Jackie Vandagriff Murder: Where is Charles Bryant Now?

Jackie Vandagriff Murder

Jackie Vandagriff Murder: Where is Killer Charles Bryant Today? – On September 14, 2016, the body of 24-year-old Jackie Vandagriff was discovered burned and disfigured near Grapevine Lake, Texas.

The suspect pool was initially difficult to narrow down, but police officers persisted. Charles Dean Bryant, a personal trainer and bartender who was last seen on September 13 at the same bar where the victim was last seen alive, is the focus of the investigation.

In the upcoming episode of CBS News true-crime series 48 Hours episode titled “The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff,” additional details of this chilling case will be revealed.

Official Synopsis:

“A 24-year-old Texas college student, Jackie Vandagriff, turned up murdered the morning after meeting a man in a bar, raising the question of her death simply because she looked like the killer’s ex-girlfriend.”

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How Did Jackie Vandagriff Die

How Did Jackie Vandagriff Die?

Jackie Vandagriff was a nutrition major at Texas Woman’s University at the time. That night, she had hoped to be hired at Fry Street Public House, a college bar in Denton, Texas.

There, she had her first encounter with Charles Dean Bryant, and the two started a conversation. She burned and mutilated body was discovered the following day near Grapevine Lake.

The 24-year-old was so severely burned that it took investigators days to identify her and determine the cause of her death. After exhausting all other lines of inquiry, the investigators began piecing together the puzzle pieces.

Bryant was arrested on September 18, 2016, for violating a restraining order issued against him by his ex-girlfriend Caitlin Mathis. His cooperation made it easier for the authorities to question him.

Police did not question Bryant because surveillance footage revealed that he and Vandagriff were drinking in a bar on the day she was murdered. Despite his initial denials, he eventually confessed to the police that he had murdered Jackie. However, he added that she was murdered while the couple engaged in kink s*x.

The police exhibited skepticism because they suspected a murder plot.

Others claim that Charles’ inability to cope with his ex-girlfriend’s rejection drove him to the bar in search of a murder victim; he found one in Jackie, who resembled his exes.

Why did Charles Bryant Kill Jackie Vandagriff

Why did Charles Bryant Kill Jackie Vandagriff?

Charles and Jackie first met at a neighborhood watering hole. The two began their relationship with a date to a Texas college bar. Jackie sought employment opportunities at the bar, but Bryant had other plans.

According to the police, he intended to murder someone that evening, and Jackie was simply in his way. Surveillance footage captured the two of them together at a bar hours before her brutal murder.

Caitlin Mathis, who was 18 years old, was the girlfriend of Bryant. The relationship ended when the woman realized that her boyfriend was a narcissist who required constant attention. Charles found the rejection too devastating to shrug off. Then he began to pursue her. She decided to take legal action to prevent further contact with him after he visited her at her university.

When he also shattered the windows of the other brokers, she called the police.

Bryant murdered the young woman before purchasing a shovel at a nearby Walmart. Because the soil was too difficult to dig through, he decided to burn her body instead. Regarding her body, he planned to bury it. Both the bone fragment and Jackie’s purse discovered in Bryant’s yard were essential pieces of evidence.

Where Is Charles Bryant Now

Where is Charles Dean Bryant Today?

When questioned, Charles denied that the murder was planned. When tragedy struck, he told police that they were attempting kinky s*x. The police searched for evidence of s*x between the two but found none.

The defendant was found guilty of first-degree murder and given the maximum possible life sentence in prison plus twenty years.

Charles has been transferred to the William P. “Bill” Clements Unit in rural Potter County, Texas.

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