Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 “Solaricks” {Premiere Episode} Recap

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

Rick and Morty Season 6 Premiere Episode Recap – The Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon-directed science fiction animated comedy follows the wacky adventures that Mad Scientist Rick and his grandson Morty go on while frightening their family members and wreaking mayhem everywhere. With an equal blend of domestic humor and science fiction, Rick and Morty expand the idea of the conventional American sitcom to include space travel.

Jerry and Beth Smith live in a suburban neighborhood with their children, Summer (17) and Morty (14). Ricky, Beth’s father, and the supposedly “problematic” grandpa join them and frequently endanger their lives by accompanying Morty on his numerous time-traveling and planet-exploring antics.

The first episode of “Rick and Morty” season 6 serves as the show’s “soft reset” and wraps up Season 5’s events. The episode “Solaricks,” tells us precisely how much time we’ve spent with Rick and his family of dimension-hoppers by drawing on the lore and plot from earlier seasons. Evil Morty came up with a massive scheme in the show’s fifth season that required using all of the portal fluid that was still accessible, destroying the Citadel, and irreversibly changing the multiverse as it is currently understood in order to escape Rick’s Central Finite Curve.

After Evil Morty made his spectacular exit, the titular pair were now imprisoned in the damaged section of the Citadel that they had been able to preserve while floating through space. But this was really only the beginning. Season 6 titled “Solaricks” begins soon after this cliffhanger and must look into the immediate effects of everything before going on to new adventures, so there is a lot of ground to cover. Here is a rundown of all the noteworthy happenings from the important Season 6 premiere of Rick and Morty.

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Rick and Morty Season 6 Premiere Episode Recap

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 “Solaricks” Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Rick presents the scenario as he and Morty are still trapped in the Citadel’s broken-off shard and are traveling through space. The squad is out of options for food, drink, and energy, the portal cannon isn’t working, and the fifth season has been over for a time. They are both ready to perish when Space Beth unexpectedly appears on a ship to save them. Following considerable discussion, Rick and Morty are saved.

To travel across multiverses once more, Rick brings the two of them back to their house and claims that he needs to restart the portal index, but this doesn’t actually work because he resets portal passengers instead (rather than travel). As Rick, Morty, and Jerry are being sent back to their own original realities; Rick charges summer with helping them return to the C-137 universe. Here, Beth and Space Beth are notified of the Rick and Morty bodies in the backyard.

Both Beths finally decide to accompany Summer on the next mission to save Rick, even though it is initially uncomfortable for Summer. It is revealed that Morty has constructed an AI version of his late wife Diane, who stalks Rick when he returns to the universe he initially encountered during the events of his origin story. While exploring the Cronenberg universe, Morty ultimately meets Jerry from the Cronenberg universe.

Returning to Summer and the two Beths, we observe Beth awkwardly navigating the missing as Summer tries to have fun with her stylish new mother. It is then revealed in Rick’s actual reality that everyone else is locked in a time loop frozen on the same day as when Rick’s original Diane and Beth passed away. While their thoughts are reset, everyone is currently aging at a consistent rate.

Then Rick says he won’t be able to find the Rick he’s been looking for since the Season 5 flashback. Before crossing a wormhole in a far more crazy attempt to travel to another universe, Rick leaves the ghost of Diane behind. It is revealed that Beth and Summer from the Cronenberg universe have passed away since we last saw them, so let’s get back to Morty. As a result, Jerry has become a survivor and can live at the cost of his humanity. Then he escapes after snatching all of Morty’s things.

Morty tries to reason with Jerry when he finally catches up with him, but Jerry is angry because Morty betrayed him and abandoned the universe to perish. Morty offers to take Jerry to another universe, but Jerry declines and goes on. Summer realizes that since he’s having trouble leaving his own reality, it’s probable that the Rick he’s seeking for is having trouble finding him as well when Rick can locate himself in the middle of his wormhole. Rick rejoins Morty and immediately shifts his focus to finding Morty’s Rick.

He claims that Morty’s original Rick from the Cronenberg universe, who murdered his family, never ever died but instead just abandoned Morty. Rick had carefully picked this Morty in the hopes that the Rick he was looking for would return. This other Rick, who will be referred to as “Rick Prime” in this summary, discovers the C-137 Rick and follows him to a sphere buried in space. He had set up an elaborate ruse to cause havoc with any Ricks who might come across him.

Morty discourages Rick from following Rick Prime despite his desire to do so. Except name, they might be regarded as grandfather and grandson due to the numerous adventures they have had together. The two Beths are arguing for Summer’s attention, and Summer steps in to clarify that she honestly simply wants to hang out more without being fixated on it. Following their successful rescue of the Beth family and Summer, Rick and Morty set out to find Jerry in his home world.

It is revealed in Season 2 that Jerry’s original universe is effectively trapped because the Smith Family has remained static throughout the seasons that we have seen. This is due to the Smith Family’s constant behavior. Jerry defeats his original family by giving them the bird, and the family gets along again. However, in Season 2, Jerry mistakenly releases “Mr. Frundles,” a cute extraterrestrial monster that quickly bites and infects everything in its path with Frundleses when they return to their home reality.

After traveling to a new timeline where the Smith family (along with Space Beth) had been murdered, the entire family buried their elderly selves in the backyard. The only drawback to this alternate reality is the peculiar way they pronounce “Parmesan,” and Rick informs Morty that he isn’t actually Prime Bait. Rick genuinely doesn’t care about anybody or anything. Despite what Rick tries to say, this Rick is not at all sympathetic.

The post-credits scene for the episode reveals that Prime In the Cronenberg reality, Rick asks Jerry whether he could communicate with a young child or someone who resembled him. We first met Rick in the sphere, and this Rick was him. Jerry then makes a team-up suggestion, and when Rick Prime denies it, Jerry attempts to assassinate him. Immediately after Jerry’s neck starts to heal, Rick Prime kills him. Jerry asks Rick Prime, who has been trying to understand it himself, why he is present as he goes away.

You can stream Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 on Adult Swim.

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