Halo Episode 2 ‘Unbound’ Recap and Ending Explained

Halo Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

It is apparent that John’s / Master Chief’s encounter with the unknown has cleaned his mind. John is intensively trained as a killing machine as part of the Spartan-II program and never defies commands. Despite having orders to kill Kwan, John talks with him and decides not to kill him. John then lays forth his strategy for regaining control of the ship.

The second episode of ‘Halo‘ does an excellent job of world-building by transporting viewers outside of the United Nations Space Command and into the deep reaches of space. The episode follows Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and Kwan Ha Boo as they try to avoid being apprehended by the UNSC.

In the process, John re-connects with an old buddy while attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding the alien artefact in his hands. However, towards the end of the episode, John is forced to make a critical decision that will determine the course of his and Kwan’s lives.

Here’s everything you need to know about the finish of ‘Halo‘ episode 2 if you want to learn more about John’s decision!

Halo Episode 2 Ending Explained

Recap of Halo Episode 2 ‘Unbound’

‘Unbound,’ the second episode, begins with a flashback to John’s childhood. John planned to flee the UNSC with a friend named Soren while training in the Spartan-II programme. However, at the last minute, John abandoned Soren and attempted to persuade his friend to stay in the Spartan-II programme.

However, Soren chose to leave the planet in search of freedom, and John regretfully handed his companion a head start. The action then switches to the present, where John and Kwan are drifting across space, attempting to flee the UNSC.

Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey meets with Fleet Admiral Hood on Planet Reach to address the Master Chief/John dilemma. Hood believes John must be brought back, but he may suffer retaliation if he fails to do so. Halsey sends out the Silver Squad to find John and return him to his family.

Meanwhile, Miranda tries to persuade Admiral Margaret Parangosky that she, not Halsey, should be permitted to see the alien artefact if the UNSC reclaims control. Parangosky, on the other hand, declines her request.

Meanwhile, at High Charity’s Covenant Headquarters, the council debates the “keystone” relic and considers how to retrieve it. Makee, a keystone-connected human, offers to reclaim the relic herself, but the council finds it too hazardous.

Despite this, Makee persuades the council and plans to locate the relic. After navigating a swarm of asteroids, John and Kwan arrive in Rubble, a hamlet outside the UNSC’s jurisdiction. John meets Soren’s family and reunites with him.

John meets with Reth, a local man who has spent time aboard a Covenant Ship and is familiar with their culture, with the help of Soren. John is hoping to learn more about the Reth relic. John is sensitive to the artefact in ways that other humans are not, according to Reth.

He further believes the artefact is an old alien technology capable of annihilating all life on the planet. Following a brief altercation with Reth, John mulls about what he should do with the relic. Simultaneously, Halsey petitions the UNSC for approval of the Cortana Program, claiming that it will aid them in their struggle against the Covenant.

Halo Episode 2 Explained

Where Does Master Chief Go at the End of Halo Episode 2?

John recognises that he must preserve the artefact and keep it out of the Covenant’s hands after forsaking his duties and seeking knowledge about it. Furthermore, he feels the artefact will give mankind an advantage in their fight against the Covenant. As a result, John chooses to hand up the device to the UNSC.

The UNSC, according to John, has the resources to investigate the technology further and employ it against the Covenant. Although John’s decision is perplexing, it is comprehensible given Reth’s warnings.

As a result, in the last minutes of the episode, John entrusts Kwan’s safety to Soren and departs for Planet Reach. Finally, John chooses to entrust his fate to Halsey and the UNSC. The UNSC, on the other hand, is doubtful of John’s trustworthiness, according to Halsey.

John’s dependability makes him a valuable UNSC asset, but in light of his recent acts, he may come under scrutiny. Halsey, on the other hand, has different ideas for John.

Halsey awakens the Cortana AI, the sum all of humanity’s knowledge, at the end of the episode. Cortana is designed to help soldiers in the Spartan-II programme improve their mental capacities.

As a result, Cortana will give the UNSC and Halsey complete control over the Spartans’ brains. Finally, it appears that John has successfully doomed himself and forfeited his freedom by thinking about the larger good. Regardless, after locating the relic, John finds himself at the heart of cosmic events, and whether the UNSC recognises this remains to be seen.