Bridgett Everett of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ Sings in Real Life Too?

Bridgett Everett of 'Somebody Somewhere' Sings in Real Life

Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen’s HBO comedy-drama series “Somebody Somewhere” is a heartwarming comedy-drama.

It follows Sam Miller, a solitary 40-year-old lady who is mourning the death of her sister Holly.

She’s also having trouble adjusting to life in her hometown of Manhattan, Kansas, which is a small town.

Finally, Sam, who is lonely and struggling, finds refuge in a group of strangers who inspire her to overcome her insecurities and embrace herself.

She begins to heal and pursue her true passion in life, singing, as she finally finds a place where she belongs.

As the main character Sam (Bridget Everett) provides a subtle portrayal. However, the character’s strong singing voice and ability to reach the appropriate notes make viewers question if the actress portraying her is as melodic.

If you’re curious whether Everett can actually sing, here’s everything you need to know!

Does Bridget Everett Actually Sing?

Somebody Somewhere‘ is inspired by different facets of Bridget Everett’s life, notably her vocal abilities, and is largely based on her real life.

With countless music albums, videos, and stage performances to her credit, the actor and comedian is also a talented singer and cabaret performer.

She also has a band named ‘The Tender Moments,’ which she performs with. The Kansas native has been interested in music since infancy and has earned three music credits, including traditional and show choir.

Furthermore, Everett’s mother, Frederica, is a retired schoolteacher who played a key part in fostering her musical interests.

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In a 2017 interview, Everett revealed that Frederica made sure that all of her six children attended music lessons and practised the piano on a regular basis.

Everett continued her education at Arizona University, where she received a full scholarship to study music and opera. She moved to New York after earning her vocal performance degree.

Bridget Everett Somewhere Somebody

After mastering the complexities of opera music, the actress chose to change industries because they did not interest her. She then went to New York to take voice lessons from famed Broadway teacher Liz Caplan, who helped her improve her technique.

Everett was heavily influenced by the city’s LGBTQ+ clubs, which drew her to drag and cabaret acts.

Everett worked as a waiter and sang in karaoke bars for several years before appearing in the cabaret show ‘Rock Bottom‘ in 2013.

She got a Special Citation at the 2015 Obie Awards for co-writing the show alongside Adam Horovitz, Marc Shaiman, and Scott Wittman.

Everett has clearly established herself as a successful singer and performer over the years, with countless appearances and the albums ‘Pound It‘ and ‘Gynecological Wonder‘ under her belt.

Since ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is based on Everett’s love of singing, singing in it is a piece of cake for her.

Despite the fact that Sam’s character is significantly more introverted than Everett’s, their attitudes about music are strikingly similar.

Sam returns to music in her forties, and Everett abandoned her long-term employment in the food industry at the same age to pursue acting and singing full-time.

Everett’s years of musical training and experience have allowed her to layer her portrayal of Sam and make it genuine.