Hijack Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained

Hijack Episode 3 Ending Explained – The first two episodes of Apple TV+ thriller miniseries “Hijack” successfully established the show’s overall tone and provided Sam Nelson with an explanation of how he became involved in such an infuriating situation. Alice from the British air traffic control center noticed something suspicious with Sam’s flight path, which alarmed her. She then observed what appeared to be hijackers with unclear demands. At this stage, the hijackers’ identities and their demands were unknown.

As the jet approached its landing in England, authorities faced the daunting task of gathering extensive amounts of data to gain an in-depth understanding of the events as they unfolded. Sam Nelson worked closely with Robin Allen and others to communicate updates to the ground crew, ensuring they stayed informed and engaged throughout the crisis.

Hijack Episode 3 Recap

Hijack Episode 3 “Draw a Blank” Recap

In Episode 3, the tension builds as Alice Sinclair uses her intuition to uncover crucial information regarding the hijacking of flight KA29. She quickly informs Zahra Gahfoor of the UK counterterrorism unit about it. Together, they inform air traffic controllers about the deviation from the designated path, triggering further investigations by air traffic control personnel.

Sam Nelson overhears a conversation between an Arabic couple, in which Yussuf, one of the spouses, informs about hijackers possessing imitation firearms. Hugo takes it upon himself to independently investigate, despite Sam’s advice that doing so could compromise their rescue plan. Hugo convinces Jamie to accompany him by feigning illness before sneaking past an anonymous letter demanding a search for bullets in a restroom.

The Istanbul ground control team attempts to communicate with the hijacked plane. Stuart instructs Captain Robin to return to the cockpit when it becomes evident that the plane’s path has deviated significantly. Nasir, one of the aircraft’s passengers, asks one of the hijackers, Jaden, for insulin for his uncle. Unfortunately, the request is denied, and Jamie Constantinou is tasked with warning passing motorists about the approaching aircraft.

Marsha attends a job interview while Kai helps his father navigate the crisis situation. Sam inquires whether there are any bullets on the ground, and Miranda informs him that none have been found. Stuart becomes suspicious of Captain Robin Allen’s communication with Sam, leading to tension between them. Sam confronts Stuart and overwhelmed, Stuart decides to shut off all monitors in an attempt to regain some sense of control over the situation.

Sam becomes increasingly concerned that the hijackers might possess live ammunition as communication breaks down. An abandoned blank bullet found in the ladies’ room provides a crucial clue. Hugo and Sam plan to neutralize the hijackers. Still, Nasir’s attempt to secure his uncle’s prescription allows Sam to move up into the higher-class sections of the plane without confrontation from Terry or Jonty. The episode concludes with an exciting cliffhanger as the sound of a gunshot is heard.

The ending of Episode 6 leaves viewers in suspense, wondering about Sam’s safety and whether the hijackers’ firearms contain live or blank ammunition. Meanwhile, the counterterrorism division investigates the incident, and Stuart continues his plan, heightening tension and anticipation for what comes next in this installment of “The Alienist.”

Hijack Episode 3 Ending, Explained

Hijack Episode 3 Ending Explained

As time passed, passengers became more restless and worried about their own safety, uncertain if they would reach their destination unharmed. Meanwhile, the hijackers learned that Robin Allen and Sam Nelson communicated via a game they played together. One of the captors targeted Robin before approaching Sam. A female hijacker then warned Sam not to lose his smile, cautioning that failing to do so could endanger other passengers on board. Sam did not come under direct attack from the hijacker, yet his mental and emotional distress served as a stark reminder that they were close to imminent danger. Time was of the essence, and simply rerouting the plane would not alert ground staff to its urgency.

Sam reported witnessing the hijackers brandishing replica weapons. Hugo, Sam’s seatmate, contemplated acting against them, but Sam warned against it. Sam hesitated before acting, concerned that taking action might result in someone being injured or killed. Hugo quickly became restless and devised a plan to fake illness to visit the restroom discreetly. Simultaneously, he told the economy class passengers to search the floor for bullets.

Hugo was confident that no real bullets would be found among the hijackers’ arsenal, as they had already fired a blank cartridge. Sam decided to remain cautious and requested an Egyptian tourist to draw two types of bullets – fake and authentic – which she planned to give Naomi, who found the initial bullet. With help from flight attendant Arthur, Arthur brought it directly to Naomi, who confirmed it was indeed fake.

Sam took a significant risk when she advised Hugo to target one of the weaker hijackers, specifically an elderly captor Sam identified as the most vulnerable. Sam requested Hugo to attack him, but his fear overwhelmed him, and he admitted his incapability. Sam took matters into her own hands and attacked an older hijacker with full force.

Inside the cockpit, they saw their leader reloading what appeared to be live ammunition. Even though these firearms were replicas, the possibility that one was real couldn’t be discounted. Sam dared the elderly hijacker to shoot, thinking the cartridges might be blanks. There was an audible bang at that moment, and our suspenseful journey ended on an unpredictable cliffhanger in Hijack Episode 3.

In future episodes, viewers will witness the aftermath of the gunshot, answering whether someone was actually shot. Furthermore, Justin Salinger, played by Alec, was introduced boarding the plane alongside Sam Nelson, causing suspicion to arise when it was noted that he was running late and caused Sam to arrange admission through the front desk. Although no suspicious behavior has been noticed thus far from Alec, his past conviction for VAT fraud emerged in the database records, raising strong suspicions that there may be an association between the hijacking and Alec’s presence, as suspected by Sam.

The initial episodes indicated that Sam Nelson and the others could outwit their hijackers. However, after viewing Episode 3, it became evident that it wouldn’t be easy.

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