Tyler Henry: Is He a Real Medium? Is His Netflix Series Scripted Or Real?

Is Tyler Henry a Real Medium

The debate over whether psychics and mediums are real or not has raged for years, but the truth is that no one can truly form an opinion on them without first witnessing their work.

That’s why ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry‘ on Netflix seems so important, especially because it follows the titular clairvoyant as he travels around the country, offering clarity and closure to families who have lost loved ones.

So, if you’re wondering if the series is real or if Tyler Henry is who he claims to be, don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers for you.

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Is Tyler Henry a Real Medium or scripted

Tyler Henry: Is He a Real Medium?

According to Tyler Henry’s account, he began seeing intuitive mental images at the age of ten, beginning with a forewarning of his paternal grandmother’s death, which was proven right in a matter of seconds.

That’s when he discovered he had a unique skill and began honing it in the hopes of assisting others in finding serenity in a world where the unknown is frequently feared.

As a result, he’s now considered a world-renowned medium, claiming to interact with people from beyond the grave who send him messages through his own five senses.

What’s more, Tyler has always maintained that he knows nothing about his customers prior to meeting them, not even their names; the readings are all scheduled by his crew.

And, as part of that strange process, he makes a number of beautifully phrased, sympathetic utterances that are occasionally left completely open to interpretation.

Many of his clients, on the other hand, have argued that he’s the real deal, not only because his readings are eerily precise.

But also because his false assertions are rare and few between.

Tyler admits that he makes mistakes from time to time, but he doesn’t believe “that invalidates when I get it right.”

Even the finest basketball players miss free shots from time to time, and we can still appreciate their ability.”

In addition, he stated bluntly in a recent interview with Forbes, “I encourage scepticism, but there’s a distinction between scepticism and cynicism… It’s far easier to pass judgement on me than it is to examine what actually exists.

Readings allow people to see for themselves. I get inside jokes, last words exchanged, and other substantive things.”

Is Life After Death With Tyler Henry Real or Scripted

Is ‘Tyler Henry’s Life After Death’ Real or Scripted?

On Netflix’s ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry,’ the medium demonstrated his ability to offer him access to information that he couldn’t find on Google or Ancestry.com time and time again.

By revealing life events and backgrounds, he almost persuaded us to disregard science and think that he truly does channel the deceased from whatever domain they’ve passed on to.

Nonetheless, because he was sometimes too precise in his personal and professional statements, it was almost as if he had dug up a file on their lives and was simply flipping through it.

Tyler’s quest to learn more about his own family’s history is so personal, emotional, and complicated that it’s impossible to believe it’s true.

Of course, post-production editing plays a part in how dramatic things appear on our screens, but the simple reality is that it appears to be what it claims to be: ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry.’

Though, no matter how fascinating the production is to behold, we recommend approaching it with a fair dosage of scepticism.

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