Is Tag (2018) Film Based on a True Story?

Is Tag Based on a True Story

Is Tag Based on a True Story? – Tag“, released in 2018, tells the tale of five friends who have been playing tag for three decades – featuring actors Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Jon Hamm and Isla Fisher as lead roles.

The plot of this movie centres around an annual game of tag played among friends. Over time, this game has grown increasingly elaborate as players use disguises and stunts in an attempt to avoid getting tagged by their peers.

The story follows a group of friends as they embark on a mission to tag Jerry, a wealthy businessman about to retire who has never been “it.” With his retirement imminent, this may be their final chance at tagging him.

Throughout the film, the group of friends attempts to tag Jerry in various amusing and entertaining ways, confronting their personal difficulties as they do so. Through playing tag, they come closer together as friends and rediscover their friendship.

“Tag,” directed and written by Jeff Tomsic, Rob McKittrick, and Mark Steilen, received mixed reviews. Some critics lauded its humour and emotional depth, while others found its exaggerated humour offensive. Regardless, “Tag” became a financial success grossing over $77 Million worldwide.

Is Tag a True Story

Is Tag (2018) a True Story? Who is the Real Jerry?

“Tag” is a 2018 movie that chronicles the true story of an unlikely group of childhood friends known as the “Tag Brothers”, as reported by The Wall Street Journal in 2013. The fictionalized account follows their adventures for over 30 years until one day, they meet again after decades and decide to play again!

The Tag Brothers were a group of ten friends who began playing their signature game during high school. By graduation day, Joe Tombari became the final tagger, or as they say in movies, “to be it”. Eight years had passed since their last gathering when Joe came up with an innovative plan to reignite it, and since that fateful day has made playing this annual tradition; each February, they embark on cross-country travel adventures in pursuit of their designated targets spanning across America from coast-to-coast.

The movie takes inspiration from The Tag Brothers, with each friend possessing unique personalities and stories. Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy (Ed Helms) leads his group and organizes an annual game; Bob Callahan (Jon Hamm) is an established businessman; Randy “Chilli” Cilliano (Jake Johnson) is a stoner still living with his parents; Kevin Sable (Hannibal Buress) is a conspiracy theorist; while Jerry Pierce (Jeremy Renner) has earned his moniker of “The Untouchable.”

The movie’s plot revolves around an annual game of tag that a group of friends play; it has become more elaborate each year, with players employing tactics such as disguises, stunts, and other strategies to stay undetected by “it”. This year, however, their attention is focused on Jerry, who has yet to be “it” yet is an established businessman preparing to retire – their chance for one last tag!

Throughout the movie, the friends attempt to tag Jerry in various comical and amusing ways; by doing so, they face their individual personal difficulties as well. The tag is an effective means for them to reunite and rediscover friendship; there are lots of crazy antics involved! From start to finish, it’s an entertaining ride.

Real life was far more shocking than depicted in the film about The Tag Brothers. Their lawyer drafted a binding agreement outlining their game rules, while players employed disguises, hiding places and elaborate traps to outwit one another – one even breaking into his fellow player’s home at night! The tag even resulted in some dramatic events, like one player being tagged at his father’s funeral by friends present to offer comfort during such trying times.

“Tag” is an enjoyable and entertaining film emphasising the value of maintaining strong bonds between childhood friends. Although some artistic license is taken regarding the true story of the Tag Brothers, its spirit remains true to how much friendship it can form through playing this classic board game.

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