Where Does “Absolute Beginners” Take Place? Where Was it Filmed?

netflix’s absolute beginners filming locations

Absolute Beginners Filming Locations – Are you a fan of coming-of-age teen dramas with an exciting twist? Netflix’s ‘Absolute Beginners,’ commonly referred to in Poland as ‘Absolutni Debiutanci,’ offers this captivating series with its diverse cast from Poland. “Absolute Beginners” is an intriguing and unforgettable coming-of-age story set against the picturesque landscape of a Polish seaside town. Directed by Kamila Tarabura and Katarzyna Warzecha, this six-episode series chronicles Lena and Niko as they embark on a journey to make a film that could alter their lives forever. In this article, we’ll look in-depth at the hit TV show “Absolute Beginners” and its filming locations on Poland’s picturesque seaside. Let’s uncover its secrets while discovering these picturesque settings as the backdrop to an on-screen drama!

What Happens in Absolute Beginners

What Happens in Absolute Beginners?

Lifelong friends Lena and Niko embark on their annual summer getaway at their shared vacation house by the sea, with this year being different: to turn Lena’s script into a movie and submit it to their dream film school! Sounds exciting?

Lena’s script for her film is an intimate love story requiring some intimate scenes and moments, yet Niko seems reluctant and uncomfortable about taking on these roles. After all, this movie represents something personal for Lena.

Enter Igor, an intriguing youth from a nearby sports camp who longs to become a successful basketball player. Unfortunately, when swimming one day, he develops cramps that leave him in serious distress; Lena and Niko come to his aid, creating an instant bond and turning their film project and friendship around in an unprecedented way.

Lena, an astute filmmaker, observes an attraction between Igor and Niko that prompts her to make an important decision: believing Igor will be better suited for his film role than Niko, thus creating the potential for a love triangle motif in their tale.

Niko has made it clear from the outset that he does not share Lena’s romantic feelings for Igor, yet he grows increasingly jealous as his involvement grows. Niko finds himself grappling with complex emotions for both Lena and Igor – and when he finally gets up enough courage to kiss Igor during one of their shoots, it becomes evident that his feelings for him run deep.

But there’s a twist: when Igor announces his interest in men, this further heightens tension among them all and Niko and Igor become closer while Lena struggles with her feelings.

At this juncture, when Igor decides not to pursue his dreams of joining the national basketball team due to his controversial methods for securing his position, Niko seizes upon this momentous occasion to express his feelings towards Igor during one of his key games – their connection is clear. Their smiles attest to a new chapter in their relationship.

At the conclusion of the show, it becomes apparent that Lena is truly passionate about filmmaking and willing to make sacrifices for her friendships. Even after romantic entanglements arise within their group, their bond remains strong as they all move forward with their goals and aspirations together.

Once you understand what “Absolute Beginners” is all about, let’s examine its breathtaking filming locations – truly the star of this show!

Where Was Netflix’s Absolute Beginners Filmed

Absolute Beginners Filming Locations

“Absolute Beginners” takes place in a charming Polish seaside town. This show captures its essence beautifully, providing a spectacular setting for its unfolding drama. But where was this idyllic coastal setting created in Poland?

To create this stunning visual backdrop, the “Absolute Beginners” production team chose various filming locations in Poland. Here are some key places where the series was shot:

1. Ustka, Pomorskie, Poland
2 Sopot, Pomorskie, Poland
3 Lodz (Lodzkie, Poland (Film School)

The series was shot primarily in Poland’s Pomeranian Voivodeship, located in its northwestern region. Here, the production crew set up camp at various locations around this region to capture its unique charm – especially at Ustka Spa Town, located within Slupsk County within this voivodeship.

Sopot, located along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, played an essential part in the visual storytelling of this show. From sandy beaches charming streets, and neighborhoods, Sopot offered many stunning images that beautifully showcased its natural beauty.

For outdoor scenes set on beaches, such as those shot at Ustka and Sopot, the production team utilized real locations as real-life backdrops – adding an authentic edge and inviting viewers into this breathtaking coastal environment.

Interior scenes were likely shot using existing establishments transformed into film sets or studios as backdrops, depending on the story.

Pomeranian Voivodeship has long been an ideal backdrop for film and TV productions, such as “Absolute Beginners.” Due to its various locations and climate conditions, Pomeranian Voivodeship provides a perfect setting for different shows.

As we examine the filming locations for “Absolute Beginners,” it becomes evident that its creators made an excellent choice when selecting these picturesque Polish settings as filming locations for “Absolute Beginners.” Their breathtaking landscapes added depth and authenticity to the series, providing audiences around the globe with an unforgettable viewing experience.

So there it is! “Absolute Beginners” offers an emotional tale of friendship and self-discovery and also treats audiences to the stunning scenery of the Polish coastline. This show will pull at your heartstrings, and you will be encouraged to discover these captivating locations where all occurred!

Watch “Absolute Beginners” to appreciate its real stars: stunning filming locations that brought this inspiring tale to life. Who knows? Watching will inspire your seaside exploration in Poland’s picturesque Pomeranian Voivodeship!

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