Billions Season 6 Episode 8 ‘The Big Ugly’ Recap and Ending Explained

Billions Season 6 Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained

The animosity between Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) and Charles “Chuck” Rhoades, Jr. (Paul Giamatti) takes a turn for the worst in Billions‘ season 6 episode 8, titled ‘The Big Ugly,’ as the latter chooses to go after Mike’s partners.

Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) makes a fatal error in their quest to compete with Philip. Wendy (Maggie Siff) is attempting to recruit Megan Rapinoe for her Olympic team, while Wags (David Costabile) is dealing with commitment concerns.

Here’s all you need to know about the season 6 episode 8 finale of “Billions.”


Billions Season 6 Episode 8 Ending

Recap of Billions Season 6 Episode 8

As the season 6 finale of ‘Billions’ approaches, the rivalry between Mike and Chuck reaches a fever pitch. Chuck eventually figures out how to keep the Olympics from taking place in New York.

New York City was confirmed to host the 2028 Olympics in the previous episode. Mike had won by a large margin.

Chuck and Dave (Sakina Jaffrey), on the other hand, are unflappable, knowing that the only thing worse than not getting anything is receiving it and then losing it.

They go to Katerina Brett, an ICS official, to persuade her that Mike used illicit measures to bring the Games to New York.

Brett tells Chuck and Dave that they need to come to her with proofs next time because they have nothing on the hedge-fund millionaire.

Meanwhile, Mike revels in the triumph and instructs his crew to go all out for profit in the days coming up to the Olympics.

Taylor is now envious of Philip, who has become the new star employee of Michael Prince Capital. Philip celebrates a major victory by investing in a self-driving car startup and converting it into an Olympic partner.

Taylor chooses to respond by investing in the Hypersonic aviation company. Rian, on the other hand, finds some serious problems with the company and tries to tell Taylor.

But they are so focused on winning that they refuse to listen until it is almost too late.

Billions Season 6 Episode 8 Explained

Billions Season 6 Episode 8 Ending Explained – Why Are the Olympic Games Shifting to Los Angeles?

Mike’s efforts eventually fall apart when Chuck is able to persuade his partners. The Attorney General of New York understands he won’t be able to establish Mike bribed Colin Drache and other Olympic Committee members.

When Chuck and Dave contact Brett, she informs him that he must establish Mike’s wrongdoings. Chuck no longer has that option because Drache is no longer alive.

As a result, he chooses to attack Mike’s associates — Sruthi Reddy, Todd Krakow, and Bud Lazzara — with the one thing that all wealthy people perhaps fear the most: taxes.

Chuck contacts state lawmakers and draughts a bill that, if passed, will impose high taxes on the wealthy.

He and Dave anticipate that people like Reddy, Krakow, and Lazzara will threaten to relocate their operations to adjacent states in order to avoid paying the taxes, so they host a dinner for the governors of those states. Chuck then persuades Sweeney to attend.

The whole affair is a ruse to intimidate Mike’s associates. Nevertheless, everything goes exactly as Chuck had hoped. Under duress, Reddy, Krakow, and Lazzara dissociate themselves from Mike.

They even stand in front of the media, echoing Chuck’s assertion that Mike cheated to get the Olympics to New York. As a last resort, Mike, Scooter, and Wags pay a visit to Katerina, but she informs them that the Games have already been relocated to Los Angeles.

Getting the Games to New York was a big deal for Mike because it was a gift for his estranged wife, Andy.

It wasn’t the only reason, but it was one of the most important. He almost persuaded her to return to him before the news broke. They’re back to square one now that the Games are being held in Los Angeles.

Why is Taylor Delighted that New York has lost the Olympics

Why is Taylor Delighted that New York has lost the Olympics?

Taylor has exhibited an instinctive understanding of trading since their initial appearance in ‘Billions.’

However, they allowed their envy for Philip cloud their judgement in this episode. Rian confronts her supervisor after a conversation with Wags and forces them to see the reality.

Taylor, on the other hand, has already spent too much in Hypersonic and is unable to reverse his decision. Losing the Olympics for New York turns out to be a blessing in disguise for Taylor.

Hypersonic can now cut relations with Taylor’s company, allowing the latter to avoid suffering as much of a loss as had been anticipated.