Is There a True Story Behind ‘The Hating Game’ (2021) Movie?


The adventure comedy film ‘Then Came You,’ directed by Peter Hutchings, previously astonished critics.

The Hating Game,’ a fiery office rom-com, is the director’s fourth feature-length film.

Lucy Hale (‘Pretty Little Liars‘) takes on the character of Lucy Hutton, a tenacious publishing executive looking to make a name for herself.

At the same time, she is adamant about not compromising her morals. When she meets Joshua, a chilly but calculated coworker, they become fast adversaries.

The competition escalates into obsession as they try to one-up each other in a game of one-upmanship.

The chance of romance looms on the horizon as obsession gives rise to an irresistible attraction.

Austin Stowell, who has previously appeared in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies,’ plays Joshua Templeman, who is pitted against Hale and a plethora of other actors.

Although in movies, antagonism frequently turns into romance, you might ask if the plot is based on a true storey. Allow us to go more into the topic if that question has arisen in your mind.

Is ‘The Hating Game’ Movie Based on True Events?

‘The Hating Game’ isn’t based on a true storey, to be sure. The film’s love-hate tale, on the other hand, maybe relatable for some.

Christina Mengert wrote the screenplay, which was directed by Peter Hutchings. We then learned that the script was based on bestselling author Sally Thorne’s debut novel of the same name.

The novel was published in 2016, and its thrilling popularity resulted in it being sold in more than twenty-five countries.

It also had the distinction of being a USA Today bestseller in 2018.

Given the book’s worldwide success, it was only a matter of time before it was optioned by a production company.

Sally finished the novel in six weeks, working from the comfort of her Gordon home. It was a present for a colleague who turned out to be a good friend.

Sally was bored with her corporate career and decided to pursue creative writing as a pastime.

As a birthday present, a friend recommended she create a narrative, and when Sally inquired about a keyword prompt, the friend leaked the word “nemesis.”

The remainder of the narrative came together gradually. During the writing of the book, Sally was juggling a miserable office job of her own, as she revealed in an interview.

As a result, the story’s corporate ambience comes off as completely genuine. The novel is told from Lucy’s point of view, which adds to the mystery air around her “nemesis,” Joshua.

We can assume that Sally incorporated some of her job and life experiences into her works because they are written from the perspective of a woman.

The long-awaited moment arrived in May of this year when the initiative was officially unveiled.

Robbie Amell, of ‘The Tomorrow People,’ was originally cast in the part of Joshua; however, he dropped out due to a schedule conflict.

Austin Towell was cast in the role, and he delivers brilliantly deadpan expressions and command of the character. Finally, the lead couple deserves credit for the film’s authenticity, as they remain completely immersed in their respective roles.

'The Hating Game' (2021) Movie - A True Story

Furthermore, the actors performed the stunts, adding another depth of reality to the plot. They planned the sequences using an onboard stunt coordinator to guarantee that no one was wounded.

As a result, while the plot may appear to be fictional, the material is depicted realistically.