Wild Croc Territory: How did Chris “Willow” Wilson Die?

How and When Did Chris Willow Wilson Die

How and When Did Chris “Willow” Wilson Die? – An Australian nature reality programme on Netflix called Wild Croc Territory follows Matt Wright and his team of crocodile rescues as they transport these dangerous reptiles to a location where they and nearby people can live safely. Each of the 10 episodes of the show, which has a 30-minute runtime, is devoted to one of the crew members who passed away a few weeks after the production.

In the Australian Northern Territory, Wild Croc Territory follows the courageous Outback Wrangler Matt Wright and his crew of crocodile catchers as they relocate these sneaky and dangerous reptiles far from people. While temporarily constructing their new home on Tiwi island, his family joins him on his escapades.

Chris “Willow” Wilson was one of the most notable characters on the show, and his abilities and persona undoubtedly won the audience’s hearts. Therefore, the news of his unexpected death certainly shocked the spectators greatly. Here is all the information we are aware of on the reality TV star and the catastrophe that resulted in his passing, for those who are curious!

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Chris “Willow” Wilson: Who Was He?

Chris “Willow” Wilson, who was born and reared in the Northern Territory of Australia, worked as a crocodile wrangler in addition to being employed in the civil construction sector. He started as a labourer on a civil concrete team and became an essential player in the Northern Territory’s civil construction sector. His efforts were practical since he had more than 15 years of experience. In reality, he played a significant role in enhancing the region’s infrastructure as a Civil Engineer and Project Superintendent on several important projects.

Chris co-managed Northern Australia Civil Pty Ltd as a director with Mick Burns until he passed away. His knowledge of machinery and plants benefited the business in developing the best solutions for the projects it had taken on. Due to his achievements in the civil construction sector in 2018, Chris was given the Northern Territory Young Achiever Award.

Interestingly, Chris’ entry into the television industry wasn’t even close to being his first. He may be a familiar sight to some of our readers from the adored series “Outback Wrangler,” which also starred Matt Wright. The duo’s prowess and bravery always entertained fans of the series. Prior to the demise of Crocodile Wrangler, Chris was happily married to his wife Danielle, and the two of them shared two boys, Ted and Austin.

Chris “Willow” Wilson’s Cause of Death

On February 28, 2022, Chris “Willow” Wilson, 34, and Sebastian Robinson, 28, set off on a helicopter trip to collect crocodile eggs from difficult-to-reach places. Robinson served as the pilot. In addition to the two, two additional crews had started out on the same mission. Around seven in the morning, the three helicopters took off from Noonamah, Northern Territory, and spent around 90 minutes flying over the King River.

When the teams arrived at the first staging spot, Chris and Sebastian began the egg collection process while the other two groups continued on their journey. The former had to descend from the helicopter while holding onto a rope in order to gather the eggs. He was only 30 metres below the flying object when the helicopter crashed after colliding with some surrounding trees. One of the pilots went back to check on Chris and Sebastian after the other two crews became concerned when they did not hear from them.

Returning to the chopper, the pilot spotted the wreckage and discovered Chris’ body about 40 metres away. The helicopter’s main rotor blade reportedly cut through the trunk of a tree before crashing into an upright position because the sling line attachment rings had not been linked to the cargo hook of the aircraft, according to the official reports. The helicopter’s engine was also discovered to have ceased working prior to the disaster, although the underlying cause has not yet been identified. In connection with the incident, a 44-year-old male was detained, although it appears that he was not charged.

Chris Willow Wilson Death

According to reports, Chris and Sebastian were found about 90 minutes after the actual incident. The latter was airlifted to Brisbane, Australia, after being transported to the Royal Darwin Hospital in Tiwi, Northern Territory. Sebastian could bounce back from the mishap, but Chris tragically passed away from his wounds. His wife Danielle and boys Ted and Austin, who were 4 and 1, respectively, at the time of the accident, as well as other family members, were particularly devastated by his passing.

The news of Chris’ passing severely upset Matt Wright, his co-star and close friend, who also mourned the loss. Instead of sending flowers to the funeral of Chris, his family asked that sympathisers donate to the NT Starlight Foundation. In addition, it was requested that attendees wear their favourite cowboy hat to remember the Crocodile Wrangler. We wish Chris’ loved ones the very best and hope his legacy will continue to motivate people in the future.

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