Is Horror Movie ‘Annabelle: Creation’ (2017) Based On A True Story Or Not?

Is Annabelle Creation Based on a True Story

The period piece horror film ‘Annabelle: Creation,’ (2017) directed by David F. Sandberg of ‘Lights Out‘ fame, aims to chronicle the creation story of the notorious head-turning Annabelle doll, first introduced in cinema by James Wan in ‘The Conjuringmovie.

The narrative involves a group of missionary girls who stay at the Mullins’ haunted house.

The opportunity to dwell at the huge mansion, which their guardian Sister Charlotte regards as a gift, turns out to be a curse later.

The ending is even more perplexing, as you receive answers to various questions and something to chew on for franchise lovers.

However, as you consider the ending, you may doubt if the story is accurate.

Is it true that the “Disciples of the Ram” are a cult? Let’s take a closer look at the situation!

Is the 'Annabelle: Creation' (2017) Based On A True Story Or Not?

Is the ‘Annabelle: Creation’ (2017) Based On A True Story Or Not?

Annabelle: Creationisn’t based on a true story, to be sure. Although there may be some truth to the image, the story, as well as the characters, are entirely fabricated.

The film was directed by David F. Sandberg from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman, who also authored the storey and screenplay for the first film, ‘Annabelle.’

The preceding film was intended to be a stand-alone film that would appeal to both mainstream horror fans and lovers of the ‘The Conjuring‘ franchise.

The film was also Warner Bros.’ first step toward a new approach that involved monetizing a loyal fan following.

They could expect significant returns from small-budget enterprises in this way. ‘Annabelle’ did not disappoint, grossing about $257 million against a mere $6 million budget — which is considered low-budget by Hollywood standards.

The second film goes back nearly a decade to tell the frightening doll’s true origin story.

Dan Fellman, the President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros., stated in October 2014 that a sequel to the ‘Annabelle‘ film was being considered.

The project was confirmed in October 2015, when Gary announced that he would return to write the script.

Later, the producers confirmed that the picture would be a prequel rather than a sequel. However, following the success of the first film, producer Peter Safran revealed to a media outlet that they were considering a sequel.

Gary Dauberman, on the other hand, advised telling the doll’s true genesis storey because the original film merely added to the confusion.

However, this is not the first film in the ever-expanding Conjuring Universe. In terms of chronology, the 2018 film ‘The Nun‘ would be five years before the events in this film.

You might also be wondering if the demonic Annabelle doll is genuine. Annabelle turns out to be a real Raggedy Ann doll, Mr. Higgins gives Janice at the end of the film.

Is Annabelle A Real Story

The doll was kept at the occult museum run by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in the back of their Monroe, Connecticut home.

The doll was given to a student nurse in 1970, and it was said to be malicious. The doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named “Annabelle,” according to a psychic medium.

The girl and her roommate contacted the Warren Couple, who brought the doll to their museum after unusual happenings.

Despite the fact that the museum is now closed, the doll may still be wandering around the neighbourhood.

Is Annabelle Creation a True Story

So, if you’re thinking about trespassing, be aware of the repercussions. The doll is a fascinating case study between pop culture and paranormal beliefs, according to Joseph Laycock, assistant professor of religious studies at Texas State University.

Annabelle isn’t the first haunted doll to hit the big screen; the concept was popularised by Chucky in the 1988 slasher horror film ‘Child’s Play.’

As a result, while the doll may or may not be genuine, its presence in popular culture is evident.

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‘Annabelle: Creation’ (2017) Movie Explanation

Dolls Attack: Lou, one of the girls’ close friends, got frightened around the doll, claiming it was possessed, but the girls dismissed it.

It was just a doll, after all. Finally, however, the story took a darker turn, prompting them to take action.

Notes began to emerge throughout the flat, which didn’t seem peculiar at first, except they were written on parchment paper, and the girls had no idea where they’d come from.

‘Help Lou’ and ‘Help Us’ were just two of the horrifying scrawls that appeared to be in a child’s handwriting on each note.

'Annabelle: Creation' (2017) Movie Explanation

When Donna returned home from work, she saw that the doll had ‘blood’ on her hands.

Annabelle was in her customary location on the bed, but the nurse noticed red stains on her hands that appeared to be blood. The doll itself looked to be the source of the red liquid.

It was the last straw, and the girls had no choice but to seek assistance. A medium was summoned.

Dead Girl’s Spirit in the Doll: First theory is about a 7-year-old who had died years previously.

The apartment complex was erected on a field where the girl was discovered. Annabelle’s spirit was allegedly present when the doll was delivered to the flat, and she grew fond of it and decided to keep it. So Annabelle Higgins, the real girl, became Annabelle the doll.

