Is “How to Live Your Best Death” Based on a True Story? Filming Location and Cast Details

Is How to Live Your Best Death a True Story

Is “How to Live Your Best Death” Based on a True Story? Filming Location and Cast Details – The brand-new Lifetime thriller film “How to Live Your Best Death” will premiere on Friday, September 30, 2022, at 8 p.m., exclusively on Lifetime Network. Rachel Annette Helson directed the much-awaited and gripping thriller film.

Viewers have been impatiently awaiting to see how the fascinating tale would develop ever since the arrival news of the Lifetime horror movie was leaked.

How to Live Your Best Death stars Danielle Baez, Al Pagano, Alissa Filoramo, and a few additional actors in the pivotal roles. Without further ado, let’s get started and take a closer look at the movie’s leading cast before it airs on Lifetime Network.

The audience wonders whether real events inspired the narrative because of how suspenseful and dramatic it is and how well the cast members perform. Furthermore, you wonder where the scenes for this Lifetime movie were shot because of the creepy backdrop of a small village and life coach’s retreat. In that case, we have all the solutions you need!

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Is Lifetime’s How to Live Your Best Death Based on a True Story

Is “How to Live Your Best Death” Based on a True Story?

No, the “How to Live Your Best Death” is not based on a real story. Instead, it is an exciting new narrative that some excellent writers have adapted. Despite being a fictional story, the film explores many real-world themes and concepts, such as people using false identities to influence others and relying on professionals for life advice. Kristin, the main character, seeks Ashley’s advice because she feels lost and wants to know how to direct her passions properly. Sadly, she develops an unhealthy attachment to the latter, devastatingly affecting everyone.

In addition, there have been numerous cases in real life where people who intended to guide others toward a brighter future ended up putting everyone’s lives in danger. Consider the situation of Brazilian influencer Pablo Marçal, who in January 2022 was accused of attempting to kill someone. He supposedly persuaded his followers to accompany him on a dangerous mountain hike despite poor weather, which required the later completion of a nine-hour rescue mission for several of them.

Pablo had previously been accused of aggravated theft after assisting a criminal gang. These and other examples demonstrate how people frequently endanger the lives of others to uphold their reputations and how blind faith can have horrible, even lethal, consequences. As a result, although being a work of fiction, the Lifetime movie catches numerous real-life elements. It incorporates them into a compelling narrative that many viewers may be able to relate to.

“How to Live Your Best Death” Cast Details

Danielle Baez portrays Kristin Adams in “How to Live Your Best Death.” For her roles in “Ascension,” “Balloon Animal,” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” Baez may be recognised. In the Lifetime movie, Alissa Filoramo portrays the evil Life Coach Ashley Thomas. In films and television programmes, including “Nightmare PTA Moms,” “Jurassic Domination,” “Hunters,” and “The Family Business,” the actress has delivered noteworthy performances.

  • Al Pagano (Bill Kelly),
  • Todd Kearney (Brian Steer),
  • Saman Hasan (Sara Adams),
  • Adam Fontana (Gus),
  • Gretchen Allison (Diane Vance),
  • Ginger O’Toole (CEO),
  • Giovanni DeVal (Kevin),
  • Keith Nielsen (Steve).

“How to Live Your Best Death” Movie Filming Locations

The whole filming of “How to Live Your Best Death” took place in Connecticut, notably in New London County. The thriller film’s primary production appears to have been shot over a condensed 17-day period in May 2022. Without further ado, let’s travel to each of the exact places that are featured in the film.

New London County, Connecticut

The southeast part of the Constitution State, New London County, served as the primary shooting location for “How to Live Your Best Death.” Mystic, a municipality and census-designated place in Groton and Stonington, served as the primary base of operations for the cast and crew. They used The Inn at Mystic’s facilities, a sizable resort set atop a hill with the stunning surrounding scenery.

The 15-acre site at 3 Williams Avenue is a mixture of beautiful architecture and abundant greenery, giving it the perfect setting for movies like the Lifetime thriller. Later, the production crew made a pit stop in Norwich, a nearby city, to record various shots against acceptable backgrounds. The Yantic, Shetucket, and Quinebaug Rivers come together to form the city’s attractive harbour, with the Thames River flowing to the south.

New London County is a regularly visited and highly sought-after shooting location, given its diversified scenery. Other films shot in the area include “Hope Springs,” “Sand Dollar Cove,” “Mystic Pizza,” and “Sand Dollar Cove.”

Don’t miss How to Live Your Best Death, which will air on Lifetime Network on Friday, September 30, 2022.

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