Operation Finale (2018) – Is Hanna Elian (Mélanie Laurent) Based on a Real-Life Doctor?

Does Hanna Elian's Character Inspire From Real Doctor

Is Hanna Elian played by Mélanie Laurent Based on a Real-Life Doctor? – Operation Finale” is a 2018 historical espionage thriller that focuses on the identification and capture of Adolf Eichmann as the Holocaust’s architect during World War II. The plot follows a squad of Mossad agents as they investigate Eichmann’s hideout in Argentina. He will be evacuated in stealth and extradited to Israel for trial on genocide allegations.

Eichmann must be kept alive for the team to succeed, but this creates the challenge of how to get him out of Argentina, where he has a large fan base that could hamper Mossad’s attempts to escape with their target. Eichmann must be rendered helpless but still capable of comprehending and carrying out simple commands for this plan to succeed. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Hanna Elian, and wondering whether her character in the movie is based on a real-life person, we got you covered.

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Is Hanna Elian Based on a Real Doctor

Does Hanna Elian’s Character Inspire From Real Doctor?

Dr. Hanna Elian’s (Mélanie Laurent) portrayal of a doctor tasked with preserving Eichmann’s anesthesia throughout his departure from Argentina is undoubtedly based on a real person. Doctor Yonah Elian was a real person, in contrast to her difficult relationship with Peter Malkin. Yonah was selected for the mission in Argentina because of his competence in sedation, just as Hanna was in the film.

Elian executed his role admirably, drugged Eichmann just enough to keep him awake but far enough back to appear feeble. The mission was accomplished with superior outcomes to those described in the movie. Despite an exhaustive search, the Mossad failed to apprehend Eichmann’s son and other supporters. Notwithstanding the significance of his role, Elian preferred to remain anonymous in interviews and publications, while other agents disclosed the mission openly.

Elian engaged in a second Mossad mission in addition to his role in Operation Finale. Due to an incident that occurred on a previous mission that resulted in the target’s death, Hanna has mixed feelings about traveling to Argentina in the film. It refers to the first significant operation performed by Mossad in 1954 when a squad pursued a colonel called Alexander Israel, who allegedly attempted to sell Israel’s military secrets to Egypt.

He served a similar purpose as Elian. Things went wrong when the anesthetics intended to put the target to sleep and kill Israel. In the film, Dr. Hanna claims that this occurred because she was forced to administer hazardous pharmaceutical dosages. Elian asserts that the captive’s altered reaction to the sedatives was caused by “the atmospheric conditions on the ancient Israeli military aircraft,” ultimately resulting in his death.

The agency covered up the occurrence by giving Elian a clean bill of health following an internal probe. This is considered to have caused Elian a tremendous lot of stress throughout his life, which is likely why he did not want his participation in the effort to rescue Eichmann to be made public. By purposely harming a patient, he thought he had violated the Hippocratic oath. As a result, he refrained from discussing Operation Finale in public.

Yonah Elian

How Did Yonah Elian Die?

In 2011, Yonah Elian, who was 88 years old at the time of his death, committed suicide. His tomb is located in Kinneret, close to the Sea of Galilee. His son Danny Elian refused to discuss his father’s role in the Mossad operation until after his father’s death. Danny, an ex-addict-turned-doctor, stated that his father provided him with the needle used to sedate Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley). When he discovered that an exhibition would be traveling the United States, he returned the needle along with the other mission artifacts that had been on display.

Danny claims that his father was so adamant that Operation Finale was not recognized in 2007 that he refused to accept an award from the Israeli government. The family decided to accept the prize on his behalf, although it was not in his name. Elian argued persuasively for the name change to “Dr. Alef.” Given the character’s desire for anonymity and distance from the surgical process, it makes natural that the gender and identity of the doctors were altered in “Operation Finale.”

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