The girls opted to keep the doll in an unexpected gesture of compassion, stating they felt terrible for the ghost, but their sympathy was short-lived.

A series of horrific dreams and visions of the young girl weren’t enough to sway them, but when their friend Lou was attacked, they begged for assistance.

Lou was in Angie’s room looking at maps and getting ready for a road trip when they heard a disturbance in Donna’s room, but Donna wasn’t there.

They were gripped in fright, thinking it was an intruder, and their mood didn’t improve when they realised it was Annabelle.

Lou entered Donna’s room, but there was no one there. Annabelle sat quietly in the chair instead of the bed where she was supposed to be, but nothing else seemed out of order. He walked closer to the doll, but a dreadful debilitating sensation washed over him. Someone seemed to be following him.

His chest swelled with a crippling sensation. Then, looking down, he noticed claw marks, as if someone had leaped up and scratched him roughly. There were a total of seven marks: three vertically, four horizontally, and all of them were scorching hot.

Lou looked around the room in a panic, but there was still no one there with him. He couldn’t think of anything else; it had to be Annabelle.

Explanation About Annabelle Dolls Attacks

Explanation About Annabelle Dolls Attacks

Other individuals could see the scratches, but they suddenly vanished or ‘healed’ after two days. After that, they were nowhere to be found.

Donna enlisted the help of an Episcopal priest named Father Hegan, but he claimed it was a spiritual issue that required the intervention of a higher authority. The Warrens, Ed and Lorraine, were contacted.

The pair quickly classified the doll as having an “inhuman demonic spirit,” much like the Ghostbusters for occult topics.

The doll wasn’t possessed, according to the Warrens, but it was being manipulated by a spirit. Inanimate objects cannot be possessed, according to the duo, but spirits might become ‘connected’ to them.

The Warrens were contacted just in time, as they believed the situation would have escalated and resulted in a fatality in the house.

The apartment was ‘cleaned,’ as Ed explained it: “The Episcopal blessing of the home is a lengthy, seven-page document that is overwhelmingly good. Rather than banishing evil spirits from the house, the focus is on infusing it with the force of the positive and of God.”

Donna was adamant about getting rid of the doll.

Ed transported Annabelle to their museum for safekeeping after the Warrens agreed to take it away. The doll, he claimed, willed the car’s brakes and steering to fail – over and over.

In an attempt to stop the ‘attack,’ he threw Holy Water on Annabelle, who was sitting in the backseat. It seemed to put a stop to the strange behaviour.

Ed set the doll in a chair near his desk when he got home, claiming it began to levitate before quickly becoming inert. Instead, it would move over the next two weeks, popping up all around the house.

A priest came to see me one day. He picked up the doll in the chair and addressed it, saying, “You’re just a ragdoll Annabelle; you can’t hurt anyone,” before tossing her away.

“That’s the one thing you better not say!” Ed exclaimed, shocked.

The couple waved the priest off an hour later, asking him to phone them when he got home. Instead, he called a few hours later, saying his brakes had failed as he approached a busy crossroads. He’d been in an accident, his car was destroyed, and he’d escaped with his life.

The Warrens came to the conclusion that there was only one solution. Annabelle was taken to their museum and placed in a glass box with a specific set of prayers. She still lives there today.

When Lorraine was queried about the demonic doll, she answered, “We had a priest come in and bless the museum, including Annabelle.”

“These are prayers that bind the evil, similar to a dog’s electric fence.”

It appeared to be over, but Annabelle was not going to be restrained.

Lorraine Warren has since issued a warning about the consequences of mocking Annabelle.

Hearing the stories, a rebellious museum visitor began pounding on Annabelle’s case, urging her to scratch him if she was real. “Son, you must leave,” Ed warned, attempting to shield him. But, unfortunately, he’d arrived too late.

Lorraine recounted years later, “[The girlfriend] informed us that they were both laughing and joking about the doll when the young man lost control of the bike and slammed head-on into a tree.”

The man was slain on the spot. His girlfriend survived, although she spent a year in the hospital.

Annabelle is still locked up in the safe. Lorraine has returned to the Museum since her husband’s death, but she refuses to look at the doll, calling it the “worst item in the entire Museum.”

The Conjuring doll may cause you to be terrified, but it isn’t real. The simple raggedy-doll, on the other hand, demonstrates that reality can often be scarier than fiction.

Why Did Movie Maker Choose A Different Doll

Why Did Movie Maker Choose A Different Doll

While the raggedy-simplicity doll is enough to scare any horror fan, director James Wan and producer Peter Safran understood they couldn’t use it in The Conjuring.

“For starters, you’d have a hard time finding a manufacturer that would let their doll to be used as a conduit for evil in a film,” Safran said.