Judith Therianos Murder Case: where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Today?

Judith Therianos Murder Case: where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Today?

Judith Therianos’ 2016 journey to Florida to see a few friends came to an abrupt end when she vanished. However, a homicide investigation got underway after her decaying bones were discovered in New Port Richey, Florida, in April 2016. The Murder Tapes (at 10/9c): Jane Doe on Investigation Discovery details how surveillance footage and a confession helped the police find out the truth about Judith’s last moments of life. So, if you’re interested in learning more,  here’s what we do know.

Who was Judith Therianos?

Maine was the place of birth of Judith Therianos, who was born in September 1963. When she was younger, she frequently took trips to Greece with her family because she loved to travel. The 52-year-old was characterized as a lovely and compassionate guy who had previously volunteered at a bookstore and worked at a nursing home. In order to take care of a sick friend, the mother of three had come to Florida in February 2016.

What Caused Judith Therianos’ Death?

Judith was living in Tampa Bay, Florida at the time, working casual jobs and aiding her buddy. However, she abruptly vanished in March 2016. On April 7 of the next month, a woman in New Port Richey discovered skeletonized bones in a forested area. Her shirt was pulled up, and the way her body was positioned suggested a potential sexual assault, according to the show. The cause of Judith’s death was blunt force trauma to the head, which caused her skull to be crushed. She was recognized by her fingerprints. On March 13, 2016, Charlie, the person who dropped her off at work, was initially investigated by the police. He was later eliminated as a suspect, though. The Murder Tapes program claims that Charlie informed the cops that Judith had lived with him for a while before going missing and that he was unable to get in touch with her later. The investigators then started reviewing neighborhood businesses’ surveillance tapes.

Who was Judith Therianos’s killer?

Then, on March 13, 2016, Judith may be seen purchasing alcohol in a video. She was joined by another individual, and in an effort to find leads, the authorities made a picture of that person public. They got lucky when a man recognized the man with Judith as Timothy Frederick Johnson, who was 25 at the time, according to the episode. This guy added that Timothy had spoken to him about murdering Judith. Timothy also has a criminal record; in June 2015, he entered a no-contest plea for a minor battery. In December 2015, he was also accused of violating his probation and obstructing a policeman. Timothy was detained in January 2016 after using a knife to enter the home of his roommate. The ex-roommate claimed he had previously threatened to tear her up, the show claims. Timothy was nevertheless discharged in February 2016. After Judith was located, the authorities didn’t have to search very far for him because he had been incarcerated since March 23, 2016, for a probation violation.

Judith Therianos Murder Case: where is Timothy Frederick Johnson Today?

According to the episode, he acknowledged having consensual relations with Judith but withheld any further details. Other prisoners, however, came forward with evidence and said that Timothy had admitted to killing Judith and had detailed the incident. According to the inquiry, They met at a store around 6 p.m. on March 13, 2016, and bought alcohol, which was caught on a security video, before leaving to have sex in a wooded area. They started having intercourse there, but she eventually asked him to stop. But Timothy didn’t want to, so he suffocated her till her respiration ceased. He then killed her by striking her on the head. Johnson had sex with her corpse before stealing her debit card. He went to a nearby restaurant. Waffle House and had some food before going back and having more sex with her corpse.  He left the area, then came back with some rubbing alcohol, which he used to cover Therianos’s body in order to cover up the evidence.

Where is Timothy Frederick Johnson?

In the vicinity of where Judith was, they came across a bottle. After being ultimately convicted guilty of first-degree murder, Timothy was given a life term in prison in October 2017. For the incident in January 2016, he was also found guilty on two charges of aggravated assault and sentenced to five years on each count. According to prison records, Timothy is still detained in the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida.