Anthony Davis Murder: Where is Ashanti Bess Today?

Anthony Davis Murder

Anthony Davis Murder: Where is Ashanti Bess Now? – Davis, 38, was fatally shot in his home in 2010 by a former classmate, Ashanti Bess. When Davis failed to show up for work one day, his disappearance was reported. He was shot to death in bed while the sheets were still on when police searched his house. The driveway was empty without his automobile.

The documentary series “Homicide City: Charlotte ABC’s of Murder” on Investigation Discovery details the killing of middle school teacher Anthony Davis in his Charlotte, North Carolina, home in February 2010.

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How Did Anthony Davis Die

How Did Anthony Davis Die?

Anthony Tyrone Davis, born on June 2, 1971, did not have a typical upbringing. According to sources, he witnessed his mother, Vivian, being shot by an enraged ex-boyfriend in 1984 as a little youngster lived with his family in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The shooting also resulted in injuries to his grandmother. Nevertheless, Davis continued his study while assisting in the upbringing of his three younger brothers. After finishing his studies at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, he started working as a teacher at Sedgefield Middle School.

Davis also volunteered for Right Moves for Youth, a program that encourages and uplifts young people to complete their education and avoid dropping out. He had had several teaching roles within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system since December 1998, making him a seasoned educator. Around 2004, Davis started working as a business CTE (career and technical education) teacher at Randolph I.B. Middle School. His pupils remembered how much he cared about them and always inspired and motivated them, serving as a father figure to most of them. He supported nonviolence as well.

On February 8 and February 9, 2010, one of Davis’s relatives phoned the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department after noticing that he had missed school. Around nine in the morning on February 9, the police arrived at the door of his Lady Liberty Lane residence in southwest Charlotte and entered with his family. They were horrified to see the 38-year-dead old’s on the bed, wrapped in his blanket and sheets. He had been murdered by gunfire. Additionally, they found out that the victim’s 2007 Ford Edge was not in the driveway.

Who Killed Anthony Davis

Who Killed Anthony Davis and Why?

The search for Anthony Davis’ car was short-lived because it was found near Back Creek Church Road the next day and taken to the police station for processing. Ashanti Braylan Bess, a Davis-mentored student, was the main suspect. When Davis was a teacher at Sedgefield Middle School, and Bess was a student, the two had already met. Both participated in the Right Moves for Youth initiative, which Bess later left.

However, their relationship remained strong, and Davis occasionally let Bess stay at his house. From 2005 to 2009, Bess even displayed Davis’s official address. The detectives said they had found some of the stolen goods from Davis’ apartment after checking Bess’ home. On February 11, 2010, Bess, age 22, confessed to killing his former mentor and brought himself in. He has never been convicted before. According to Davis’ family, he had been guiding Bess for six years.

Where is Ashanti Bess Today

Where is Ashanti Bess Now?

On February 17, 2010, Ashanti Bess was charged with murder and imprisoned in the Mecklenburg County Jail without bond. On May 5, 2011, he entered a plea of guilty to second-degree murder and armed robbery and was sentenced to 21 to 27 years in jail. He said during his trial that Davis had sent him a message asking for a frontal massage and then offered to pay Bess to have sex with him while he was there at the scene of the crime.

The police did not discover any proof of these supposed texts, though. According to official court documents, he must spend 26 years and 10 months behind bars. The 34-year-old is detained at Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, North Carolina, and is housed in a cell. According to his prison documents, his expected release date is September 14, 2031.

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