HBO Max’s ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending Explained

Our Flag Means Death Season 1

A new comedy from HBO Max centres on an 18th-century would-be pirate. Our Flag Means Death is a new series created by David Jenkins (People of Earth) and executive produced by Waititi that loosely follows the exploits of real-life Stede Bonnet, a former British Army major and sugar farmer in the 18th century who, after a mid-life crisis or revelation, decided to leave his life behind and embark on a career as a pirate.

Our Flag Means Death‘ begins as a conventional spoof show about the golden period of piracy, but it evolves into something unique and amazing as the series unfolds. Spoofs that are well-made have long been popular. The HBO Max series works within the genre’s parameters while also managing to include elements that contradict the genre’s usual cliches.

For example, the show portrays same-sex romance in a good light, despite the genre’s bad image. By the end of the first season, the plot surrounding the relationship in the issue has become the main plotline.

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Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Season Finale

Recap of Episode 9 and the Season Finale of “Our Flag Means Death”

In episode 9, titled ‘Act of Grace,’ Chauncey interrogates the Revenge team regarding his twin brother’s murder. Chauncey does not accept Blackbeard’s (Taika Waititi) assertion that he was the one who murdered Nigel.

The journal of Stede (Rhys Darby) has been discovered, and the entries in it, while absurd and overblown, do contain some truths. Stede confesses to murdering Nigel after concluding that his desire to escape his boring life has only resulted in agony and death.

Izzy persuades Chauncey to release his captain to his custody instead of putting him and Blackbeard in front of the firing squad. Just as Stede is about to be killed, Blackbeard uses King George’s Act of Grace, which promises that any pirate who abandons their life of crime and fights for the British crown in its battle against Spain shall be pardoned.

When Chauncey realises that the guy he believes murdered his brother has escaped his grasp, he has a nervous breakdown and is detained by his own officers.

After that, Stede and Blackbeard are taken to the Royal Privateering Academy for Wayward Seamen. There, Blackbeard embraces the “Ed” side of his personality even more. The two men become closer and share a kiss one day while sitting on the beach.

Blackbeard devises a scheme that entails fleeing the academy and journeying to China. Stede is even on board with it.

However, on the night they are scheduled to flee, Chauncey confronts Stede and kills himself inadvertently. Stede has been thinking about his family for quite some time.

Stede reconsiders his life after Chauncey’s death and returns to his family. Meanwhile, a bereft Blackbeard returns to the Revenge and reverts to his former self.

He even throws Lucius over the ship in episode 10, titled ‘Wherever You Go, There You Are,’ likely murdering him. As a warning, he slices off Izzy’s pinky toe and forces him to eat it. Jim is later imprisoned, and Frenchie is forced to work for him. Blackbeard also abandons the rest of the Revenge’s crew on a small island.

Stede’s unexpected return is not well accepted by his family elsewhere. His children are unfamiliar with him, and Mary appears to have moved on. She became a member of a widows’ group and made friends there. She’s also acquired an interest in painting. Doug, Mary’s painting instructor, is even in a relationship with her.

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Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Season Finale Explained

Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Ending Explained

Mary’s life is thrown into chaos by Stede’s abrupt reappearance. She even tries to kill him by pushing a skewer into his ear on the advise of a friend. Stede, fortunately, wakes up in time and stops her.

Stede learns at the academy that he has been proclaimed deceased. Mary has built a life for herself and her two children in his absence, and her husband has no place in it.

Mary was heartbroken when Stede abandoned his family to pursue a career as a pirate, but she has grown past it. She now realises that Stede was correct when he declared that they both deserve to be loved.

She discovered it with Doug after his absence. Stede accidentally takes away that, as well as her sense of freedom.

Stede believes that after surviving her attempt to kill him, he needs to leave from his family’s lives once more – this time permanently. He assures Mary and the children will inherit all of his family’s fortune before pretending to die.

He not only frees his family, but he also gets to return to the sea as a result of this gesture. He is unaware of Blackbeard’s sudden change, but will soon learn when he rescues his crew from the island where Blackbeard has abandoned them.

Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Explained

Is it Possible that Stede and Blackbeard will End up together in Finale Episode?

For some viewers, the romance between Stede and Blackbeard may have come as a surprise, but there had been a significant build-up in the prior episodes, particularly in episode 8.

Calico Jack tells Stede about his past with Blackbeard, including the fact that they had sex. Innuendoes implying a same-sex relationship are frequently used in spoofs to generate laughs. ‘Our Flag Means Death‘ writers have taken that cliche and flipped it inside out.

Stede and Blackbeard have a genuine love for each other. They put up with one other’s quirks and promote each other’s unconventionality. In the next seasons, the relationship is only going to get better. They are, however, separated for the time being.

At least on the surface, Blackbeard has reverted to his old vicious ways. In one scene, we see him crying. As a result, he has managed to retain part of his humanity.

Blackbeard betrayed Stede in the past, and they both died at the hands of British officials. In the world of pirates, violent deaths were not uncommon. It will be fascinating to watch if the fictitious versions of these two larger-than-life characters are able to avoid this fate and find some measure of happiness together.

How to Watch the First season of Our Flag Means Death

How to Watch the First season of “Our Flag Means Death”

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