Is The Netflix Movie “Still Out of My League” Based on a True Story?

Still Out of My League Based on a True Story

Still Out of My League,’ an original Italian romantic comedy, is everything but your typical girl-meets-boy love story.

The quirky and bizarre romance saga, directed by Claudio Norza, provides an empathic look into the life of Marta, a twentysomething girl fighting a potentially deadly terminal illness.

Marta shares a Turin apartment with her guardian angels Jacopo and Federica. Marta is looking for love again after a nasty breakup with Arturo, and Gabriele, a visual art student, joins her.

They form a cute couple, but when Gabriele finds a job in Paris, their long-distance relationship suffers from connection issues.

In the pivotal roles, Ludovica Francesconi gives a moving performance against Giancarlo Commare.

To keep the storey fresh and realistic, the relationship is stripped of dramatic and mushy sensitization.

If you’re still unsure about the movie’s veracity, we’ve got you covered.

True Story Still Out Of My League

Is It True Story: ‘Still Out Of My League’?

Still Out of My League,’ on the other hand, is not based on a factual story. However, even in its positivity, the film’s treatment of Marta’s fatal sickness is clearly realistic.

When suffering from a disease like Marta’s, one requires friends, love, and, most importantly, hope.

The film hits all of the right notes to keep viewers pulling for the protagonist. The project is a follow-up to Alice Filippi’s directorial debut in 2020, ‘Out of My League’ (formerly ‘Sul più Bello,’ which was based on Eleonora Gaggero’s eponymous novel.

Claudio Norza directed the sequel, which was based on a scenario by Roberto Proia and Michela Straniero.

The storey for the sequel was taken from Eleonora Gaggero’s ‘Ancora più Bello,’ the series’ titular second volume, also written by her.

However, because of the perfect chemistry amongst the cast ensemble, the film comes across as authentic in the end.

To create the mystical mood, almost every member of the cast ensemble stays in character.

Marta is the show’s headliner, and Ludovica Francesconi gives an incredible and energetic performance as her.

Marta suffers from Mucoviscidosis, a fatal sickness (or Cystic Fibrosis). The illness in question is an uncommon one that causes thick fluids to accumulate in various places of the body, clogging internal systems such as the lungs and digestive tracts.

The disease is a hereditary disorder for which there is currently no cure. Patients like Marta, on the other hand, are enjoying longer and better lives as a result of advances in medical research and technology.

For a realistic depiction, the production team engaged the Cystic Fibrosis Scientific Foundation – Onlus, a leading Italian research foundation dedicated to the disease.

Furthermore, the film hides additional bits and pieces of the truth. Rebecca is a social media influencer and icon in the film.

Jenny De Nucci, who plays Rebecca in the film, has over a million Instagram followers in real life.

Furthermore, the film’s gender confusion is incredibly genuine since it depicts the entire gender spectrum through its charming characters.

As a result, although being far from reality, the film gives a positive portrayal of a person’s effort to cope with a fatal illness.