Netflix’s ‘The Last Bus’ Sci-fi Series Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

The Last Bus season 1 recap and ending explained

An elderly man whose wife has recently died uses his free local bus pass to go to the opposite end of the UK, to where they initially moved from, on a nostalgic trip while also carrying his wife’s ashes in a little suitcase, ‘bringing her back,’ and meeting local people in the process. He becomes a celebrity at the conclusion of his journey.

The Last Bus,’ a Netflix science-fiction adventure comedy series, is a throwback to teen and young-adult entertainment. It avoids the darkness and nihilism that have become a feature of the genre since the release of ‘The Hunger Games.’ Instead, it is optimistic and heartfelt, and it seeks to present a positive story. All of this is accomplished while the show’s creators work to make each character a complete person.

Robert Sheehan, well known for his role in ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ lends his inherent charisma to the role of Dalton Monkhouse, the eccentric and presumably insane billionaire who appears to vaporise billions of people in a zealous mission to preserve the planet. Here’s all you need to know about ‘The Last Bus‘ first season finale.

The Last Bus season 1 ending explained

Recap of Season 1 of The Last Bus

Monkhouse Dynamics is the setting for the first episode of the series. After being dropped by an employee, one of the egg-shaped A.I. orbs, subsequently discovered to be genie orbs, escapes from the facility.

In the meantime, students at Braelawn Academy prepare for a mysterious launching event at Monkhouse Dynamics. Nas (Moosa Mostafa), one of the kids, has won an essay contest on Monkhouse and will be present at the occasion with other of his classmates. Mr. Short teaches science at Braelawn. He is in charge of the students’ safety.

When the bus that is intended to transport the students to Monkhouse Dynamics arrives, it is shown to be not just a double-decker, but also one that is in bad condition. Sophie (Phoebe De Silva), Nas’ older sister; Misha (Lauryn Ajufo), Sophie’s best friend; Tom (Daniel Frogson), the son of a soldier and a member of a group of bullies; Danny (Curtis Kantsa), Tom’s friend and the bullies’ leader; Josh (Nathanael Saleh), a boy younger than Tom and Sophie; Bethan (Carys John), Josh’s

Nas is a science prodigy who idolises Monkhouse, who is a scientist and inventor in his own right, specialising in artificial intelligence. Nas is removed from the rest of the gang at Monkhouse Dynamics and ends up in the aforementioned facility. He runs into the previously escaping orb.

Meanwhile, Monkhouse appears as a hologram in numerous places and delivers a terrifying speech blaming humans for destroying the planet’s ecosystem. He then summons his army of genie orbs, which fire an energy beam at everyone in the audience, causing them to vanish in an instant. Mr. Short encourages Tom to save as many as he can before vanishing.

The survivors begin to believe that anyone who is blasted by the energy beam is instantly incinerated. They come to the conclusion that Danny has met the same fate after discovering his electric vehicle on the side of the road.

When they return home, they discover that their parents have gone to their school to be evacuated. When they arrive at Braelawn, they realise that Monkhouse’s plan was to collect their parents in one location so that he could use the genie orbs on them as well.

The gang eventually resolves to go to Wallgate, a military barracks where Tom’s father appears to leave him a voicemail, in the hopes that other adults may be present. They befriend a genie orb named Borb along the way, earning the anger of another genie orb named Stevil.

They find out that Tom lied to them when they arrive at Wallgate. He wanted to protect others and get them to safety, as Mr. Short had told him. His buddies eventually forgive him. They discover that Monkhouse has started reforesting the planet with the genie orbs in a gigantic scale.

In episode 9, the group arrives at Monkhouse’s mansion, which turns out to be his home. They find Monkhouse inside a stasis pod in the season 1 finale and learn the truth about his megalomaniac aspirations. Danny reappears, and Lucy, a mysterious girl, makes her first appearance.

The Last Bus season 1 ending

The Last Bus Season 1 Ending Explained

The people who were zapped by the energy beam are still alive. Monkhouse discloses to Tom, Nas, and the others in the season 1 finale that the orbs relocated people, including their parents, to sleep centres around the world and placed them in stasis pods.

They will slumber until global carbon levels have reached an ideal average, which might take more than a century. Each of these structures can accommodate a hundred million people. The entire project, which Monkhouse refers to as the Harvest, was clearly a huge success.

Monkhouse may not be a genocidal murderer, but he is certainly imprisoning billions of people. Borb is taken from the protagonists, reactivated, and used against Nas and the others. It doesn’t work, much to his astonishment, and he is apprehended.

The Last Bus season 1 explained

Who is Lucy in ‘The Last Bus’ Season 1?

A figure in a black hood walks into the home shortly after the protagonists have captured Monkhouse. Sophie, Tom, and Misha proceed to confront him after seeing them enter on the security cameras. Danny, who is now working with a female named Lucy, is exposed as the figure removes their hood (Lara McDonnell).

Monkhouse’s estranged daughter is revealed to be her. She has come to claim her inheritance after discovering what her father has done. Lucy is even nastier than her father when it comes to deception. She intends to utilise his Nexus Key, the instrument through which Monkhouse controls everything in Monkhouse Dynamics, to choose who wakes up and who does not.

After starting the molecular implosion process, Dalton eventually departs the house on his stasis pod. Everyone else, including Danny and Lucy, is allowed to leave. Borb makes the bus fly once the former rejoins the gang.

The Nexus Key has been obtained by the group, however, it is genetically tied to Monkhouse’s genetics, allowing only Monkhouse and Lucy to utilise it. The eight buddies make the decision to track down their parents and save the planet. Monkhouse is revealed to have washed ashore on a beach in the final scene. It’s a strong possibility that one of his facilities is nearby.

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