Jeremy Huff Murder Case: Where is Brooks Harris Today?

Jeremy Huff Murder

Jeremy Huff Murder: Where is Brooks Harris Now? – Humans have frequently been propelled to perpetrate horrible acts of violence by love and jealousy. This is precisely what occurred to Jeremy Huff, a young father who was attacked while asleep in his home and stabbed nearly fifty times. Even as he died, he left a hint that set off a love triangle and ultimately led to the culprit.

In ‘Redrum: Triangle of Terror‘ on Investigation Discovery, the story of complicated connections that led to a person’s tragic murder is methodically covered, reflecting the age-old causes of love and envy. So, let’s get more information on what happened to Jeremy Huff and who committed the horrific crime.

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How Did Jeremy Huff Die

What Caused Jeremy Huff’s Death?

Jeremy Austin Huff was employed by Corbett Aggregates of New York/Continental Aggregates Corporation Sand & Gravel as a mechanic. In addition to being Cole’s father, Huff was a loving brother and a dependable friend. At the time of the incident, the 26-year-old was a lifelong resident of Salem County and resided in Quinton Township.

In 2000, he received his high school diploma and enrolled in Salem County Vo-Tech to further his education. Huff had worked as a diesel mechanic, operator, and welder and was a highly qualified technician.

Coworkers of Huff’s recalled his particular passion for working on those Green & Gold Irish Pride vehicles. His sister, Chelsea Dorr, testified in detail about how her brother was well-liked in the neighborhood and constantly offered assistance to those in need. She added that Cole (his son) was the light of his life. She continued by describing their plans to raise their individual children jointly. Thus, the day Jeremy Huff was killed at home while he slept was a tragic moment for the Huff family.

On August 14, 2008, Huff called 911 around midnight to need assistance after being stabbed several times. Huff was discovered “slumped over the toilet in the bathroom” when emergency personnel arrived on the scene. He was bleeding from many stab wounds to his head, neck, chest, and back. He was severely shocked, partially unconscious, and hardly able to breathe.

The main door, the young man’s body, and the walls were all covered with “faecal matter” in addition to being stained with blood. Huff was swiftly transported by air to the Cooper University Medical Center in Camden, where he succumbed to his injuries immediately after emergency surgery. Huff, who had been stabbed 44 times, tragically died due to his wounds. The truck’s keys, wallet, and a phone belonging to the 26-year-old Huff were missing when the police arrived at his home.

Who Killed Jeremy Huff

Who Killed Jeremy Huff and Why?

The investigation into the case was not too difficult because Huff, who was on his deathbed, was able to tell the paramedic and the State Trooper on the scene that he thought Brooks G. Harris was the attacker. Within hours of the stabbing, Harris was promptly taken into custody, and he later confessed to hiring two adolescents, Jerry M. Loatman Jr. and Lee A. Williams Jr., to carry out the murder. According to the police, Harris picked up the teenagers from their home and transported them to Huff’s residence in his white pickup vehicle.

Around 10.30 p.m., Harris dropped them off there and headed to the Elsinboro Oakwood Inn. The teenagers allegedly stormed into Huff’s house, attacked him with a kitchen knife, and then stole his GMC Yukon to flee. Harris had promised to give more money afterward and had paid each of the two teenagers $25 to commit the crime. Further research revealed that Huff and Harris had been close friends up until a disagreement arose from the former’s relationship with the latter’s estranged wife a few months earlier.

At Harris’ trial in April 2010, Brenda Harris testified in court that although she and Harris had two children together, they no longer had a relationship because of their divorce. Brenda claims that Brooks Harris was initially okay with their separation, but after two weeks of it, he began to trouble her to get back together and start living together. In addition, Harris reportedly did not want to bring up his kids in a dysfunctional household.

Brenda claimed that she started dating Huff in May 2008 and told Harris about it one month later. She continued by saying that Harris apparently “acted extremely severely, quite violently” after hearing the news and had a very unfavorable reaction. His ex-wife claims that he even threatened to murder Huff. Brenda claims that during the Fourth of July holiday, when he saw them together at Huff’s house, Harris lost his temper, and they got into a heated argument.

Lotman agreed to testify against Harris and Williams and signed a negotiating plea and cooperation agreement. He told the court that Harris had reportedly told him and Williams to kill Huff because he did not want his wife to be alone with Huff while Harris was away on a family vacation. According to Loatman, Harris gave them money, gloves, and specific directions on how to carry out the deed. Additionally, Loatman provided the jury with information on the conversations and meetings he had with Harris before the murder.

Doerr testified in court that Jeremy wasn’t the only victim of this tragedy; her family also suffered a significant loss in August 2008.

She added that Cole has suffered the most and that “we had aspirations and plans to raise our kids together.”

Where is Brooks Harris Today

What Happened to Brooks Harris and Where Is He Now?

On a number of counts, including first-degree murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, third-degree conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, second-degree aggravated assault, third-degree theft, second-degree burglary, and third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary, the jury found Brooks Harris guilty in the latter part of April 2010. Superior Court Judge Timothy Farrell gave Harris a 50-year prison term on June 1, 2010, which includes an additional 30 years behind bars that will be served concurrently with the murder conviction.

According to the ruling, Harris must complete 85 percent of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. Records show that Harris, who is currently detained at the New Jersey State Prison (NJSP), has until February 12, 2051, to apply for parole. On September 10, 2012, Harris submitted a five-point appeal to the State Superior Court’s Appellate Division, asking that his sentence—which he deemed to be “manifestly excessive”—be reconsidered. The three appellate judges unanimously dismissed the appeal, writing in their decision, “We are unpersuaded by any of these contentions.”

Harris added that he never imagined that something similar would occur to them.

He told the court, “I have nothing but regret for his family and son.” “I find it hard to comprehend that this could have occurred to anyone,”

Family and friends of Harris also spoke on his behalf. The mother of Harris, Arlene Harris, his sister, Shani Harris-Henderson, and a close family friend, Charlene LaRosa, all testified in court.

His sister described him as a family man and one of her closest friends.

She added that Brooks Harris, who lacked health insurance, was the victim of a broken system that failed to support him during difficult times. Harris-Henderson expressed her sympathy to all parties involved in the tragedy.

She said, “He cared for everyone around him,” and she also expressed regret for this circumstance. He cherishes time spent with his family.

Harris’ mother also provided information to the court about him, both before and after his divorce from his wife.

She remarked that he’s just a really nice, lovely guy. I believe that Brooks has been struggling against all odds since the beginning of this.

Regarding the whereabouts of Loatman and Williams, as a result of negotiating a plea deal, Loatman’s accusations of first-degree murder were reduced to aggravated manslaughter, and he was given a 25-year jail term. Due to an apparent compromise of the prosecution’s case with a critical witness quitting shortly before the start of the trial, Lee Williams’ charges were also withdrawn. He was given a 5-year prison term after being found guilty only of burglary counts.

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