7 Little Johnsons: Are Jonah Johnston and Ashley Still Together?

Are Jonah Johnston and Ashley Still Together

Both Anna and Jonah Johnston moved out of their family’s residence in Season 10 of the popular TLC reality series 7 Little Johnstons. After their younger sister, Elizabeth, moved out, both siblings were ready to live alone. However, Ashley assumed she and Jonah would move in together shortly after dating for two years, especially given she lives five hours away. Ashley expresses her happiness for Jonah but admits that she was taken aback.

7 Little Johnsons‘ is a TLC reality show that follows the members of the Johnston family on a day-to-day basis. Trent and Amber Johnston, as well as their children Jonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, and Emma, make up the family of seven.

Achondroplasia Dwarfism affects every member of this Forsyth, Georgia, family. The members are followed as they live with their friends and family throughout the series.

The relationship between Jonah and his dwarf lover Ashley has been one of the most-watched on the show. Fans have witnessed some of the sweetest and most dramatic moments in the couple’s history.

However, their relationship appears to have lately reached a snag due to some miscommunication. If you’re interested in learning more about Jonah and Ashley’s relationship in the past and present, we’ve got you covered!

Jonah Trent Johnston
Jonah Trent Johnston

Jonah Trent Johnston’s Biography and Parents

Jonah Trent Johnston was born in Georgia on December 1, 1999, to proud parents Trent and Amber. He, like his parents, suffers from Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Despite this, he grew up to be just like any other American kid, playing Junior Varsity Soccer. Jonah’s childhood was like any other, and his loving parents made sure he didn’t go hungry.

Since he and his family started appearing on ‘7 Little Johnstons,’ Jonah has been in the spotlight. Jonah was up as the oldest of seven siblings in a household of seven, and he rapidly became a fan favourite cast member. Jonah was still in high school when he was first featured on the show in 2015. He graduated in 2017 and was admitted into a college to study journalism. Let’s see what Jonah is doing to now that his undergraduate days are drawing to a close.

Jonah Trent Johnston Ex-Girlfriend

Jonah Trent Johnston was said to be in a relationship with a woman named Kara Smith. In August 2018, Kara was photographed with Jonah on the family’s official Instagram account (which is allegedly maintained by Mama Johnston). The photos sparked conjecture that Jonah, who was in college at the time, was now dating.

There were also photos of Kara interacting with the rest of Jonah’s family, which fueled the allegations even further. However, despite the fact that the rumours tapered down over time, neither Jonah nor Kara went out about their claimed connection, and it is still unknown whether they were together.

Are Jonah Johnston and Ashley really Together

How Did Ashley and Jonah Johnston Meet?

At a convention for tiny people, Jonah Trent Johnston, the family’s eldest child, met Ashley. Despite the fact that Ashley lives in Asheville, North Carolina, the pair decided to give their love a shot by visiting each other on alternate days.

They would also spend weekends at each other’s homes to keep the relationship going and get to know each other’s families. Ashley made her on-screen debut for the excited fans in season 8 after dating Jonah for almost a year.

The Johnston siblings admitted in the same show that when Ashley is there, Jonah behaves differently than usual. In her presence, he is sweeter and more caring, and he acts more maturely. Trent and Amber, who have always been very active in their children’s lives and relationships, were hesitant at first to accept Ashley. Ashley’s plans to live in a separate house with Jonah did not improve matters.

The Johnstons, on the other hand, learned to accept Jonah’s woman love after good dialogue and patience on all sides. Meanwhile, Ashley has chosen to postpone her relocation plans for the time being.

Ashley quickly became a staple in the household, even accompanying the celebrity family on vacations. Jonah and Ashley’s relationship, on the other hand, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. So, did the two make it through the storm, or did their love fade away?

Jonah Johnston and Ashley

Are Ashley and Jonah Johnston still together?

Yes, Ashley Johnston and Jonah Johnston are still together. Jonah decided to move out of his family home and share a residence with his friend Brian in Season 10 of ‘7 Little Johnstons,’ which was a difficult period for the couple. Jonah quickly revealed to his mother, Amber, that he had forgotten to tell Ashley about the transfer.

Amber was appalled to learn about this and demanded that Jonah correct the situation right away. Jonah, on the other hand, thought it would be strange to inform Ashley about his relocation after it had already occurred.

Jonah admitted to Ashley that he had moved out of his parents’ house during the family vacation to celebrate Emma and Alex’s 16th birthday. Given their relationship and Ashley’s previous plans, Ashley was taken aback that he hadn’t notified her about it. Despite the fact that Jonah’s specific reasons are unknown, the pair has moved on and is still going strong.

Fans who are hoping for more from the two will be overjoyed if they decide to tie the knot soon. We know that Ashley’s family and the Johnstons’ parents wish for the same thing. We wish the pair all the happiness in the world and hope they have a lovely time together.

‘7 Little Johnstons’ airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.