Are Julie and Robin Furuya from “Is She the Wolf?” Still Together? Exploring Their Journey

Are Julie and Robin Furuya Still Together

Are Julie and Robin Furuya Still Together? – Are Julie and Robin from “Is She the Wolf?” still together? This question has gripped viewers of the Netflix dating series “Is She the Wolf?” in Japan. In this reality show featuring five men and five women competing to find love, hidden “lying wolves” hide in plain sight with no intention to reveal themselves, leaving viewers guessing whether connections made on-screen are genuine or part of some larger plot to find “lying wolves”.

Season 1 of “Is She the Wolf?” introduces us to an unforgettable love story between Julie (also known as Ju!ie) and Robin Furuya. Julie is an immensely talented singer-songwriter who finds herself irresistibly drawn to Robin when they meet; their journey together through “Is She the Wolf?” becomes an emotional rollercoaster as they encounter love, guilt and hard decisions together. We will dive deep into Julie and Robin’s journey as seen in “Is She the Wolf?” and whether or not they remain together post-show. In this article, we will investigate their journey on “Is She the Wolf?” and whether or not their relationship still exists after viewing.

Who is Julie?

Julie (better known by her stage name JU!iE) is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter renowned for her talent and unique style. Her musical journey began after graduating from Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music; this led her to attend Berklee College of Music before eventually starting her career in New York upon her graduation.

JU!iE’s musical style, deeply rooted in jazz, reflects her major at Berklee. What sets JU!iE apart is her unique talent of seamlessly merging three languages into her work: English, Japanese and Chinese – into her performances. Her distinctive approach has won her over 3,000 subscribers on YouTube alone!

Julie is well-known both within and beyond her musical career; she’s also recognized as a model. Julie boasts over 163,000 Instagram followers and over 500,000 supporters on Weibo (Chinese social media platform). Recently, this multi-talented artist released their first digital single titled “What Is Love?” further solidifying their place within the music industry.

Who Is Robin Furuya?

Robin Furuya is a multifaceted talent who excels at both acting and photography. He has built up an enviable portfolio with his unique combination of abilities. Based out of Tokyo and Hawaii, respectively, his experiences span far and wide.

His acting career includes key roles in popular shows like “Kamen Rider Saber”, “Motokare no Yuigonjou”, and “Touboui F”. Thanks to attending college in America, his fluency in English adds even further versatility and appeal as a performer.

Robin completed his academic journey by graduating with a double major in linguistics and psychology from the University of Hawaii. Before switching from Oscar Promotion to Amuse Entertainment in 2019, this shift proved pivotal in allowing him to explore new opportunities and projects in his career.

Julie and Robin's Relationship Blossoms on Is She the Wolf

Julie and Robin’s Relationship Blossoms on “Is She the Wolf?.”

Julie and Robin’s journey on “Is She the Wolf?” is one of love, conflict, and difficult choices. It all begins during an oath ceremony held in a church where male and female cast members first lay eyes upon one another – here, Julie experiences what she refers to as love at first sight with Robin Furuya.

At first, Julie and Robin appear to be immediately attracted; Robin seems to reciprocate her feelings by offering his cologne as a token gesture on the show, where male cast members often give gifts such as this to women they find intriguing. Their connection appears genuine at first glance, but something unexpected could be waiting in store.

Julie is stunned when it becomes evident that she has been assigned the role of a wolf – one of many contestants who must keep their identity concealed until their final confession. This news hits hard since it prevents her from openly declaring her love for Robin, who she genuinely feels for.

As the show unfolds, Robin goes out on a date with Sakurako Okubo, leaving Julie feeling torn between jealousy and empathy for both parties involved. She doesn’t wish to interfere with their potential connection but struggles with her emotions as she joins their date organized through SUN line public transportation.

Over time, Julie and Robin become closer, adding further stress to her inner turmoil. Robin notices her discomfort whenever he interacts with other women and confronts her about it; his intentions include getting to know each person better to determine compatibility; however, Julie clearly feels uncomfortable by his actions and their impact.

Julie becomes intrigued with Mikako when Robin asks another cast member, Mikako, on a date, and she draws the interest of both Masaki Nakao and Who-ya as potential suitors for Mikako to crash the date; though both attempts fail after having an emotional conversation with Robin; Julie remains acutely aware that her feelings for him persist nonetheless.

Julie finally decides to share her feelings during the mid-season confession and expresses her commitment to Robin 100%; however, a surprise twist occurs: Robin reveals his interest but only commits 65% compared to Julie’s 100% dedication. This revelation proved devastating to Julie as it revealed potential heartache ahead.

Julie finds the emotional challenges daunting but ultimately decides Masaki will be her partner for a photo shoot, shocking everyone with this decision. While visiting Shodo Island, Japan, Julie quickly connects with Masaki, leading her to ask him for a public date.

As opposed to prior dates, their date unfolds without interruptions, with Julie commenting to Masaki that she no longer expects Robin will show up – signaling her growing acceptance of their situation. Later, Julie engages in an honest dialogue with Robin regarding its meaning for her (65%). Her sense of regret, guilt and self-doubt deepen over time.

As Robin prepares to make his confessional, he surprises Julie by inviting her on a romantic date through the MOON line. Although bittersweet, Julie decides to seize this opportunity to explore what could have been before disclosing her true role. Their memorable date also included visiting a studio where Robin took stunning photographs of Julie, which is something he had long wanted to do for someone he truly cares for.

At the final confessional, Robin chooses Julie as his partner. At a poignant moment, Julie is seen visibly shaking as she releases her balloon to indicate her identity as a werewolf. As she begins walking away without speaking or showing herself fully, Robin intervenes by embracing her behind – mirroring an incident from midseason confessional.

Unbeknownst to Julie, Robin plays her an emotive song entitled “Don’t Run Out of Love” after their final date and photography session. Through this song, he expresses his genuine feelings that were difficult to articulate verbally; touching upon Julie’s display of trust and faith, he expressed amazement at what an emotional burden she carried, leading them both into an unforgettable kiss – marking a significant point in their relationship journey.

Julie and Robin from Is She the Wolf Are Still Together

Julie and Robin from Is She the Wolf Are Still Together?

At this point, Julie (AKA Ju!ie) and Robin Furuya have not provided any public updates regarding their romantic relationship status. While fans hope for a favourable resolution to their on-screen romance, neither party has given them official confirmation.

It is noteworthy that both Julie and Robin remain Instagram followers of one another, suggesting they maintain amicable relations. Their on-screen chemistry and romantic gestures gave audiences hope that their romance may have moved beyond the confines of television series.

Fans’ speculation surrounding Julie and Robin is driven by their undeniable on-screen chemistry and the deep feelings they shared while embarking on “Is She the Wolf?”. While fans cannot confirm if the couple are currently dating or not, fans remain hopeful that both Julie and Robin will find happiness either together or separately as they continue their respective fields of success.

Conclusion Julie and Robin’s journey on “Is She the Wolf?” is an ode to love’s complexities, challenges, and viewer anticipation for realizing whether their on-screen connection has translated into real romance. No matter the outcome of this saga, its lasting appeal lies in genuine emotions shared during an unforgettable journey together on “Is She the Wolf?”

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