Lifetime’s Buried in Barstow: Filming Location and Cast Details

Lifetime's Buried in Barstow Filming Location

Where Was Buried in Barstow Filmed? Who is in the Cast? – Lifetime’s Buried in Barstow,’ directed by Howard Deutch, is a thriller drama film about Hazel King (Angie Harmon), a single mother who protects her daughter, Joy, from the life she formerly had. Meanwhile, she tends to protect and defend those who don’t seem to be able to defend themselves.

Hazel was plucked from the streets of the city at the tender age of 15 and groomed to be a hit woman. However, her profession barely lasted until she became pregnant with Joy, forcing her to abandon her previous lifestyle.

After a decade, Hazel owns a BBQ cafe and lives with Joy in normal existence. However, when a man named Elliot arrives, her history catches up with her, and she is forced to return to her old job for yet another task. As Hazel is drawn back into the murdering business, the scene shifts from the tranquil BBQ eatery to a fresh set of locations with multiple action-packed sequences.

If you want to know where the ‘Buried in Barstow‘ movie was filmed and who is in the cast, keep reading the article below.

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Filming Locations of ‘Buried in Barstow’ Movie

The filming of ‘Buried in Barstow’ took place throughout North Carolina, notably in Shelby, Charlotte, and Cherokee. The film’s primary photography began in late October 2021 and appeared to end in November 2021. Allow us to fill you in on the exact locales that make up the film’s sets.

Shelby in North Carolina

Most scenes of the movie was shot in Shelby, North Carolina, in Cleveland County. The production crew reportedly camped down at Red Bridges BBQ for two weeks to film a significant section of the Lifetime drama. The actors and crew of ‘Buried in Barstow‘ modified the restaurant to give it a Californian feel and to serve as a stand-in for the BBQ eatery where Hazel works in Barstow. In Shelby, the diner is located at 2000 East Dixon Boulevard.

Other North Carolina Locations

The production team even flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Cherokee, North Carolina, for filming purposes. The former is the state’s most populous city and is located in the Piedmont region, while the latter is a census-designated place in Western North Carolina that is a popular tourist destination.

‘Buried in Barstow’ Cast Details

Hazel King is played by Angela Michelle Harmon, AKA Angie Harmon, in the Lifetime film. The Texas-born actress is best known for her roles as Ryan McBride in “Baywatch Nights,” Abbie Carmichael in “Law & Order,” Barbara Gordon in “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker,” and Ronica Miles in “Agent Cody Banks.”

  • Kristoffer Polaha (Elliot),
  • George Paez (Javier),
  • Timothy Granaderos (Travis),
  • Lauren Richard (Joy King),
  • Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez (Phil),
  • Scott Hunter (Kurt),
  • Brendan Patrick Connor (Rudy).

You can Stream ‘Buried In Barstow’ movie on Lifetime channel.

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