Jonathan Harris Murder Case: Where is Dion Sobotker Today?

Jonathan Harris Murder

Jonathan Harris Murder: Where are Dion Sobotker, Latoya Morgan and Samantha Carol Parker Now?In December 2014, Jonathan Harris, 26, was beaten, robbed, and left for dead in the basement flat of his family’s house by Dion Sabotker.

Sadly, Jonanthan was all too familiar with death. His mother participated in a kidney exchange program, donating her kidney to a complete stranger so that her son might receive one in exchange after the kidney his brother had provided him failed.

A Rockville court found the killer responsible for the death of a two-time kidney transplant survivor.

The investigation’s findings were covered in the true crime program “Murder Calls: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” on Investigation Discovery. The case was an open-and-shut one.

It tells the terrible story of Jonathan Harris, a man who battled death his entire life until his death due to injuries caused by burglars. It is a terrifying tale of human frailty and the impossible challenges a mother faces while fighting for justice for her son. We can provide you with all the information you need regarding the case and the culprits, including their current whereabouts. Keep reading below to get all information.

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How Did Jonathan Harris Die1

Who Was Jonathan Harris and How Did He Die?

Jonathan Edward Terril Harris lived in Silver Spring, Maryland’s Montgomery County. The 26-year-old was very close to his parents, Richard and Patricia, and grew up with two siblings, Lloyd Harris and Sidney Gaines. From an early age, Jonathan had seen what death looked like. After years of dialysis, his one kidney failed when he was just 12 years old. Lloyd Harris, Jonathan’s brother, volunteered to donate his kidney, according to his father. Sadly, Jonathan’s body started rejecting the kidney, forcing the Harrises to look for another.

When Jonathan signed up for a transplant exchange program that matched recipients with donors, Patricia gave one of her kidneys in exchange for receiving one for her son, ending their search for a kidney. A segment on NBC’s “Today showed comprehensive documentation of the entire program. In addition to finding a compatible kidney, Jonathan underwent open heart surgery in 2010. The young man had also overcome having persistent asthma. He received a kidney transplant for the second time when he was only 22 years old.

Jonathan had been living in his mother’s apartment’s basement, which had a separate entrance. Patricia believed it was for his own benefit as he gradually healed and continued living his life. According to reports, Jonathan’s replacement kidney was working well for him. He intended to transfer to Elizabeth City State University, his mother’s alma mater, while enrolled at Montgomery College. Jonathan enjoyed music just like his brother did, and he was working as a DJ in Washington. Patricia claimed that her kid was a rapper, writer, artist, and all-around gifted person.

Before Jonathan did not answer his mother’s numerous calls on December 5, 2014, everything in his life was going according to plan. Then, the following day, at around 10:30 a.m. Patricia walked over and saw her son’s car in the driveway with the door ajar. She hurriedly entered the basement, where she discovered her son’s unconscious body, who had been severely beaten and had a belt put around his wrists to try to tie his hands. The horrible scene made her heart drop, and she instantly dialed 911.

A Sony PlayStation, two televisions, and credit cards were missing when the police arrived on the scene, although there were no indications of forced entry. Harris was found to have suffered extensive injuries to his upper body in addition to being viciously beaten and strangled. According to the postmortem, asphyxia caused Jonathan’s death. Based on the initial information and report, the authorities determined that Jonathan’s death was a homicide and a suspected burglary.

Who Killed Jonathan Harris

Who Killed Jonathan Harris and Why?

After Jonathan was killed, the detectives on the scene decided to follow the credit cards he used, and they were able to follow one of them to a nearby gas station. When the suspects used one of Jonathan’s credit cards to make a $30.89 fast food transaction at a Riverdale drive-through deli, the police identified the perpetrators. Samantha Carol Parker (then-26), Latoya Rennell Morgan (then-33), and Dion Ramon Sobotker were all apprehended on December 23 due to surveillance video and pictures that assisted in identifying the suspects.

First-degree murder and robbery were the charges brought against all three individuals. However, the authorities quickly discovered that Samantha Carol Parker, a resident of Rockville, was Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend. Although they were given no information regarding the duration of their relationship, Jonathan’s father claimed that when he saw his son in August, Parker had moved in with Jonathan.

Parker previously had convictions for forgery and theft on his record, and while on probation, he tested positive for PCP and marijuana. In addition, Parker allegedly threatened to harm Harris physically with the help of a few other people.

On December 5, 2014, at 8.30 a.m., Jonathan was last observed getting cash from an ATM at a 7-Eleven in Silver Spring. The last person he spoke to before disappearing was a friend he contacted a few minutes later. Investigations revealed that Morgan, Parker, and Sobotker arrived at the 22-year-old’s apartment later in the morning, with the other two entering while Morgan remained in the car.

Authorities believed that Parker may have pretended to have taken his belongings from Jonathan’s home. She must have forcibly opened the house door to get his belongings. It’s possible that things did not go as planned, and Sobotker battered and strangled Jonathan to death before the two robbed him of his possessions. The police searched Sobotker’s home and found Jonathan’s Playstation and a pair of tennis shoes. Later, a forensic analysis established that the bloodstains on the shoes belonged to Jonathan.

Dion Sobotker
Dion Sobotker

Where are Dion Sobotker, Latoya Morgan and Samantha Carol Parker Now?

Patricia testified, and the focus of the murder trial that resulted in Dion Sobotker’s conviction for first-degree murder in March 2016 was her moving testimony. Latoya Morgan agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for dropping the charges of first-degree murder and robbery conspiracy. She admitted to being an accessory after the fact and consented to give a witness statement against the other two. Morgan received a five-year prison term.

Detectives identified Samantha Parker as the mastermind behind the attack on Jonathan. But while awaiting trial, she passed away in prison in December 2015 from a brain tumour. In May 2016, Sobotker’s life sentence was reduced to 40 years in jail after being found guilty of first-degree murder, robbery, and conspiring to commit robbery.

According to documents, Sobotker is presently detained at the Jessup Correctional Institution, Maryland, with the highest level of security. Patricia, who was visibly moved by the decision, went on the record to remark, “I feel a breath of relief. I believe my son received justice.”

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