‘As the Crow Flies’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Why Did Lale Leave Her Job? Did Asli Become The New News Anchor?

'As the Crow Flies' Season 1 Ending, Explained

‘As the Crow Flies’ Season 1 Ending, Explained – As the Crow Flies‘ (formerly ‘Kus Uçusu’) is a Turkic original corporate thriller series created by Meriç Acemi that investigates the ever-changing nature of truth in a world ruled by social media.

Every day, someone on the street dreams of being as successful as someone at the top of the corporate ladder. When an aspirant sees them from afar, he or she sums up their path in one word: “Lucky.” People of this generation feel that everyone who has accomplished something in life was either born with a silver spoon in their mouth or has fate on their side.

This belief undermines all of the blood, sweat, and tears that a successful person has put into their journey. Well, you can’t truly understand how someone feels unless you’ve walked in their shoes, but instead of doing the work, we’re seeking for a shortcut, and thus waste our lives looking for the shortest distance between us and our dreams.

The term Netflix’s “As the Crow Flies” from the Turkish drama series “As the Crow Flies” refers to the shortest distance.

“As the Crow Flies,” directed by Deniz Yorulmazer, may remind some viewers of the 2022 series “Swimming with Sharks,” which follows the same theme. However, if “Swimming with Sharks” exposes the dark side of a Hollywood studio, the Turkish series is set in a news studio and speaks volumes about ethics, fake news, and the growing influence of social media on news networks. A young girl named Asli Tuna, a journalism student who aims to be like the nation’s most popular news anchor, Lale Kiran, is at the core of the controversy.

Asli, like any novice and adoring fan, is enamoured with Lale’s status and, in her blind adoration, misses Lale’s hard work and years of struggle. She wants to believe that Lale just happened to be in the right place at the right time. A tale has a lot of different levels to it.

A person’s journey from rags to riches is never a smooth one, but rather a series of ups and downs that not only shape their character into a better person, but also provide them with the necessary experience to fight future fights. However, an eager dreamer like Asli clearly does not have the time or talent for such profound understanding and is looking for a quick fix. So, without further ado, let’s see how Asli makes Lale’s life a living hell in her quest for dominance.

'As the Crow Flies' Season 1 Recap

As the Crow Flies Season 1 Recap

Asli Tuna, an aspiring journalist and hoaxer, meets Lale Kiran, the face of the news channel MON5 and host of its TRP magnet program “The Other Side,” during a lecture session. When Asli Tuna arrives at her institution as a guest speaker for a seminar, she meets Lale for the first time. Asli greets Lale inside the washroom as she prepares to leave the college and tells her that she has been enamoured with her since she was 11 years old and wishes to be like her.

It’s when Lale advises Asli that if she wants to be a genuine journalist, she needs to set more realistic goals and focus on news stories rather than people like her. The narrative establishes the ideological differences between these two characters, who will later be changed into prospective protagonists and antagonists, in just a brief conversation.

Lale Kiran’s professional and personal lives are quickly introduced to us. She’s been working as a news anchor on a show called “The Other Side,” which she co-founded with her best friend, Muge Turkmen, and her dedicated mentor/ex-boyfriend, Kenan, as the show’s producer. The three of them work for the MON5 television network, which is run by a lady named Gul. Lale’s personal life revolves around her husband, Selim, who owns a restaurant in the city, and their two pre-teen daughters, Meslia and Mila.

Asli pursues Lale to the studio, where she decides to start working as an intern at MON5 in order to invade and finally conquer Lale’s area. A couple more interns join the studio to begin their careers in the field, including Asli. Muge, on the other hand, advises them that only one of them will be hired. As a result, in order to keep her job, Asli subtly fires other interns and is finally employed by the network.

'As the Crow Flies' Season 1 episodes

Meanwhile, while working at MON5, Asli uses a series of fake social media accounts to smear Lale and defame her whenever he can. He also befriends another nobody named Yusuf Tunca, who uses a fake social media account called “BusBus” to leak personal and professional information about his bosses on the internet in order to violate their privacy. Asli gradually integrates herself into Lale’s circle and begins working as her personal assistant.

She takes advantage of her power to cause a misunderstanding between Lale and Selim. Asli dupes Selim into thinking Lale is growing close to her old flame, Kenan while lying to Kenan about Lale’s feelings for him. Asli’s shambles eventually tear Kenan and Lale apart, and the lioness, whose face once gleamed with triumph, is now slowly going away. Will Lale be able to figure out who is attacking her from the shadows and attempting to take her down?

As the Crow Flies Season 1 Ending explained

Why did Lale go with Selim instead of Kenan? Did Kenan Quit His Job?

Kenan was a womaniser with little or no moral ethics, as everyone knew. He was just staying because of Lale, and he didn’t care about the news or the media network. When Kenan and Lale were younger, they had a relationship, and it was Kenan, Muge, and Lale who pitched “The Other Side” to the network.

