Bel-Air Episode 7 ‘Payback Is a B*tch’ Recap and Ending Explained

Bel-Air Episode 7 Ending

As the election campaign heats up, Will (Jabari Banks) and Lisa (Simone Joy Jones) find themselves star-crossed lovers in episode 7 of ‘Bel-Air.’

Will throws a party for Carlton, who is down on his luck (Olly Sholotan). Hilary’s (Coco Jones) provocative video is released on the internet without her knowledge in the previous episode.

We eventually learn why Viv (Cassandra Freeman) decided to stop painting. She gets into a disagreement with Phil and decides to travel to a San Diego art festival.

When Phil learns from Geoffrey that Reed will be there as well, he promptly starts trip plans. Here’s all you need to know about the 7th episode of ‘Bel-Air.’


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Bel-Air Episode 7 Recap

Recap of Bel-Air Episode 7 ‘Payback Is a B*tch’

‘Payback Is a B*tch,’ the seventh episode, begins with Phil and Fred having a conversation with Will and Lisa, respectively. Will is reminded why he came to Los Angeles in the first place by Phil.

Phil’s political career will be over if Fred discovers what ropes Phil had to pull to get the youngster to the City of Angels. Although Will and Lisa agree not to see each other, teens have a habit of doing the exact opposite of what they are told.

They begin dating in secret. Will throws a party at the Banks’ house to cheer up his cousin’s spirits after realising he needs to speak with him.

Carlton, on the other hand, is still unhappy. He is unfamiliar with the majority of those present. Will’s initial attempt to fix him up with a girl from school fails miserably.

Lisa explains to Will the specific pressures that an African-American kid faces in Bel-Air, as well as how wealth is not always a determinant of happiness. Later that evening, Carlton’s lacrosse teammates arrive, and he confronts Connor for the first time.

Meanwhile, Will and Lisa’s relationship quickly escalates, and they end up sleeping together.

Hilary goes to her father, angry because Kylo, the leader of her influencer house, has broadcast her video without her consent, and asks him to pull her out of her contract.

Her mother, on the other hand, advises her to handle the situation on her own. Jazz, who is at the Banks’ house for the party, becomes Hilary’s ally. He walks alongside her as she confronts Kylo.

Kylo, on the other hand, assists her in determining how well her video was received and how it has benefited her web presence.

To Jazz’s chagrin, Hilary finds herself agreeing with Kylo. They get into an argument, and Hilary insults the proprietor of the record store.

After realising that Phil had spent their money on the campaign without telling her, Viv becomes enraged. She takes a flight to San Diego, where she meets Reed.

Phil chooses to accompany his wife to San Diego after learning about Reed’s previous relationships with other women artists.

Inevitably, the two men have a conflict, which enrages Viv even more. She sends Phil back to Bel-Air at the end of the episode, while she stays in San Diego.

Bel-Air Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained

Bel-Air Episode 7 Ending Explained

Connor exits after his altercation with Carlton and calls the cops. When the cops arrive, they attempt to arrest Carlton. Carlton, who has lived a mainly sheltered existence up until now, appears to be shaken by the encounter.

Will and Lisa emerge from Will’s room as a police officer places handcuffs on him. The latter makes touch with her father, who tells the officers to release everyone. If Carlton had gone up to Will’s room as planned, he would have undoubtedly found out about what was going on between Lisa and Will.

Because he doesn’t, the situation between the three of them remains uncertain. In the next episodes, it’s probable that Carlton senses something and confronts Will and Lisa about it.

Why Did Viv Quit Painting

Why Did Viv Decide to Stop Painting?

Viv’s decision to stop painting is eventually explained in this episode. Viv struggled to manage work and home life once her children were born.

Phil enjoyed seeing her paint as much as she enjoyed painting. Her life, on the other hand, had grown so frantic that she had come to despise her work.

In the present, Viv accuses Phil of not doing everything he could to persuade her not to go.

He was actually watching her slowly kill herself, so he informed her she didn’t have to worry about her job any more. She was the one who walked in the door, despite the fact that he had opened it.