Dream Raider (2020) Sci-fi Series Season 1 Recap & Ending Explained

Dream Raider (2020) Sci-fi Series Season 1 Ending Explained

Dream Raider,’ a Taiwanese series on HBO Asia, follows detective Li Xiao, professor Dr. Tian-Li Cheng, and Cheng’s daughter An-Ya as they work together to investigate a series of inexplicable crimes in which victims’ minds are hacked by an unknown power.

To solve the crimes, Professor Cheng and his neural engineer daughter deploy dream raiding technology, which allows them to infiltrate the victims’ dreamscapes.

The mind-blowing sci-fi series comes to a shocking conclusion, chronicling the dramatic turn of events that alter the professor’s and his daughter’s lives. Consider us your ally if you’re looking to figure out the show’s complicated finish!


Dream Raider 2020 Recap

Recap of ‘Dream Raider’ Season 1

When detective Li Xiao comes upon a confusing case involving over a hundred missing girls, he seeks advice from Dr. Tian-Li Cheng, a professor and physicist, and his daughter Cheng An-Ya.

Professor Cheng, who is serving time for an experiment that murdered his student Mo Qi-Feng and nearly killed Qi-wife Feng’s Li-An, utilises his dream raiding equipment to investigate the missing girls.

The professor and An-Ya discover that the missing girls’ minds have been hijacked to make them believe they are committing suicide by falling into a smelter.

Li Xiao finds the girls using the clues, but she is unable to discover who is behind the experiment. When a series of mass suicide attempts occur in the city, Li Xiao, Professor Cheng, and An-Ya enter the thoughts of a few survivors.

They discover that a game and a sleep-assistance programme hacked the minds of those who tried suicide. They conduct inquiries in Rhyzen, the R&D firm that created the applications, but they come up empty-handed.

Meanwhile, the person behind the experiments and mind-hackings is discovered to be Mo Qi-Feng, who is assumed dead yet alive.

Dream Raider Recap

After researching a suicide bomber, Li Xiao, Professor Cheng, and An-Ya discover that the mind-hackings and experiments are being carried out by an international crime syndicate based in Iceland.

While suffering from a brain tumour, An-Ya joins Li Xiao in the inquiry and tries to figure out what really happened on the day of the explosion at her father’s laboratory during a dream raiding experiment.

When the investigative trio suspects Rhyzen, the business’s CEO, Mr. Watanabe, comes to see them and tells them that his mind has been hacked for using the company as a front for mind-hacking operations.

Mr. Watanabe’s quest to discover the truth about his own mind ends in his death, and Mo Qi-Feng assumes the role of CEO of Rhyzen under a false name. Professor Cheng learns that his wife Li-An is imprisoned in the Abyss of Consciousness, a storehouse for human consciousnesses.

Qi-Feng murders his investors and Belle, who have no idea why he is doing the experiments. Qi-Feng utilises Rhyzen’s “Super Mind,” a tool the firm developed, to unlock the Abyss of Consciousness and retrieve his wife using hundreds of thousands of people’s nerve impulses.

Professor Cheng, however, understands that An-Ya isn’t suffering from a brain tumour, but rather from the brain’s evolution to enter other people’s dreamscapes.

She joins the dreamscape of two brothers who are gunned down as they seek vengeance on Qi-Feng. When the brothers die, An-Ya becomes locked in their dreamscape, only to end up like Li-An in the Abyss of Consciousness.

Qi-Feng saves his wife at the Super Mind launch by using the nerve impulses of all the users, including Professor Cheng’s.

He also tells his mentor that if he saves Li-An, he will confine Professor Cheng in the Abyss for having an affair with his wife.

Do Li-An and An-Ya Come Back to the Real World

Does the Gate of the Abyss of Consciousness Open in Dream Raider? Is Li-An and An-Ya Returned to the Real World?

When Qi-Feng was saved from death by Belle during the explosion, he promised to use his knowledge for Belle’s company’s research and development.

However, he kept his investors in the dark about the true purpose of his experiments: to return his wife to the actual world from the Abyss of Consciousness.

He gathers enough nerve impulses to open the Abyss gate and allow Li-An to return using Watanabe’s dream project Super Mind.

Professor Cheng is threatened to join him in his endeavour because the professor’s hand is required for the gate to open.

