Loving Adults (2022) Ending, Explained: Where did the Couple Hide Xenia’s Body?

Loving Adults (2022) Ending, Explained

Loving Adults (2022) Ending, Explained: Where did the Couple Hide Xenia’s Body? – The Danish movie Loving Adults is finally available on Netflix, about a married couple who discover themselves in a loveless relationship and will do anything to satisfy their desires. The movie chronicles the story of Christian and Leonora, who unexpectedly find themselves in very peculiar circumstances. It is full of suspense and terrible twists.

Everything begins with Christian’s extramarital affair, which escalates into violence when his wife learns about it. The events that follow are horrifying, each one worse than the last, leading to a complicated pact and a deed that will permanently bond the two together.

The stars of the thriller Loving Adults are Lars Ranthe, Dar Salim, and Sonja Richter. It was directed by Barbara Topse-Rothenborg and is a novel thriller with a distinct aesthetic. It is based on Anna Ekberg’s Nordic noir novel.

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The 'Loving Adults' Movie Plot Synopsis

The ‘Loving Adults’ Movie Plot Synopsis: What Is It About?

On his daughter’s wedding day, a police officer sits with her and tries to warn her about the numerous risks of love that most people do not typically consider. He uses one instance where he was quite convinced who the perpetrator was but could not catch him. He claimed that this brutal murder was motivated by love, much like most violent murders.

The couple had a teenage son named Johan, and Christian, a prominent engineer with his own construction business, had been married to Leonora for many years. Leonora could sense that something wasn’t right with her husband, though; the two seemed to have fallen out of love some time ago. Christian occasionally received late-night texts from unknown parties. On one occasion, Leonora confronted him and demanded to see the text. Leonora did not first believe her husband when he said that it was his coworker; she was ready to take the phone when Christian flung it away to smash it.

The couple apologized to one another the following morning, but it was obvious that neither of them had forgotten what had happened the night before. A coworker named Xenia is introduced to Christian as he travels to his place of employment. The young lady is swiftly revealed to be Christian’s lover because Xenia has been pleading with him to declare their relationship after learning that they have been having an affair for some time. Christian has been promising his wife that he would divorce Leonora and marry her so they could have their own family, but he still feels uneasy about telling her about it. Instead, he keeps the affair a secret from her.

To care for their son Johan, who had a debilitating illness and still required crutches to walk, Leonora, who had once been a very brilliant violinist, gave up her career. Even though Johan was now ultimately healed, she didn’t think the promises of a future spent with Christian would become less meaningful, particularly in someone else’s company. She follows Christian on social media to learn more about the lone employee at his company, named Xenia.

Leonora is eager to learn more about this younger woman, so she insists on accompanying the couple to a party that night that Christian’s coworker is hosting. Finally, as she moves covertly across the office, she witnesses her husband and Xenia having a sexual encounter before her, confirming her suspicions.

The 'Loving Adults' Movie Ending Explained

Loving Adults Ending, Explained: Did Christian and Leonora Get Arrested?

The following morning, Xenia’s neighbors call the police to report a break-in at her home, but they are unaware that she has been murdered because her body has not been discovered. The police locate Christian’s home after discovering that the missing woman had previously worked for his business while looking into the case. According to the police officer who has been telling this narrative thus far, they had a suspicion that Christian was involved in the crimes because of the way he acted suspiciously.

Still, they were unable to apprehend him in the absence of any evidence or proof. When they speak with Christian and Leonora now, the couple claims to have spent the weekend at a spa in a neighboring town. They then both make it plain that Xenia had been seeing Christian for about a year and that he had ended their relationship on the day she vanished. As they were leaving, the police officers shared their uncertainty with one another over the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Xenia’s body.

They both believed she had been murdered, and a burglary case might have made more sense if the body had been discovered inside the home. But now that they are aware of Christian’s relationship with the woman, it is obvious to them that the only scenario in which the body would have been removed would be if the murderer had recently had sex with the victim (as Christian had), and traces of their DNA could be discovered in the corpse.

The police make every attempt to locate the body to file charges against Christian. In the weeks leading up to the Midsummer celebrations, when the Danes traditionally burn a large stack of wood to symbolize burning witches, this entire story has been taking place. It is only at the conclusion that this tradition makes a direct appearance.

Where did the Christian and Leonora Hide Xenia's Body

Where did the Christian and Leonora Hide Xenia’s Body?

The pair effectively disposes of Xenia’s body by using the campfire. They placed the body inside the bonfire, ready to be lighted, instead of burying it, which would have been much easier to find. Christian arrives early at the site on the day of the celebration and starts the fire before the sniffer dogs can warn the investigators that a body is hidden inside the bonfire.

In the film, Loving Adults’ climactic sequence, Leonora and Christian leave since it is now too dangerous for them to remain there. Detective Holger is also developing a suspicion. It won’t be long before more examinations turn up Xenia’s remains at the lake’s bottom.

Loving Adults observed Leonora’s strategy succeed. After getting their hands dirty, they are now bonded for all time, and because she has leverage, Christian would never consider abandoning her.

The 2022 drama thriller “Loving Adults” is directed by Barbara Topse-Rothenborg. You can stream Loving Adults movie on Netflix with subscription.

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