ID’s ‘Married to Evil’ 4×01 “Control Freak to Killer” – Olivia Jones Murder

Olivia Jones Murder

Olivia Jones Murder – The first episode of season 4 of “Married to Evil” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the tragic murder of Olivia Jones, a resident of Beaumont, Texas, which took place on Valentine’s Day in 2019. The police swiftly responded and apprehended a suspect with the help of security footage from her residence and crucial family information. These sources played a vital role in identifying the individuals responsible for this act of violence and helped authorities in their search. In this article, we will delve deeper into the available details of Olivia’s murder and the ongoing search for potential suspects.

Married to Evil 4×01 “Control Freak to Killer” : Olivia Jones Murder Story

Olivia Dawn Simmons was born on July 19, 1980, in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas. Her parents, James O. Barlow and Anita Barlow, both deceased, raised her along with her four siblings. Olivia was the eldest among them and was described by her youngest sibling, Joshua Simmons, as a “beautiful person.” After completing her education at Everest University-South Orlando in Tampa, Florida, Olivia established herself as an accounting professional at Matrix Tax Service, where she built an excellent reputation.

According to Brittney Simmons, Olivia’s dedication to her business endeavours was commendable. In 1999, she married Al, her childhood sweetheart; they had two daughters. Family members confirmed that Ariel Turk was one of their daughters. Unfortunately, their marriage ended shortly after the birth of their children. According to Brittney Simmons’ recollection, Olivia was deeply devastated by Al’s departure, leading to divorce proceedings.

Christopher Jones was charged with Beaumont’s first homicide of 2019 on April 3. Previous reports by the Enterprise revealed that Christopher had threatened divorce on the day his wife, Olivia Jones, was fatally shot. According to court records mentioned in this article, an altercation between them ensued, resulting in Olivia being shot in the back of the head.

Discovering the details surrounding Olivia’s sudden demise can be heartbreaking, and her loss has undoubtedly had a profound impact on her family, friends, and the entire community.

Who Killed Olivia Jones

Investigation and Arrest

Christopher Jones claimed that his altercation with Olivia was motivated by his desire to prevent her from taking her own life. He justified his actions by asserting that they were necessary to protect his wife from self-harm, as she had previously threatened such behaviour. However, according to Hamm’s account of the events, Christopher Jones was more like an “impostor” who feigned innocence but secretly sought control.

Hamm emphasized Christopher Jones’ inconsistent narrative regarding using a firearm during the trial proceedings. He encouraged jurors to draw reasonable inferences from these inconsistencies. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release stating that the State countered these false claims with evidence such as 911 calls, body camera footage, home security videos, and statements made by Jones himself, all of which supported his murder conviction.

In their statement, the District Attorney’s Office expressed their appreciation for the diligent work of the Beaumont Police Department. It commended the professionalism displayed by every officer involved, particularly lead detective Mendy Freeman.

The prosecution highlighted the significance of Sgt. Celestina Rossi’s bloodstain analysis from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. This analysis provided crucial biological evidence that disproved the defendant’s claims, thereby securing his conviction.

Following closing arguments from both sides on Monday, an all-female jury deliberated for nearly four hours before continuing their deliberation to determine whether Christopher Jones would be charged in Judge John Stevens Jr.’s Criminal District Court of Jefferson County. Christopher has denied both accusations brought against him.

During the trial, Christopher Jones was portrayed as someone acting out of fear and disbelief to protect Olivia from self-harm. Attorney Gertz asked the jury to imagine themselves in a similar scenario where Olivia attempted self-harm before Christopher intervened. To support this perspective, the defense played a 911 call where Christopher begged for assistance, emphasizing his fear and disbelief.

As part of the proceedings, Christopher Jones admitted to destroying home security tapes out of fear that they would portray him unfavorably or as a “monster.” Gertz acknowledged this action as monumentally stupid but argued that rational people could make poor choices under high-pressure situations.

Throughout the trial, Christopher Jones’ freedom became the central point of discussion. He accused the initial responding police officer of bias and improper procedure, claiming that she presumptively presumed his guilt without sufficient evidence. However, Hamm dismissed the defense counsel’s closing statement and labelled Christopher Jones a “liar.” He emphasized the conflicting accounts given by Jones regarding the events of the firearm struggle as evidence against him. Hamm urged the jurors to draw reasonable conclusions based on credible accounts from all sides.

The prosecution contended that Christopher Jones consistently maintained his story of his wife’s suicide attempt by shooting herself. However, his accounts of events before and after the incident were inconsistent, particularly regarding who held the gun during the shooting. Hamm suspected that Christopher Jones staged the suicide to gain publicity. Each contradiction weakened Christopher’s defense argument and allowed the prosecution to prove his guilt in orchestrating it for attention.

As the trial progressed, the jury carefully reviewed the evidence and arguments presented by both parties to reach a just verdict.

Where is Christopher Ray Jones Now

Prosecution of Christopher Ray Jones for Murder

Hamm likened Olivia Jones’ defense to a house built on shifting sands, emphasizing its weakness as an argument. In contrast to Gertz’s portrayal, Hamm depicted Olivia Jones as a loving wife who cherished her family. He proudly displayed photos of her family on her phone and described her as a “Godly person.” Although Olivia could not testify, her daughter attested that she was not suicidal.

After several days of testimony and more than six hours of deliberation over two days, the jury reached a unanimous verdict, finding Christopher Ray Jones guilty of murdering Olivia Jones, his late wife. A first-degree murder conviction can carry prison terms ranging from 5 to 99 years or life imprisonment. Jones received a 30-year sentence before deciding not to appeal the decision. He is currently serving his time at the Gatesville Correctional Facility.

While Olivia Jones and her loved ones have obtained some measure of justice, it cannot undo the tragedy that has transpired. As determined by the court, Christopher Jones will now bear the responsibility for his actions.

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