THOR LOVE AND THUNDER Trailer Released – Reactions & Everything We Know So Far


The God of Thunder, “Thor” is played by none other than the Australian hot shot, Chris Hemsworth. Only he could have done justice to this role who is inspired by the sensational Marvel Comics. The arrogant yet cheeky character was bound to become the King of Asgard, but because of bad attitude, he was cast out of Asgard. He landed on Earth completely confused and not being able pick his hammer. This was something that came as a major shock to him. That’s because his father had forced him to learn and earn it back.

It was not an easy journey. But we have seen how the character has developed throughout his time on Earth. He meets Jane and learns about different things, such as how to “not smash a coffee mug to show appreciation.” The arrogant God transforms to a heroic warrior and then, to someone who loses hope. We have seen Thor change over the years. His confidence was shattered completely after he could not save his brother, Loki and save half the humanity from Thanos’ attacks.

We see how he has completely transformed to someone who needs to accept himself with all the flaws. In Thor: Love and Thunder, he learns to love himself again. This journey isn’t an easy one for the God of Thunder. However, only those who have a strong will power and determination can make a difference. So, if you have not seen the last three parts, you better catch up and do a re – run of other Marvel movies, such as Infinity War and End Game.

Before this new movie hits the screens, you better gear up for a rollercoaster ride. That’s because we have seen Thor losing all his hope after his failure to save the planet or defeat Thanos. But in a different timeline, we see Thor defeats him with the help of the avengers. Enough talking about what happened in the previous movies. Let’s move on and spill a little tea about the latest trailers. Spoiler alert ahead!

We are here to break down some of the best parts of the latest trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder. None of us can get over seeing Natalie Portman as the new female Thor because they can’t get enough of her muscular body like that bulked arm which can pick up the hammer in real life. So, if you still have not seen the trailer, you better go watch it now.

You will be raving about Thor’s new look and Natalie Portman taking the responsibility of fighting evil while Thor rediscovers. Jane has collaborated with the Valkyries and now, we want to see the movies before we die of curiosity. The trailer is a major eye opener for us to know that only those who deserve can actually make it happen.

The first trailer begins by showing how Thor has trained to the badass warrior from an early age but continues to show how he had struggled with his image after the avengers’ movies. He had partnered with the Guardians of Galaxy for some time before he head out to rediscover himself all over again. So, we can simply call this phase as more of a self – acceptance and self – love one, where he does not feel jealous or over throne when Jane can wield the hammer as good as him.

Thor has come a long way from being snobby God of Thunder to a down to earth warrior who wants to do good for other, and not for selfish reasons. Now, we know that Captain America and Jane can pick up the hammer. This symbolizes that only those who deserve can do it. Something relatable for a lot of MCU fans. Hop on to the bandwagon of all things “love and thunder.”

A lot of fans are speculating after watching the trailer. So, without further ado, let’s answer some of their questions, like what is going to be Thor’s new purpose? The purpose is not war, but self-love and acceptance. Additionally, they are unloading on Twitter about a great deal the idea of a female Thor, which the MCU directors took from the comic books. This idea was previously executed when a female Loki came from an alternate timeline in the tv series, Loki. The age of the multiverse has shifted a lot narratives. This may take a long time to completely digest but have you seen the great array of costumes?

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Thor: Love and Thunder‘ will be released in theatres on July 8, 2022.

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