Despite the fact that Qi-Feng and Professor Cheng enter the dreamscape and get at the Abyss’ gate, the former is unable to open it with the latter’s hand. Qi-attempts Feng’s to open the gate using force and frequency fail because the gate can only be opened utilising resonant or compatible nerve impulses.

He tries everything he can to press Cheng’s hand on the gate, but it remains shut until Li-An and An-Ya return. Cheng’s brain does not release resonant nerve impulses to open the gate because he believes that thousands of people’s lives should not be lost for Li-An or An-homecoming. Ya’s

By the time Li Xiao arrives at Qi-laboratory Feng’s room, the nerve impulses have been reduced. In the dreamscape, Li Xiao’s involvement puts an end to Qi-abilities. Feng’s Professor Cheng sees An-Ya over the gate at that point and reconciles with his daughter.

He apologises for being a bad father, and his daughter accepts his apology and forgives him. Their reconciliation causes their brains to accept one another, resulting in resonant and compatible nerve impulses that unlock the Abyss’ entrance. An-Ya returns to reality and invites Li-An to accompany her.

Li-An, on the other hand, chooses to remain in the Abyss of Consciousness. She is influenced by ten years in the Abyss to give up the actual world and accept the one she is in.

Qi-transformation Feng’s into a ruthless criminal, as well as his tragic fate, compel her to stay. Li-An resolves not to return to the real world to avoid carrying the shame of her husband’s heinous crimes in preparation for her homecoming.

When An-Ya urges her to return, Li-An rejects her and closes the gate after the neural engineer has left.

Despite this, Li-An opens her eyes in the final scene of the first season, implying that she may return to the real world even after the Abyss is shut down.

If that’s the case, Professor Cheng may have returned to the gate to persuade her long-lost buddy to return as his daughter’s long-lost aunt. Due to Qi-acts, Feng’s Li-An may have altered her opinion, believing that An-Ya deserves her aunt and Professor Cheng deserves his friend.

Are Qi-Fen, Professor Cheng, An-Ya, and Li-An Dead or Alive

Qi-Fen, Professor Cheng, An-Ya, & Li-An, are They Alive or Dead?

In the dreamscape, Li Xiao loses all of his powers when he interferes with Qi-major Feng’s experiment.

Despite this, he continues to exercise authority over Professor Cheng and the doorway that leads to the Abyss of Consciousness.

When the professor warns him that his efforts would lead to his death, the furious scientist dismisses him and continues his actions, even if they damage him.

Finally, the powers that Qi-Feng seeks to wield cause him to kill himself in the dreamscape, resulting in his death in the real world.

By refusing to challenge the Abyss of Consciousness, Professor Cheng saves his life. He accepts that he won’t be able to open the barrier by force and reconciles with his daughter once he realises his limitations.

His wisdom saves his life, and he returns to the actual world alive, along with An-Ya, who enters her body to resurrect. Li-An, on the other hand, initially chooses to remain in the Abyss and leave her brain-dead body in the actual world.

However, the first season’s final shot shows that she emerges from the Abyss entirely alive.

Did Cheng and Li-An Have an Affair

What Caused the Fire in Professor Cheng’s Laboratory? Is it true that Cheng and Li-An had an affair? What Happened to Li-An in the Abyss?

Professor Cheng’s student Qi-Feng devoted his entire life to his experiment to open the Abyss of Consciousness.

He became despondent and aggressive as a result of his frequent failures. To relieve himself of his rage and sadness, he began to beat Li-An. Li-An decided to seek Professor Cheng’s assistance after observing her husband’s deplorable condition.

After studying Qi-approach, Feng’s later decided to conduct an experiment with Li-An in order to unlock the Abyss. Their camaraderie and compatibility triggered resonant nerve impulses, causing the Abyss to open.

Professor Cheng and Li-An were joined by Qi-Feng, who arrived in the lab in the middle of the experiment. He saw his mentor and wife inside a bubble together in the Abyss when he entered the dreamscape.

Li-An fell to the Abyss after an intoxicated Qi-Feng misinterpreted them and barged into the bubble. They were together in the dreamscape because Li-An and Cheng had resonant nerve impulses, but Qi-Feng mistook it for an affair.

His actions also caused the energy transmitted through the equipment to fluctuate, culminating in the laboratory fire breaking out.