Vannessa Cross of ‘1000-lb Best Friends’: Where Is She Now And How Much Weight She Had?

Where Is Vannessa Cross Now

1000-lb Best Friends is a fantastic television show on TLC that gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of four close friends, Meghan, Tina, Vannessa, and Ashely, who are all struggling with morbid obesity.

While the friends aim to live healthy lives via humour, hard effort, and commitment, they also act as each other’s support pillars during this challenging path.

Cameras follow the four friends as they support each other through difficult diets and lifestyle changes as they strive for a better life. Let’s take a deeper look at Vannessa Cross’ life and see where she’s at right now.

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Who Is Vannessa Cross of 1000-lb

Vannessa Cross: Who Is She?

Vannessa and Meghan had been friends for a long time, and it was Meghan who persuaded Vannessa to undergo a weight loss treatment.

Vannessa weighed around 440 pounds when she first met Dr. Proctor. She was then told she needed to lose a few pounds in order to be considered for the weight-loss surgery.

Vannessa began her trip with a lot of hope and commitment, but she quickly fell behind on the physical exercise component.

Vannessa’s financial situation, on the other hand, was not in good shape, and she was obliged to eat items that were not diet-friendly.

Because canned food has a lot of salt, which is detrimental for your health, Vannessa began rinsing the sodium out of canned veggies before eating them.

Her counsellors on the show were so moved by her dedication that they got her sodium-free seasonings, making her life a little simpler.

Vannessa began to step up the pace and even exercised on a daily basis when her supporters rallied around her cause.

Meghan also tried to assist Vannessa in reaching her goal, but she fell short and was only able to lose a few pounds before her second clinic visit.

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Who Is Vannessa Cross And where is she

What Has Happened to Vannessa Cross And Where Is She Now?

Vannessa never lost up hope, even if she wasn’t approved for the weight-loss surgery right away. Instead, she committed to Dr. Proctor’s programme and made sure to follow it to the letter.

However, fate intervened once more when the reality star began to suffer from a variety of health issues, including skin cancer of the female reproductive system, which appeared to put an end to her weight loss goals.

Vannessa, on the other hand, has resumed her weight-loss effort after a little hiatus. She’s eating well and having a much better life than she did previously.

Vannessa is a devoted mother to her son Jacob and currently resides in Atalanta, Georgia. She’s also a family person, and it’s great to hear that her bond with Meghan is still going strong.

As a result, as Vannessa looks forward to a brighter future, we wish her all the best in the years ahead.