Is Seabrook High School as shown in “Zombies 3” Movie is Real Or Fake?

Is Seabrook High School as shown in Zombies 3 Real

Is Seabrook High School as shown in “Zombies 3” Movie is Real Or Fake? – The students of Seabrook High, where humans and zombies attend classes together, are the focus of the musical film series “Zombies” on Disney+. The school also observes Addison and Zed’s adorable romance flourish, although they are both zombies and that she is. The students at Seabrook High demonstrate how to coexist in their communities after the two groups in Seabrook at first show little tolerance for one another.

Seabrook High plays a pivotal role in the plot of the third installment of the franchise, “Zombies 3,” as the school accepts a troop of aliens. If you are curious about the school, let us tell you if it has any connections to the outside world.

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Is Seabrook a Real High School

Is Seabrook High School in “Zombies 3” is Real Or Fake?

No, Seabrook is NOT a real high school. The writers of the “Zombies” film series created the school specifically for the movies. Although Seabrook High is essentially a physical location, once the students begin to coexist, it acts as a metaphorical link between humans and zombies. Addison and Zed exchange love within the confines of the school, regardless of who or what they are.

Zed becomes the new star of the school’s football squad, and the humans even start to support him. Contrarily, Eliza is praised for her technical prowess. Zombies and humans have the opportunity to support one another at Seabrook High.

Additionally, to residents of the named community, Seabrook High stands for inclusivity. The high school welcomed the group as werewolves started to play a big role in daily life in Seabrook so that they wouldn’t feel excluded from society as well. Along with other werewolves, Wyatt and Willa begin a new chapter in their lives by enrolling in the school.

With humans like Addison and Bree and zombies like Zed, they develop admirable connections. Even though Wyatt is a werewolf, he displays his emotions towards Eliza, a zombie classmate. Students at Seabrook High accept one another and build relationships without considering which group they belong to.

In “Zombies 3,” the high school welcomes three aliens by the names of A-Lan, A-Spen, and A-Li, who stay in Seabrook in order to locate the map that would take them to a planet that is habitable. Although it’s unlikely that humans, zombies, werewolves, and aliens would attend the same school in the actual world, Seabrook High shows us the importance of unity as these diverse groups celebrate life and one another regardless of their origins. Furthermore, Seabrook is the perfect high school since its students not only look out for one another but also help one another out when they need it.

The filming location of Seabrook High in “Zombies 3” movie has been set in Toronto. Despite being a fictional establishment, the film’s location choices give the school a realistic and credible appearance.

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