Who was Paul Newman’s Ex-Wife Jackie Witte? How Did She Die?

Paul Newman’s Ex-Wife Jackie Witte

Paul Newman’s Ex-Wife Jackie Witte – The Last Movie Stars” is a limited documentary series on HBO Max that chronicles the lives of Hollywood’s iconic couple, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Starring Ethan Hawke, who Emily Wachtel asked to bring their story to life, transcripts of interviews conducted by writer Stewart Stern for an unfinished memoir project inform this documentary series.

Hawke’s documentary approach is unique, as he uses dramatizations of interview transcripts to craft an engaging narrative about the couple’s lives and careers. The six-hour series takes viewers on a journey through decades, showcasing both their relationship and acting careers in all their glory.

Newman and Woodward were married for 50 years, and their relationship is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories.

Newman, the celebrated Hollywood actor, and philanthropist was previously married to Jackie Witte before tying the knot with Joanne Woodward – his longtime love and partner. Many are curious about Newman’s first marriage and his relationship with Jackie Witte.

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Who Was Jackie Witte

Who Was Jackie Witte?

Jackie, also known as Jackie, was born in September 1929. At 19 years old and 24 years old, respectively, she met Paul Newman – a Navy veteran and aspiring actor – while doing stage work. They immediately fell in love and married five years later in 1949, despite Jackie still being a college student with their five-year age gap.

Their early years together were marred by tragedy, as Paul’s father died suddenly. Yet Jackie remained a rock of strength and supported Paul as he took over his family business and pursued acting. She also traveled to New York in search of modeling jobs before eventually moving with Paul to the city.

Jackie gave birth to their first child, Alan Scott Newman, in 1951; then, Susan Kendall followed in 1953, and Stephanie Newman followed a year later in 1954. According to the docuseries, Jackie discovered Paul’s affair with actress Joanne Woodward shortly after their youngest child was born, leaving her devastated. Despite her best efforts to make things work out, the couple ultimately divorced in early 1958.

Jackie is remembered as a strong, resilient woman who prioritized her family. Even through the challenges in her relationship with Paul, Jackie continued to support him and their children until their divorce. While there may be a public interest in their relationship, it’s essential that we respect Jackie’s privacy and allow her to maintain her personal life without outside interference.

How Did Jackie Witte Die

How Did Jackie Witte Pass Away?

Following their divorce, Jackie Witte (later McDonald) and Paul Newman reportedly maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their three children. It is believed that Jackie passed away around 1993, though specific details regarding her cause and location have never been made public.

Jackie was believed to have been a successful full-time model at some point, both before and after her marriage to Paul Newman. Unfortunately, little else is known about her personal and professional life beyond this.

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