NBC’s ‘The Thing About Pam’: Does Pam Hupp Has Children in Real Life?

Pam Hupp Kids Children

Pam Hupp’s Kids:

  • Daughter: Sarah
  • Son: Travis Victor Hupp

NBC’sThe Thing About Pam‘ is a crime drama series that defies genre conventions to give us an inside look at a 2011 case that shook Missouri to its core. After all, as the six-parter depicts, Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria was found murdered inside her home on December 27, but it was her friend Pam Hupp who was allegedly involved, not her husband.

But, for the time being, given how they were introduced in the production, let’s focus on the latter’s children and investigate whether she had any in real life or not.

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Pam Hupp Kids

Pam Hupp Has Kids in Real Life?

To summarise, Pamela “Pam” Hupp has two children in real life: a daughter named Sarah from her first marriage and a son named Travis from her second marriage to Mark Hupp. According to reports, Pam “had to” marry her high school sweetheart three months after senior prom, resulting in the birth of their baby girl in the mid-1970s.

The marriage only lasted six years, after which her ex was forced to appear in court with a stack of cancelled checks to prove he’d been paying child support on time, despite the claims of others.

Pam and Mark Hupp married around the same time and soon welcomed a son into their lives, only to relocate to Naples, Florida, to begin a new chapter in 1989. They returned to Missouri in 2001, a year after her father died, to settle in O’Fallon, St. Louis, allegedly where her children still live.

It’s unclear what kind of mother Pam was or what her children’s upbringing was like, but reports indicate that it was a mix of the usual and unusual.

According to friends, Pam’s daughter found a place she thought could be her forever home when she first married and, like any child, gushed to her mother about it. However, Pam ostensibly went behind her back and bought the same house, only to flip it for a profit through the side business she and her husband ran.

No one knows why she did it or what actually happened, owing to the Hupps’ preference to stay out of the spotlight, but incidents like this were allegedly not uncommon.

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Travis Hupp
Travis Hupp / Facebook

Some Facts About Pam Hupp’s Kids

Sarah, how old are you?

Sarah is 43 years old as of 2022, according to online records.

Is Sarah active on Instagram?

Sarah does not appear to be active on any of the social media platforms.

Travis Hupp’s Age: How Old Is He?

Travis Hupp, who was born in June 1987, will be 34 years old in 2021.

Travis Hupp Is On Instagram?

Travis Hupp does not have an Instagram account. He does, however, have a Facebook account (@travis.v.hupp).

Where Do Pam Hupp’s Children Live?

Sarah Hupp, Pam Hupp’s daughter, is said to live in St. Louis, Missouri. Travis, on the other hand, lives in O’Fallon, Missouri.

On The Thing About Pam, who plays Pam Hupp’s children?

Sarah Hupp was played by Sarah Stipe, and Travis Hupp was played by Drew Scheid in The Thing About Pam.