Is Richard Blais Married or Unmarried? What Is His Wife’s Name And Children?

Richard Blais Family Wife And Kids

Through being a participant on BravoTV Top Chef,’ to win ‘Top Chef All-Stars,’ to mentoring on ‘Next Level Chef,’ he has done it all.

In the culinary world, Richard Blais is no stranger to the limelight. In fact, he is now regarded as one of the industry’s most elite chefs, thanks to his persistent hard work, prestigious restaurants, popular cookbooks, and forward-thinking culinary enterprise Trail Blais.

So, now that the majority of the world is aware of his professional endeavours let’s look into his personal life and learn more about his partner and children.

Wife of Richard Blais

Around the early 2000s, Richard Blais met the love of his life, Jazmin Zepeda Blais, while she was finishing her studies and bartending at a small Atlanta establishment.

Their romance bloomed quickly after that, and on April 8, 2006, they married in a magnificent ceremony.

Not only did they share a mutual feeling of trust at that moment, but they also shared unconditional love and understanding.

That’s why, when Richard’s weight had gotten to the point that he couldn’t recognise himself in the mirror, his partner assisted him in losing weight.

Richard had allowed his lengthy workdays of simply cooking and tasting to take over his life at the time; as a result, when he chose to make lifestyle changes, Jazmin, a former personal trainer, kept him motivated every step of the way.

They ran together, she assisted him in finding low-calorie alternatives to high-calorie items, and she even encouraged him to put nutrition first.

Richard remarked back in 2013, “What kicked off my weight loss was a combination of a great happy thing and some enormous depression: I lost a restaurant and discovered the love of my life – my wife.”

“I had to get this lovely lady.” Richard said, “I was this fat guy who had to literally chase after this girl.”

“She’d ran two miles while I was sucking wind behind her, but I ultimately caught up to her and proposed to her at the finish line of my first race – a 10K… And we’re still in touch.”

He and Jazmin have been married for about 16 years as of this writing, and they’ve made it clear that if they had to do it all over again, they would.

Their clever banter on social media platforms and their podcast, ‘Starving For Attention,’ also illustrates that humour and love are often synonymous.

The Children of Richard Blais

Richard Blais is a proud chef and husband, as well as the father of two daughters, Riley Maddox Blais (born May 29, 2008) and Embry Lotus Blais (born on February 6, 2011).

According to his accounts, the family has a habit of cooking and grilling together for some downtime bonding, which has only grown in frequency since the epidemic began, but he enjoys it immensely.

He took full advantage of the forced stay-at-home order, which allowed him to begin a fresh chapter with his loved ones.

To put it another way, nothing seemed to matter more to Richard than his adoring wife and lovely daughters, as indicated by his Instagram page.