Will There Be “I’m a Virgo” Season 2? Renewed or Cancelled

Will There Be I’m a Virgo Season 2

I’m a Virgo Season 2 Release Date: “Sorry to Bother You,” directed by Boots Riley, was widely acclaimed for its unique style and storytelling. Now Riley has ventured into comic series with “I’m a Virgo,” an absurdist series available exclusively on Prime Video that stars Jharrel Jerome – best known for his roles in “When They See Us” – as Cootie, a 19-year-old Oakland resident named Cootie.

Cootie’s story centers around his upbringing under the vigilant care of Martisse (Mike Epps) and Lafrancine (Carmen Ejogo). Worried about their public perception, Martisse and Lafrancine keep him hidden from society’s view, providing him with a specially tailored home environment and comprehensive education to better equip him for modern society’s challenges.

Cootie’s curiosity leads him out into the wider world and allows him to experience all its trials first-hand. On his journey, he forms friendships and falls in love while searching for his place within this new community. Though Cootie finds employment, threats from individuals with malicious intentions threaten his safety.

Jay Whittle (portrayed by Walton Goggins), a billionaire entrepreneur and comic book writer who transforms into The Hero, becomes one of Cootie’s adversaries in this challenging environment. While most view him as their saviour, Jay sees Cootie as his foe who must be defeated before victory can be claimed over Cootie. Will Cootie survive long enough to establish himself?

I’m a Virgo” earned widespread acclaim during its initial seven-episode run on Prime Video, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating news of a potential renewal for season two. The series won viewers over with its captivating storytelling and the moving story of its protagonist, leaving many eager for new episodes in store.

Will There Be a Second Season of I'm a Virgo

Will There Be a Second Season of “I’m a Virgo?”

Amazon has not made an official decision regarding this show’s future; it just released it on Prime Video today and will assess its performance over time based on an assessment from the South by Southwest demographic alone; they’re simply an indicator. Considering all that’s involved financially in producing it.

Additionally, “I’m a Virgo” did not advertise itself as a limited series; its season finale leaves room for further development of plot and narrative threads, indicating that its producers may intend to continue production of its sequel series and expand on its story arcs.

At this juncture, it is crucial to assess demand for “I’m a Virgo.” Amazon may explore other options if viewership and engagement do not meet their expectations; unfortunately, this has been seen with other notable programs (we still mourn Paper Girls!). All we can do now is remain hopeful and await word of a potential renewal for “I’m a Virgo.”

I'm a Virgo Release Date

Is There an “I’m A Virgo” Season 2 Release Date?

Due to Boots Riley’s staunch support of the WGA writers’ strike, fans may experience longer waits between seasons of “I’m a Virgo.” Riley has been an outspoken proponent for this cause – in June, at one demonstration, he delivered speeches and participated in performances where one theme from “I’m a Virgo” echoed: individuals having more control over what their labour yields in wealth creation.

Production for the series’ first season reportedly concluded in May 2022 in New Orleans, and air dates for all episodes are set for June 2023. Therefore, given this timeline, its revival seems likely to occur around 2025; however, many factors could impact and alter this estimate.

As SpikyTV gathers more data and receives additional details about “I’m a Virgo.,” this story will be adjusted accordingly to provide more precise details regarding its future.

I'm A Virgo Season 2 Cast Details

I’m A Virgo Season 2 Cast Details

If Prime Video decides to order another season of “I’m a Virgo,” one should expect Jharrel Jerome as Cootie as well as other members of his talented cast such as Olivia Washington as Flora, Brett Gray as Felix, Kara Young as Jones, Mike Epps as Martisse, Carmen Ejogo as Lafrancine and Walton Goggins as Jay Whittle/The Hero to return as well. Unfortunately, given what occurred with Scat from Season 1, Allius Barnes may not reprise his role from Season 2. However, given what transpired between seasons 1 & 2, Allius Barnes likely won’t reprise his role again for Season 2.

The first season of “I’m a Virgo” featured many notable guest stars, such as LaKeith Stanfield, Juliette Lewis, Elijah Wood, Kendrick Sampson, Danny Glover, Godfrey and Morgan Fairchild – each contributing something unique and valuable to the series. Their presence added dimension and diversity, adding depth and layer to its narrative arcs.

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