Bruce Brown Murder: Where is Ed Holzinger Today?

Bruce Brown Murder

Bruce Brown Murder: Where is Ed Holzinger Now? – When one neighbour uses the other’s lawnmower and purportedly returns it damaged, their five-year friendship comes to an end. Friendship turns into fury, threats, and physical violence until a brutal murder decimates the neighbourhood.

When the police responded to a report of a shooting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they discovered Bruce Brown lying on the sidewalk with many bullet wounds. Paramedics took him to Penn Presbyterian Hospital for treatment, but he passed away from his wounds.

Fear Thy Neighbor: Blood on the Lawn‘, an episode on Investigation Discovery, focuses on the growing problems between Bruce and his neighbour that ultimately resulted in a bloody and fatal encounter. So, if you’re curious about what occurred in this situation, we can fill you in.

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How Did Bruce Brown Die

Bruce Brown’s Cause of Death

About five years before the incident, Bruce and Hannah relocated to Minneapolis from Texas. They were residing there at the time, together with Bruce’s stepdaughter, Cecelia. Bruce worked at a steel factory while Hannah was a stay-at-home mother. The 47-year-old always put his family first and loved to go hunting, fishing, and cooking out in the backyard.

On August 9, 2016, immediately after one such BBQ, Bruce’s life ended tragically. After 8:30 PM, several 911 calls from nearby residents brought the police to the area where Bruce and his family lived. When he was discovered on the sidewalk, he had two gunshot wounds to his chest; the gun used was a 9mm handgun. Despite efforts to save him, Bruce was declared dead on the spot.

Who Killed Bruce Brown

Who Killed Bruce Brown and Why?

Bruce Brown’s neighbor, Edward Holzinger, a bachelor who initially served as a gateman for a business, was killed by Ed. He and Bruce would frequently meet up after work for a beer. However, they shared tools, and one such occasion, sparked a fight that resulted in a fatal shooting. Bruce once took Ed’s lawnmower and then gave it back.

However, an altercation ensued when Ed claimed that Bruce had harmed the lawnmower. According to the show, this was also the period that Ed was forced into an early retirement, which sent him into a tailspin. Bruce volunteered to pay for a new one in exchange for the old one, even though he didn’t believe he was to blame for the damage. However, Ed refused, which led to the conflict escalating.

Tuesday night, at about 8:30 p.m. According to the lawsuit, Brown mockingly screamed out to Holzinger, who was sitting on his porch as he and his family were barbecuing in the backyard, “Do you want a hamburger?

According to the lawsuit, Holzinger yelled back, “Come over and find out.”

Family members advised Brown to disregard the remark, but Brown walked away from the yard and toward Holzinger. Gunshots started to sound a short while afterwards. Brown received two chest shots.

Holzinger allegedly screamed, “He deserved it. He called me a paedophile. I know I’m going to jail, and I don’t care,” as Brown’s niece rushed to help stop his bleeding, according to police.

He was discovered deceased on the pavement close to his house. Two doors away, Holzinger was standing on the top step of his home.

He allegedly raised his hands in the air and cooperated with the police, who then arrested him. According to Brown’s relatives, he was a devoted supporter of the Dallas Cowboys and a devoted family man who loved hunting and fishing in any mud hole he could find.

Hannah, his wife, requested discretion as she and their daughter in Texas and three children in Minnesota plan a funeral.

Where is Ed Holzinger Today

Where is Ed Holzinger Now?

Ed acknowledged that he shot Bruce while standing on the front steps of his home. Then he set the gun down on a chair and awaited the police. Later, Ed’s roommate reported to the police, having seen him earlier with a gun. He mentioned watching for Bruce and threatened to shoot him if he approached.

Ed, who was 61 at the time, admitted guilt to second-degree murder in January 2017. He received a 261-month prison term (nearly 22 years). According to prison records, Ed is still detained at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Rice County’s Faribault. In 2031, he will be eligible for release.

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