Lanny Horwitz Murder Case: Where Is Donna Horwitz Today?

Lanny Horwitz Murder Case

Lanny Horwitz Murder – When Lanny Horwitz was discovered dead in his bathtub on September 30, 2011, officials assumed it was a suicide. Incriminating evidence and the discovery of a troubled personal relationship, on the other hand, quickly turned the case around.

American Monster A Mother’s Work,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, takes viewers through the horrific murder and the investigation that led to the arrest of the offender.

So if you’re intrigued by this case and want to know where Lanny’s killer is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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How Did Lanny Horwitz Die

Who Is ‘Lanny Horwitz’ And What Is The Cause of Death?

Lanny Horwitz was a real estate mogul who shared his Jupiter, Florida, house with his ex-wife, Donna Horwitz, and their son, Radley.

Lanny and Donna were high school sweethearts who had an on-again, off-again relationship for a long time, according to the episode.

In actuality, the two had married and divorced twice before reconciling after a previous argument at the time of the murder.

On September 30, 2011, police arrived to Lanny Horwitz’s home and saw him slumped on his bathroom floor.

An initial examination revealed many gunshot wounds on the victim, and an autopsy later revealed that the victim died after being shot nine times, including once in the mouth.

The situation appeared to be a suicide at first inspection, and the police were almost ready to close the case.

The bullet wounds and the empty revolver near the victim, however, suggested differently.

Despite the fact that Lanny’s son, Radley, claimed to have heard gunshots, Donna persisted on her innocence, claiming that she had not heard anything.

Donna Horwitz
Donna Horwitz

Who Killed Lanny Horwitz And Why?

It didn’t take long for investigators to make their first major breakthrough, as family friends disclosed how fractured and tumultuous Lanny and Donna’s relationship was, according to the episode.

Donna was said to have had countless indiscretions, and despite leaving her ex-husband several times in the past, she always found her way back to Lanny in the end.

Lanny, on the other hand, eagerly accepted her back for the first few times but became bored of her infidelity quickly.

Although they reconciled before the murder, Donna soon realised that her husband was just interested in the money she had loaned him, according to the episode.

He began to treat her coldly and even appeared to be friendly with Francine Tice, one of his business associates.

The police eventually discovered a diary in which Donna discussed her jealousy and her suspicions that Francine and Lanny were more than just business partners.

The police, on the other hand, discovered that Lanny and Radley did not have a romantic relationship. Furthermore, during his father’s funeral, Radley was highly critical of him, hinting at a probable reason.

Despite this, the police found no evidence linking him to the crime, and as a result, he was dropped as a suspect.

However, Donna’s jealousy was not ruled out as a possible reason, given Lanny was scheduled to travel to North Carolina with Francine on the day he was murdered.

Moreover, despite the fact that Radley and Donna were both presents on the day of Lanny’s murder, Radley’s son claimed to have heard the gunshots while his ex-wife did not.

This increased the police’ suspicions of Donna, and when they were satisfied that they had enough proof, they arrested her and charged her with murder.

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Where Is Donna Horwitz Now
Donna Horwitz

What Has Happened to ‘Donna Horwitz’ And Where Is She Now?

Donna pleaded not guilty in court, but was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in jail in 2013.

Donna was convicted guilty of second-degree murder in her second trial in 2017 and sentenced to 32 years in jail, despite her previous conviction being overturned in 2015.

As a result, she is currently detained in Florida’s Lowell C.I. and is scheduled to be freed in 2043.