Ayries Blanck: What Happened to Ayries Blanck at OneTaste?

who is ayries blanck from onetaste

Ayries Blanck OneTaste – Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste” is a remarkable documentary on Netflix that provides insight into the astonishing journey undertaken by the sexual wellness company OneTaste. The film investigates the company’s complex trajectory from its inception to its eventual collapse, offering an intimate exploration of Nicole Daedone and OneTaste, two core elements that define Nicole’s enigmatic personality and vision for success.

The documentary unfolds a compelling narrative, spanning from OneTaste’s advocacy of slow sex and orgasmic meditation to allegations of sexual assault, coercion, and psychological manipulation within the organization. Central to the story is Ayries Blanck, a former OneTaste member who embodies its allure through her personal odyssey of trauma, healing pursuit, and the inherent perils of such contentious institutions.

Who Is Ayries Blanck

Who Is Ayries Blanck?

Ayries Blanck emerges as a figure whose life story brims with complexity, resilience and the quest for healing. Born into a backdrop of instability, Ayries and her sister Autymn grappled with the shadows of their traumatic past, notably sexual abuse, from an early age. These experiences left enduring emotional wounds that indelibly shaped their futures.

The Blanck sisters confronted life’s challenges while bearing the weight of their history. Ayries, in particular, struggled to forge meaningful connections and engage with society due to the indelible imprint of her early trauma.

Ayries Blanck embarked on an emotional and spiritual journey to find healing and transformation. Driven to move beyond her past and cultivate growth, Ayries found solace in OneTaste’s teachings, engaging in orgasmic meditation and slow sex practices as avenues for empowerment and healing—seeking to mend past wounds in her pursuit of growth.

However, Ayries’ involvement with OneTaste extended beyond personal exploration. She assumed the role of a sales representative within the organization, advocating its practices while bridging the gap between its teachings and those seeking them. Unfortunately, events within OneTaste took a distressing turn.

Ayries’ story epitomizes resilience and bravery, illustrating human fortitude under adversity. Overcoming challenges within OneTaste, she demonstrated remarkable strength, even as shadows from her past continued to haunt her, presenting hurdles in her healing journey. Nevertheless, Ayries endured these hardships to forge a future free from scars. While refraining from discussing her experiences directly, Ayries is a stark reminder of the imperative to expose manipulation, exploitation, and abuse lurking within ostensibly well-intentioned organizations.

What Transpired Between Ayries Blanck and OneTaste

Ayries Blanck’s Job Journey in OneTaste.

Initially, Ayries Blanck joined OneTaste to seek healing and transformation. She aspired to overcome her past scars by embracing its teachings, hoping to find a path to recovery. As a sales representative, she played a pivotal role in disseminating OneTaste’s practices, centered around orgasmic meditation and slow sex. Regrettably, their journey together took an unforeseen and troubling turn.

Within OneTaste, Ayries underwent a harrowing ordeal. Allegations point to the organization’s leaders exploiting her vulnerabilities and past traumas to a disturbing extent, ultimately dimming the once-bright light in her eyes. This documentary’s distressing narrative unveils events that exceeded empowerment, delving into manipulation and psychological distress.

Ayries Blanck's Job Journey in OneTaste

What Transpired Between Ayries Blanck and OneTaste?

Ayries Blanck’s journey within OneTaste took a disturbing twist, unearthing allegations of manipulation, exploitation, and abuse from which she had sought refuge. Instead, her experiences evolved into an ongoing nightmare from which escape proved elusive.

Ayries Blanck entered OneTaste hoping to find relief from past traumas; tragically, she encountered a reality that contradicted the promises of empowerment and growth. Allegations emerged, accusing senior members of capitalizing on Ayries’ vulnerabilities and traumas, subjecting her to experiences that left enduring scars on her heart and mind.

Autymn, Ayries Blanck’s sister, divulged troubling details about Ayries’ time in OneTaste. Autymn revealed that Ayries was allegedly instructed to engage in sexual acts with multiple men to address her childhood traumas. These purported directives violated Ayries’ autonomy and her emotions and experiences, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

Journal entries exchanged between Ayries Blanck and her sisters offer a distressing peek into her suffering. In one instance, Ayries recounted a physical assault involving her boyfriend, to which OneTaste’s response suggested her childhood experiences of violence might have somehow caused the incident. This notion raises serious ethical and accountability concerns within the organization.

Autymn also shed light on a troubling incident within the OneTaste community. She recounted an episode where a purported community member violently grabbed and shook Ayries, issuing threats of sexual violence. Shockingly, no one intervened, rationalizing this behavior as aiding Ayries in confronting her fears. Such actions raise grave concerns for the safety and well-being of the organization’s members.

Ayries shared glimpses of her experiences through journal entries. For instance, she recounted being dissuaded from seeking medical attention when experiencing physical distress during orgasmic meditation practice. She was led to believe these sensations were part of her healing journey rather than potential hazards to herself or others.

In 2015, Ayries sought justice by levying allegations of sexual assault and harassment against OneTaste. While she received a $325,000 out-of-court settlement, her claims brought to light, intricate power dynamics and questionable practices purportedly endemic within the organization.

Ayries Blanck’s experience at OneTaste is a poignant reminder of the necessity to scrutinize organizations that promise healing and empowerment. Her story underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical practices within such communities, safeguarding individuals in pursuit of growth and transformation.

Where Is Ayries Blanck Now

Where Is Ayries Blanck Now?

Recently, Ayries Blanck’s life has undergone a dramatic transformation. She announced her departure from OneTaste and pursued legal action, resulting in a $325,000 settlement for claims involving sexual assault, harassment, and workplace violations. While she shared some details through journal entries exchanged with her sister Autymn, Ayries Blanck has chosen not to grant interviews due to fears of reprisal.

Despite her challenges, Ayries Blanck remains resolute in moving forward. She has taken steps towards healing from her past and forging a brighter future. Her journey is an exceptional testament to human perseverance, even amidst profound adversity.


Ayries Blanck’s experience within OneTaste unveils the intricacies and challenges of seeking healing and transformation within alternative wellness paradigms. Her story emphasizes the perils posed by organizations that promise empowerment and enlightenment while engaging in manipulation and abuse. Ayries’ journey is a cautionary tale that the pursuit of solace and growth is not without obstacles. Her allegations underscore the imperative of adopting an objective, critical stance when engaging with organizations offering healing services. Her narrative prompts us to contemplate the delicate equilibrium between personal empowerment and the potential risks of misplaced trust.

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