As Shown In ‘After Life’ Movie ‘Tambury’ In England Is A Real Place And ‘Tambury Gazette’ Really A Newspaper?

Is Tambury a Real Place in England

After Life‘ is a comedy-drama series about a journalist named Tony Johnson (Ricky Gervais) who becomes despondent and suicidal after the loss of his wife.

His sense of obligation to his father and his dog is the only thing keeping him from killing himself.

He resides in Tambury, a gorgeous and sunny town, and works as the head of feature articles for the Tambury Gazette, a local newspaper.

Tambury is portrayed as one of those charming English towns where everyone knows everyone, and the Tambury Gazette is a wonderful depiction of the townfolk’s leisurely life.

So we’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if Tambury is a real town and the Tambury Gazette is a legitimate newspaper.

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Is Tambury a Real Location in England

Is ‘Tambury’ a Real Place In England?

Tambury is not a real location in the United Kingdom. To establish his novel, Gervais imagined an imaginary village.

It comes to life because to his amazing writing. The people of Tambury are quintessentially small-town folk who seem to flourish and thrive outside of the confines of large city life.

Every single character in the programme, large or minor, fully portrays this. Tony, who is at his wit’s end with everything going on around him, embodies the same attitude.

The majority of the sequences showing Tambury were shot in Hemel Hempstead, London, East Sussex, and Beaconsfield.

For example, the Autumnal Leaves Cares Home, which is where Tony’s father dwells for the programme, was transformed from the Old Town Registration Office, which is located at 29 Windsor End in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

In Vale of Health, a village in Hampstead, London, scenes involving Tony’s home and the surrounding neighbourhood were shot.

The coffee shop sequences in the show were filmed at the Hive Coffee Shop and Night Café in Hemel Hempstead.

Camber Sands in East Sussex was used for the beach scenes. The church and cemetery sequences, notably those containing the sad dialogues between Tony and Anne, were filmed at St Mary and All Saints church in Beaconsfield (Penelope Wilton).

Tony enjoys going on walks with his dog Brandy. The Hill Garden and Pergola were used for several of these shots.

Despite the fact that Tambury isn’t a real place, Gervais and his collaborators created a collage of locations to bring it to life.

Tambury, on the other hand, is no different from any other tiny town in England in terms of spirit.

Is the 'Tambury Gazette' Really A Newspaper in England?

Is the ‘Tambury Gazette’ Really A Newspaper in England?

No, the Tambury Gazette isn’t a real newspaper. The Tambury Gazette’s headquarters are depicted in a building located at 48 High Street in Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town.

The Tambury Gazette, which is run by Tony’s brother-in-law Matt (Tom Basden), is unmistakably a local newspaper.

It focuses on local news. It appears that many Tambury people aspire to be included on it. Some even go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals.

If you’ve ever opened a local newspaper, you’ll notice that they’re jam-packed with articles like these.

The discussions among Tony with his associates and the people anxious to be included on the publication provide some of the humour in ‘After Life.’