Where Is Head Waiter “Jean-Philippe Susilovic” From Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 Now?

What Happened To Head Waiter Jean-Philippe Susilovic After Hell’s Kitchen Season 12? – The first episode of the American cooking competition reality series Hell’s Kitchen aired on FOX on May 30, 2005. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who originated and starred in the British series of the same name, hosts the program. Each season, two teams of chefs compete in the kitchen of a restaurant made up in the television studio for the position of head chef at a restaurant.

Throughout each season, a progressive elimination process reduces a field of 20 competitors to 12, then to one winner. One competitor is usually chosen to be eliminated in each episode. Ramsay’s explosive rage toward contestants is a prominent aspect of the program; however, this is heavily dramatized for the audience’s advantage. Six Primetime Emmy Awards have been nominated for Hell’s Kitchen. A chain of Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen eateries has debuted in response to the program.

The show got picked up for a twenty-first and twenty-second season on February 1, 2022. In September 2022, the twenty-first season’s Battle of the Ages championship debuted.

Hell’s Kitchen is known for its screamers, yellers, and heat, and it’s time to let fans know what Jean-Philippe Susilovic is doing after season 12. Fans from Las Vegas were treated to that eagerly anticipated season by Gordon Ramsay. From a renovated warehouse in Los Angeles, that was a significant departure.

The television program has resumed after a more than a two-year break, and cooks were competing for $250k plus an executive chef position at the Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe Restaurant. The competitors in that round were elite performers who provided pure entertainment. The support personnel for Chef Ramsay was also fascinating. As the Red Team’s sous chef, Christina Wilson came returning for her fourth season, and the Blue Team’s sous chef was Jason Santos, the season 7 runner-up who now had blue hair.

Viewers are curious about what happened to some of their favourite Hell’s Kitchen cast members, like the legendary Jean-Philippe, after seeing so many amusing and recognisable Hell’s Kitchen faces. Because maîtres d’hôtel, often called maître d’s, typically perform their duties so effectively, there is little discussion about these HK cast members. A maître d’ on Hell’s Kitchen will welcome customers, seat them, and take their order tickets directly to Gordon while working at the front of the house.

While the kitchen strives to serve clients, these front-of-house staff members will typically keep the house in order. The majority of fans believe that Jean-Philippe was the greatest maître d’ in Hell’s Kitchen history, despite the fact that viewers like the current maître d’, Marino “Subito!” Monferrato. He witnessed the terrible chef dismissals. He served in that capacity for the first seven seasons; he then returned for seasons 11 and 12.

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Jean-Philippe Was A Reliable Figure in Hell's Kitchen

Where Is Jean-Philippe Susilovic From Season 12 Now?

The resume of the Belgian Jean-Philippe is excellent. The top Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (as well as Gordon’s) have used the Hell’s Kitchen maître d’hôtel. In Cannes, at the renowned La Palme d’Or restaurant, he first met Gordon. Gordon was 25, and he was 17. Gordon went there to gather inspiration for starting Aubergine, his first restaurant.

During season 1, Jean-Philippe made a significant impact on the HK community. In the eleventh episode of that season, a cook by the name of Ralph Pagano repeatedly called the maître d’ “Jean-Pierre” until Jean-Philippe lost it and threatened to murder Ralph if he did it again. Jean-Philippe became a Hell’s Kitchen fan favorite after that.

Sadly, Jean-Philippe left Hell’s Kitchen after season 7. Later, he worked as Ramsay’s restaurant director at Pétrus in London. Then, in Belgium, he fell in love and decided to stay there permanently. Bentley’s, Jean-own Philippe’s eatery, is now operating in Belgium. He assumed that his time in Hong Kong had ended but instead found out that he had been missed and invited back. He returned for seasons 11 and 12 before moving on again. He never explained as to why he left.

Following the conclusion of Hell’s Kitchen season 7, Gordon used Twitter to reassure frightened viewers about Jean-Philippe. For anyone wondering why Jean-Philippe isn’t on Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon responded, “He’s back working as Restaurant Manager at Pétrus in London.” But following season 12, there were allegations that Jean-back Philippe’s issues had worsened. In 2005, he had fractured his back after falling out of his window. Some people believed that he just became weary of perspiring in Hell’s Kitchen’s heat.

According to Screenrant, Jean-Philippe discussed the program in a 2013 interview “I always feel bad for the talented chefs who have a breakdown in the middle of the competition because they don’t realise they have what it takes to win. The past several weeks have been stressful since some chefs are really exhausted and make careless errors.” Perhaps it was simply time for him to retire from the race. Fans of Hell’s Kitchen miss him dearly for whatever reason.

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