Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’: Who Is Eugenio Mastrandrea (Lino)? His Wife, Girl Friend and Everything We Know

Does 'From Scratch' Star Eugenio Mastrandrea Have a Wife or Girlfriend1

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’: Who Is Eugenio Mastrandrea (Lino)? His Wife, Girl Friend and Everything We Know – A skilled cast member making his American television debut is introduced to fans in the Netflix romance series From Scratch. Based on Tembi Locke‘s From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, the programme depicts the courtship and adjustment of a Texas-born artist (Zoe Saldaa) and a Sicilian chef (Eugenio Mastrandrea) as they deal with significant life changes such as relocating from Italy to the United States and a medical emergency. With his swoon-worthy performance as chef Lino, Mastrandrea brings Locke’s real-life spouse to television.

Despite making his American film debut with From Scratch, the 28-year-old actor has already secured his next significant Hollywood project. Fans of From Scratch now naturally want to know if Eugenio is actually taken. Does Eugenio have a girlfriend or a wife? This is what we do know.

Who Played Lino in From Scratch

Who Played Lino in “From Scratch”?

At the movie From Scratch, Eugenio Mastrandrea plays Lino, a chef who works in a Sicilian restaurant. When he meets Amy, an Italian law student studying abroad, they fall in love. However, after they come to the United States and must adjust to significant changes, their relationship transforms. Furthermore, their connection is further complicated by Lino’s devastating medical diagnosis.

Has Eugenio Mastrandrea ever been Married?

On his Instagram, Eugenio posts infrequently. There is now no indication of a stunning Italian wife or girlfriend by his side either there or elsewhere.

However, it makes sense why many celebrities with significant fan bases (Eugenio has 35,000 followers as of writing and counting) don’t write about their love life on social media. In other words, Eugenio is not necessarily unmarried just because he has yet to post about a wife or girlfriend. Or it may imply that he’s single, in which case we have a chance!

The 28-year-old Italian actor admitted to Tudum that he had a strong obligation to accurately portray the life of Tembi Locke’s late husband Saro, the inspiration for Lino, in From Scratch.

Eugenio said, “felt responsible to carry the story on [his] shoulders,” adding that he “put a lot of [himself] in the building of the character, brick by brick.”

Eugenio even got along with Tembi’s real-life kid, Zoela, who she shared with Saro, according to the same Tudum interview. After meeting Eugenio, Zoela reportedly offered her seal of approval for the casting, saying, “OK, yeah, he’s everything I thought he would be. He’s a nice guy. He’s fun. He’s all the things.”

Mastrandrea talked candidly about her early impressions of the From Scratch script in a Tudum interview, stating, “I felt a connection when I read the script.”

“It’s strange because it’s a sensation. It’s like explaining the sensation of being cold or warm or being hungry. It’s something that you feel in your body,” he continued. “I put a lot of myself in the building of the character, brick by brick.”

That giant mass of population, buildings, distances, spending two hours in the traffic to go from one place to another — it was a lot to take in,” he recalled. “There was a very strange overlap between me and the character. A lot of things that were happening to Eugenio being in a Netflix production in Hollywood [were like], ‘Wow. What the fuck is going on here? Let me try and figure this out, OK?’ That was kind of happening to Lino, too.”

Netflix currently offers From Scratch for streaming.

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