Alex Ewing Survivor: Where Are Donna and Ronald Holm Today?

Where Are Donna and Ronald Holm today1

Where Are Alex Ewing’s Survivor Donna and Ronald Holm Now? – “People Magazine Investigates: The Colorado Hammer Killer” on Investigation Discovery explores Alex Ewing’s crime spree in January 1984, which resulted in the deaths of four people and the injuries of numerous others. He has since been sentenced to life in prison, but on the show, survivors talked about their experiences at the time.

Along with her husband Ronald, Donna Holm, who the investigators suspect to be one of the numerous victims Alex attacked, described the incident. Then, shall we find out where they might be today?

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who are Donna and Ronald Holm

Ronald and Donna Holm: Who Are They?

Donna and Ronald were dating at the time of the incident. He was a pilot, and she was a flight attendant; they met at work and eventually moved in together. Ronald was away on a flight that night on January 10, 1984, and they lived in Aurora, Colorado. Donna purchased a gift for her boyfriend, Ronald, that evening before obtaining some food and heading home.

Then Donna pulled into her garage after getting some mail, saying, “At this point, I know I’m safe; I’m home. I have no followers. My recollection then travels to that point after I reach out to get the mail and swing open the [vehicle] door. Now it’s gone.” Someone brandished a hammer at her from behind. The attacker then sexually attacked Donna in the garage after dragging her from the vehicle.

According to the program, the police thought Donna lay on the ground for several hours before awakening. She was struggling to move while naked. Ronald came back and noticed blood on the stoop. She was laying in bed with a lot of blood when he rushed inside and into the bedroom. I then began yelling at her and turned her over, at which point I noticed a significant dent in her head. Ronald dialed 911 right away, and Donna was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Ronald would stay in the hospital and sleep with a gun until Donna was given police protection because he was afraid the attacker would come back to do the job. The healing procedure was difficult even while she was still alive. “In the hospital, I claimed I had the mentality of a two-year-old,” Donna remarked. For me, everything was brand new. I had no knowledge of a knife or fork. I am unable to open my mouth, which makes eating difficult, so I couldn’t even tell you that.

Where Are Donna and Ronald Holm Now1

Where Are Ronald and Donna Holm Now?

In May 1984, only a few months after the attack, Donna married Ronald. At the time, she was slowly recovering and having to relearn even the most fundamental skills, including speaking and eating. People would frequently exclaim, “Oh, you’re so lucky,” she continued. In all honesty, I didn’t feel lucky at the time. Because I had to rebuild, I would say, “No, you’re lucky it didn’t happen to you.”

It was really overwhelming and difficult to go through having to learn everything from scratch. After Alex was identified as the attacker, Donna expressed happiness and reiterated how she felt blessed to be alive. She and Ronald appear to be residing in Colorado with their pet dog and have been married for more than three decades.

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