Is Mixed by Erry (2023) Film Based on a True Story?

Is Mixed by Erry a True Story

Is Mixed by Erry a True Story? – Sydney Sibilia’s recent film on Netflix pays an unexpected tribute to popular music and its ability to bring joy. Piracy served as the means through which Italian audiences gained access to international music during the late ’70s and ’80s. “Mixed by Erry” depicts the formation of this phenomenon by Enrico “Erry” Frattasio and his three brothers, led by Erry’s passion for being a disc jockey, providing Italian audiences with access. This film skillfully chronicles their journey, following their lives throughout their rise and fall.

Mixed By Erry,” tells the tale of three determined siblings bonded together by their passion for music. Luigi D’Oriano, Giuseppe Arena, and Emanuele Palumbo portray Enrico, Peppe, and Angelo Frattasio, respectively, in this Southern Italian film set in the 1990s. These performances convincingly depict the pirate brothers Enrico, Peppe, and Angelo Frattasio, sparking debates about their relevance to the actual Frattasio Brothers. With this background information, we can now understand “Mixed By Erry” to the fullest.

Is Mixed By Erry based on a True Story

True Story Behind Mixed by Erry (2023) Film

“Mixed By Erry” draws its inspiration from true events. Co-written by Sydney Sibilia and Armando Festa, the screenplay is based on Simona Frasca’s book of the same name. Both the film and the book accurately depict the real story of the Frattasio Brothers, who played an essential part in reshaping the musical and cultural landscapes for Southern Italian youth during the 1990s. When asked about it, writer-director Sibilia responded, “It’s an astounding and true tale filled with music ambition based on real events.”

Sibilia described her delight at finally telling Erry and his brothers’ story, which she witnessed first-hand as a teenager. This experience taught her that the true depths of talent and ambition are unrestricted – even Forcella can produce DJs! In the early 1980s, Enrico and his brothers started selling illegally copied mixtapes that Erry recommended. Enrico stood out due to his dedication to the music on each counterfeit cassette tape he sold illegally during the early stages of his piracy career.

The Frattasio Brothers were like YouTube or Spotify in the ’80s – money wasn’t even an issue! During their peak business, they provided affordable access to music among the masses across Southern Italy, popularizing music through compilations that took days or weeks to compile and curate. Regulators allowed this form of piracy due to loose laws regarding it at that time. The Frattasio Brothers played an instrumental part in the rise to the stardom of many musical acts in the ’90s due to the affordable access they provided.

Italy had one of the highest piracy rates in Europe due to Erry’s mixtapes. Major record labels, including BMG and Warner, actively advocated for strict anti-piracy legislation in Italy. Warner, a major record label, promoted the arrest of the Frattasio Brothers following an investigation that led to their arrests in 1997. This film follows their lives from childhood through imprisonment for fraud and forgery charges. Simona Frasca interviewed various individuals, including Erry and his siblings involved in the original piracy incident of the ’90s, for her book project.

The film remains faithful in its depiction of the Frattasio Brothers’ exploits. However, both the film and the novel portray “Mixed By Erry” as an epic tale about three brothers fighting against the outside world. Claudio Frattasio chose not to appear due to familial issues, leaving only Sibilia’s gripping biographical tale “Mixed By Erry” to provide an accurate cinematic depiction.

Enrico Frattasio attended and performed a DJ set at the premiere in Naples, showing his approval of how this film had been executed. Everyone involved in making “Mixed By Erry” clearly admires and reveres the Frattasio family and legacy, adding authenticity and credibility to the experiences depicted within this remarkable narrative. As music forms the core of this incredible tale, most viewers of “Mixed By Erry” should find it easy to connect with these fascinating brothers while empathizing with their experiences, as the music plays a central role in this remarkable story.

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