV. Alex Dean has been a Finance Business Partner at Smart DCC in London, United Kingdom, since April 2022.

Where is Basit Eniafe Today?

Basit pursued a connection with Dan Elward while on the show, but the two quickly became entangled in a massive brawl that split the cast. Despite this, they were able to reunite and appear to be doing well to this day.

Basit is an outspoken gay man. He mentioned in an interview that coming out was his happiest moment because of his Nigerian ancestry. He overcame his fear of rejection by informing his family. The model’s current relationship is kept under wraps. He has also, however, shared images of himself with males and referred to them as his “best pals.” In August 2019, he posted a photo on Instagram with his pal David at the Brighton Pride Month procession.

Basit is currently situated in London, where he makes his living as a model and musician. In addition, he appears to live a happy and independent life, and he is fast friends with the majority of his ‘Lovestruck High’ co-contestants.

What Has Happened to Charlie Curtis?

During his time on ‘Lovestruck High,’ Charlie was one of the few participants who did not find love. Despite her apparent interest in Beth, she was quickly replaced by Jody, and Charlie has ejected long after. While her recent social media posts reveal her absence of a love partner, Charlie appears to be living a good life and is friendly with the majority of the group. Besides, she works as a property manager and is currently based in Surrey.

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What Has Happened to Max O’Dwyer?

Max had started dating KT towards the end of filming, and the two appeared to be serious about each other. Despite the fact that they have kept their relationship quiet, recent events indicate that they are still together.

Max O’Dwyer is keeping his personal life quiet as of May 2022, thus there is no way of knowing if he is dating Yasmine or someone else.

Max, on the other hand, was enamored by Yasmine, a London-based model, on the show. From the beginning, he was obsessed with Yasmine. Later, he told fellow candidate Geoff that Yasmine was everything he was looking for in a lady. Then, as the homecoming dance drew nearer, Max made up his decision to learn more about her.

Max and Yasmine met for the first time in a library, a place he rarely visited when he was a student. He went to the library to meet Yasmine because she was there. They got along swimmingly and learned they had a lot in common. After that, Max invited her to the homecoming dance, which she gladly accepted.

Huss invited Yasmine for a dance, but she declined because of the closeness she had formed with Max. Max was very attractive to the London-based model, and he was her type. They were perhaps the only couple who didn’t want to know anyone else save each other.

Despite Yasmine’s declaration that she never kissed on the first date, the two shared a passionate kiss. As a result, Max and Yasmine appeared to be the only pair that could make it to the finale. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the next episodes to air for further information.

Max O’Dwyer works as a fitness instructor for a living. A handful of his Instagram photos echo this sentiment. According to, a personal trainer can earn up to £12 per hour in Brentwood, UK.

He may have played soccer for Brentwood Town as a substitute in the FA Youth Club in 2014.

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Where Is Chante Andrews?

Despite the fact that Chante appeared on the show as a straight woman seeking a relationship with Geoff, the connection did not work out. However, she eventually developed feelings for Sin while training for a talent performance with her, and the two appear to be together now. Chante now works as a GP secretary in London, in addition, to living an independent life and enjoying her time away from the cameras. Furthermore, she appeared to get along well with many of her co-contestants and had a great time filming.

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What Has Happened to Theo McDermott and Where Is He Now?

I am 21 years old. Theo McDermott, a TikTok celebrity and junior model broker, was born on January 12, 2001. This internet celebrity rose to prominence in 2022 after participating in a Prime Video reality show.

When Theo first appeared on the show, he rapidly became everyone’s favorite, but his vibes matched with KT’s, and the two quickly became friends. When everyone else was looking for a dancing partner, McDermott played it safe and befriended KT instead of choosing a love partner. Then, as pals, they both went to the evening party together.

Furthermore, despite his Instagram account describing him as a comedian, Theo is actually employed as a model agent in Bristol.

Where Is Sinae “Sin” Prendergas Now?

Sin had a bit of bad luck with love at first, but that changed after she and Chante started creating a great connection. The couple appears to be together still; however, it’s unknown whether Chante introduced Sin to her parents. Sin, on the other hand, now lives in West London, where she works as a security officer.

What Happened to Alexis Andre Jr. and Where Is He Now?

Alexis closed the episode with Yasmine still in her life, though the two have reportedly broken up since then. Alexis appears to be having an independent life and is satisfied with his current circumstances. Furthermore, he has been concentrating all of his efforts on advancing his football career, and he is currently a goalie with Dover Athletic.

What Happened to Kyle Coleman?

While on the show, Kyle and Jess developed a sweet friendship and remained away from all kinds of turmoil and squabbles. Fans will also be relieved to learn that the couple is still together and is likely to last the distance. Kyle currently resides in Oxfordshire, where he works as a musician and gardener. He’s also advertised himself as a drummer for hire on social media and appears to be having the time of his life.

What Has Happened to Adam Jordan?

When Adam first appeared on the show, all he could think about was Megan, and the two concluded the season on a high note. However, as of now, it appears like the two parted ways following filming. Apart from living a beautiful life and indulging in his passion for football, Adam currently works as a car salesperson in Norwich.

Where is Beth Stamford Now?

Despite the fact that Beth was one of the last candidates to get on the show, she quickly formed an adorable bond with Jody, which she appears to have maintained to this day. Beth, who is currently living in Surrey, is an extreme sports enthusiast who did not share much about her job. Despite this, it appears that Beth had a great time on the sets of ‘Lovestruck High,’ and made several lifetime acquaintances.

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