Hot Summer Netflix Releases You Should Watch

Hot Summer Netflix Rel

Netflix video streaming is a luxury that many of us have excess to, but we realize this when we find it may be restricted once you travel borders. How is that so? We expect that these video streaming services we utilize every day for entertainment are the same all over the world, but this is not the case. 

It varies a lot from one country to the next because streaming services such as Netflix have certain contracts made among other media businesses when supplying movies and television in particular markets. This is why many series or movies may not be available in your areas as per the terms and conditions of those contracts. Don’t worry; where there is a will, there’s a way. You can unblock Netflix by using the best VPN available, which is VeePN. The unblocker will enable you to eliminate the restrictions while keeping streaming, regardless of where you are.

Netflix is experiencing increasing competition from companies such as Disney, Peacock, HBO, and others. This implies that it will have to compete for your subscription. Therefore, Netflix has come up with high-quality content and is anticipated to continue its legacy in the future. This is what makes picking the best Netflix movies and shows difficult.

Are you also wondering what should I watch on Netflix summer 2022? No more scrolling; we have the answer to your question. We have jotted down all the top series that you must watch this summer. Every month, Netflix releases new series, Netflix original movies, and programs to watch, and we’ve compiled a list of them all in this guide. 

What is the Hottest Netflix Series Right Now?

Just like last summer, Netflix is promising the latest free movies every week this summer. There will be enough to watch, with over 30 films due to debut. Here is what to watch on Netflix, which is currently streaming:

Things Heard & Seen

Things Heard & Seen is a thriller horror movie starring James Norton, Amanda Seyfried, and Natalia Dyer. It premiered on April 29, recounting the story of a couple who shifted to a small town in the Hudson Valley from Manhattan. As the movie proceeds, she realizes that their union has a dark side that matches their new home’s dark history.


Jennifer Lopez’s resilience and dedication are revealed in this “HALFTIME.” In this film, she serves an intimate look being a mother named Latina and also an artist just like herself in real life. She bares her own journey of exercising agency in professional life, presenting the struggles of a superstar who has influenced many people. She is also seen using her mind of speech for betterment.


Oxygen is a French thriller movie that premiered on May 12. It depicts the story of a young lady who awakes in the cryogenic pod, having no recollection of her identity and how she came to be there. In order to get out of this nightmare, she must recreate her memory, or else she will run out of oxygen. It is a film about loneliness, loss, and the unknown future and somehow depicts the Covid pandemic era.

The Woman In The Window

The Woman In The Window” is a psychological thriller movie that premiered on May 14. Amy Adams, who starred in this movie as Anna Fox, is a woman enslaved by agoraphobia which is conscious of the family who is moved to the neighborhood. She keeps an eye on them through her windows. After observing a horrible act, the mysteries start to unravel, showing that nobody and nothing is what they seem to be.


Hustle is a comedy starring Adam Sandler as a retired basketball scout who seeks to resurrect his basketball career by bringing in an international player who has a shady past to play professionally in the NBA. This is probably their ultimate chance to prove themselves that they can make it to the NBA, despite the odds.

Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead is a horror action film screenplay by Zack Snyder. In this star-studded picture, following a zombie invasion in Vegas, a crew of commandos decides to take a risk and enter the evacuated zone in order to pull off the largest heist ever.

Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab is a thrilling Thai movie but is available with English subtitles. Starring Thanapob Leeratanakachorn, Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich, Paris Intarakomalyasut, who serves to be doctors. They opt to do any experimental research into the afterlife, which goes astray when the two doctor mates glimpse a ‘ghost’ with their naked eyes. In this movie, the handsome-looking doctors are on an insatiable quest to come up with a scientific explanation related to ghostly spirits and the proof of a hereafter. Unfortunately, their obsession with information and rash pursuit of this case will eventually lead them down into a dug hole which will cost them to lose their loved ones.

Blood Red Sky

It is a British-German horror film. This movie is yet to premiere in the cinemas and on Netflix in July. This movie showcases a woman who has a mystery ailment which is called into action as a group of terrorists tries to hijack an aircraft at night. To defend her kid, she must expose a horrible secret and release the vampire inside her, which she has struggled to keep hidden.


Netflix is indeed the world’s most popular premium streaming media service, with locations in nearly all countries. However, if you face any restrictions on Netflix, you can use VeePN to unblock the Netflix app to see free movies.