High Heat (2022) Review and Ending Explained

High Heat (2022) ending explained

High Heat (2022) Review and Ending Explained – Director Zach Golden of “High Heat” executes his action set pieces well, but aside from that, he doesn’t have much to offer in the way of artistic flair. James Pedersen’s uninspired script lacks vision, and he thinks it is funnier than it actually is. There are several well-known actors in the cast, but not even Don Johnson (Watchmen) can stop High Heat from becoming what it is. Despite being well-built, High Heat isn’t particularly noteworthy.

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High Heat (2022) ending

“High Heat” (2022) Movie Plot Summary

Ana (Olga Kurylenko) owns a restaurant with her husband, Ray (Johnson). Their restaurant is having its debut night, and while Ray is mingling with the patrons, Ana is worrying about every little thing in the kitchen. The pair survives the evening, but right before they are going to shut down for the evening, Ray’s old friend Dom (Dallas Page) sends some individuals to set the building on fire. If Ana and Ray are to survive the night, they must share personal truths from their pasts. Ray and Ana both acknowledge that they owe Dom a significant amount of money. Ray stands by and observes while his wife prepares for an all-night gunfight.

Movies that are set over the course of one night typically feature a strong, if not excellent, script. All things considered, these movies have a fairly high success rate when even the smallest ones are reduced to this formula. High Heat has a light tone, but it aspires to be more, and anytime it tries to be serious, it fails. Even when the gags work, the plot advances in a way that undermines what might otherwise be a funny joke.

High Heat’s cardinal fault is trying to make every amusing cameo into a “fully realised” character. It is just unnecessary, and there isn’t enough time in an 84-minute film that takes place over the course of one night to accomplish it. Perhaps the lone example of success in this sense is comedian Jackie Long. He plays an amusing but not overused role. Every other performer is just the contrary.

Chris Diamantopoulos, a former Silicon Valley cast member, delivers a truly funny performance, but his plot is too complicated to be amusing or intriguing. Ironically, all of this creates a world of assassins akin to John Wick that utterly fails. Furthermore, there needed to be more gravity and the vision to carry out the intention of becoming more of a style-driven frolic along the lines of Ocean’s Eleven.

In the battle scenes, Olga Kurylenko participates in High Heat’s one truly great feature. In contrast to comedy, action is used sparingly and only when absolutely essential, which leaves the viewer eager for more. The nameless squadron that launches an attack on her eatery is her only genuine opponent. Nevertheless, she performs well in any scene driven by action, even when she is torturing Long’s character.

High Heat (2022) Plot summary

High Heat (2022) Ending Explained

Armed with assault guns, the mercenaries enter the restaurant but are quickly electrocuted by Anna’s traps, causing them to request extra support. Gunfire breaks out, and Ana quickly runs out of ammunition. However, her old friend Mimi, who arrives much later at the party, saves the day. Since Ana vanished without a trace years ago, Mimi has been searching for her and believes that Ana owes her a significant answer.

Mimi, like Ana, had considered quitting the world of murder and espionage, but she felt betrayed and heartbroken when her best friend left the KGB. Mimi had been anticipating this day for a long time, and now that Ana is on her path, she intends to get even. In celebration, Ana and Mimi fight, with Mimi accusing Ana of leaving her behind in Paris. Finally, the two hug each other and put their problems behind them. In the last scene, Ray murders Dom while posing as a mercenary and entering the parking lot. The stupid son of Dom, Micky, tries to flee, but Ana shoots him as well.

Ana was a low-key clandestine agent who liked to operate unnoticed. This relatively average middle-aged woman was highly respected and trusted by her employers and coworkers. She occasionally runs afoul of the spy apparatus and worries that doing her job well may compromise her morality. She then made the audacious decision to give up her entire career, placing her life in danger in the process.


She left the KGB, spent years avoiding detection, relocated to France, fell in love with Ray, and later married him. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dom has gone through two divorces, given his carelessness and tendency for gambling; this makes him a high-risk partner even though he was the one who proposed to Dom that he should pay him back with the insurance money.

Mimi used to be Ana’s closest confidante and would do anything for her without hesitation. Still, after Ana mysteriously disappeared from the face of the planet, she felt betrayed and fooled. Years later, when she finds herself in the middle of everything, Mimi contacts her.

You can watch High Heat (2022) movie on Netflix.

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