Lale, on the other hand, had had enough of Kenan’s toxicity and chose to split up with him, soon after meeting and marrying Selim. Kenan, Lale’s devastated lover, was still waiting for her precious jewel to return to him someday, despite the fact that Lale was married with two children, which was why Selim, enviously, used to contact Kenan, Lale’s second husband, at the office.

Nonetheless, Kenan decided it was the appropriate time to make a move and get back with his ex-girlfriend when Asli re-ignited his love for him and lied to him about Lale’s affection for him. When Lale disclosed the truth, Kenan was mortified and understood that the two of them had reached the end of the road and that nothing would ever be the same again. It was impossible for them to be lovers or friends.

Kenan was simply waiting for the contract renewal situation to be resolved so that Lale could keep her position at the network, and then they’d part ways amicably. Unfortunately, it was Lale who, in the end, chose to leave the position she had held for so long in order to spend more time with her family. It was never known whether Kenan quit the network or not, but it was assumed that he would ultimately do so.

After all, he was only doing the job because he hoped to see Lale again, but at the end of it all, Lale cleared the air and stated unequivocally that things would never work out between them. As a result, Kenan needed to move on with his life and career.

As the Crow Flies ending explained

‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 1: Ending  Explained – Why did Lale resign from her job?

Asli thought that after Kenan and Lale split up, Kenan would be a good stepping stone for her to go through the ranks, but she made the incorrect decision. Asli was devastated when Kenan sacked her the next day after she confessed her true intentions to him and slept with him, and Asli was devastated. In the heat of the moment, she went to Lale’s house and started arguing with her, believing it was Lale who had removed her from the workplace.

Asli lost control of herself when Lale put up a mirror in front of her. She smashed a glass on Lale’s head and assaulted her with other items. It was the precise sight represented in the first scene of ‘As the Crow Flies.’ Even after such an incident, Lale chose not to report Asli because she didn’t want to make the situation public, which could have harmed Lale’s public image as well as Asli’s future.

It could have been the end of it all, but someone else was up to something nefarious. Ozge, the network’s CEO, obtained the tape, which proved that Asli had stolen a pen drive from Muge’s workstation in order to eliminate Ozge. Gul believed that Asli might be a dangerous weapon in their fight to keep Lale in the network and prevent her from leaving. 

She had previously stated in Episode 2 of “As the Crow Flies” that there was a clause in the contract that stated that the network could implement a penalty clause that stated if there was a breach of broadcasting ethics. The network could implement a penalty clause that stated that one had to serve the network for three more years after the contract ended at the same pay rate.

As the Crow Flies Season 1 Ending

For this reason, she enlisted Asli’s help in devising a plot to assassinate Lale. Asli devised a scheme and duped Lale’s best friend, Muge, who was already envious of Lale since she stole all the limelight from her, forcing her to work at a desk job for the rest of her life. They planned to provide Lale phoney news to report, which would almost certainly ruin her public image.

Unfortunately, Muge had cunningly taken Lale’s phone, leaving her with no way to confirm the authenticity of the report she was going to present that day, so she used the security guard’s phone to call a friend to confirm the news. After learning that her best friend had betrayed her just to embarrass Lale in public, she was quite shaken.

Lale did deliver the bogus news that day, but she quickly stopped and explained to the public on live camera that the whole thing was a filthy hoax perpetrated by her coworkers. Muge and Gul attempted to halt the show, but Kenan refused to let them inside the studio, and the network’s whole team eventually sided with Lale because she was doing the right thing.

Lale quit the show while saying her final goodbyes to her listeners in order to save her honour. It wasn’t the end of Lale Kiran, but it was the end of the show, since businesses come and go, but talent thrives. Everyone’s huge plan to bring down Lale Kiran backfired, and she eventually became a folk hero. Lale’s bold actions were commended by the general public, who gathered outside her home to honour the spirit of one ethical journalist who earned their affection more than anybody else.

Lale Kiran ultimately quit her job at the end of “As the Crow Flies” and opted to spend more time with her family. She kept her awards in the drawer and didn’t know if she’d ever return to the camera or if she would. Nobody knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain: she will never return to MON5. Gul and Muge, on the other hand, assigned Lale’s anchoring duties to Asli, who, as the series progressed, was unable to fill Lale’s shoes or even approach the bar she established.

In the final scene, Asli, who was about to face the camera for the first time as a news presenter, became nervous, and her body grew chilly. Her concerns surfaced when she noticed a group of new interns seated at a table outside the set. Asli had gained the job through the back door. In order to climb the ladder, she misled and fooled people. And whatever comes readily doesn’t stay that way for very long. She was well aware that she was easily replaceable because she lacked both talent and experience.

She aspired to be like Lale Kiran rather than an ethical journalist. One of the most important distinctions between the two is that she was after fame, recognition, and money, but Lale was after providing reliable information to her viewers. While one devoted her time reporting from Ankara and Afghanistan to hone her talents, the other engaged in cheap politics to cut people out of the line. And, as everyone around Asli informed her, it’s not about how you get to the top, but how you keep your position.

Lale had years of expertise dealing with whatever problem that arose, but Asli was doomed to fail badly, and her career will hopefully come to an end as a result.

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