Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake?’: Where Is Hemu Basu Now?

Where is Is it Cake’s Hemu Basu Now

Netflix’s Is It Cake?‘ pits a bunch of professional bakers against one another to build cakes that appear exactly like everyday objects with the goal of deception and $100,000 on the line. In other words, it’s a baking competition in which contestants must create hyper-realistic cakes from scratch in order to deceive a rotating panel of celebrity judges.

Hemu Basu was one of these cake artists who managed to leave an impression on the audience. Don’t worry if you’re inquisitive about her background, career, or current status; we’ve got all the pertinent information for you!

Is it Cake Hemu Basu

Hemu Basu, Who is She?

Hemu Basu began baking as a hobby to pass the time when she was relatively young, has always had an eye for detail, a love for colour, and her own particular style. Everyone close to Hemu realised the raw talent she possessed after she made a fire truck cake for her son’s birthday in 2012 at his request, and encouraged her to continue honing her skill.

That’s how the self-taught Indian baker in Texas not only found her passion, but also managed to turn it into a lucrative career with her own little firm.

Hemu went on to specialise in sculpted hyper-realistic cakes and rose through the ranks of the business by winning numerous competitions and awards, eventually landing her on Netflix’s radar.

Despite her objectives, her purpose on ‘Is It Cake?‘ was not to gain notoriety or celebrity, but to demonstrate her abilities for her children and dedicate her performance to her older sister. The latter tragically died from Covid-19 in early 2021. Sadly, despite Hemu’s bravery, the judges accurately predicted her statue cake and eliminated her in the finale, leaving her with only $10,000 in her pocket.

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Where is Hemu Basu Now

What happened to Hemu Basu And Where Is She Now?

Hemu Basu is still based in Katy, Texas, where she runs Hemu’s Sweet Sensation at 4519 Red Yucca Drive, where she creates unique cakes that push the boundaries of inventiveness. She was also a contestant on Food Network’s ‘Wedding Cake Championship‘ season 2 in 2019 and ‘Halloween Wars‘ season 10 in 2020, in addition to the Netflix original (where her team actually won).

Hemu appears to be a family woman who is completely focused on growing her business right now, and she has no intention of letting anything or anyone stand in her way.

Baking is much more than an art form for Hemu; it is a method for her to empower people, a way for her to recover, and it is her sense of self. She once remarked, “Creating edible artwork brings me the same serenity and joy as visiting any spiritual location or temple.” “Baking makes me happy, and the treats make everyone happy.”

“Don’t be afraid to attempt something new; failure is an option and a learning experience!” says the cake designer, who first entered the competition in 2016. You must learn from your mistakes. In a similar position, what would you do differently? Is there a way to get back on track right now?

When it comes to shattered cakes, icing works miracles. In this case, what’s your icing? That’s very much how I go about my entire existence… Follow the directions, but deviate where necessary. “I have a framework, but when I need to bend, I bend.”