Super Pumped Episode 1 ‘Grow or Die’ Recap and Ending, Explaination

Super Pumped Episode 1 Recap

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber‘ chronicles the turbulent early days of Uber and its high-energy and controversial CEO Travis Kalanick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

The protagonist of the Showtime anthology series is introduced in Episode 1 as he seeks to break into the highly regulated transportation sector while dealing with the continual pressure to expand the company.

We also see Uber receive its first “big boy” round of funding, as well as the interesting interplay between the co-founder CEO and his venture capitalist.

The episode ends on a high note, with the corporation making an iconic move while cleverly avoiding a potentially terrible issue.

Things are building up to be a rocky journey, so let’s double-check that we have all the facts from episode 1 of ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber.’


Super Pumped The Battle for Uber Recap

Recap of Episode 1 of ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’

Travis Kalanick, UberCab’s Co-Founder and CEO, begins the episode by interviewing a potential new employee. He asks the jittery applicant if he’s an “asshole,” and the storey quickly demonstrates what Kalanick means.

When the topic of consumer safety is brought up, he dismisses it with contempt until one employee suggests adding a “safety fee” to their usual rates, which might bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for the corporation. Kalanick, on the other hand, is a fan of the concept.

Following that, we’re transported to 2011, where a younger Kalanick meets with venture capitalist Bill Gurley.

The latter is an astute investor who is impressed by Kalanick’s tenacity in bringing his firm to the top. Kalanick goes on an expansion frenzy, snatching drivers from local cab businesses, thanks to Gurley’s hefty investment.

The local authorities become uneasy as the fledgling company expands (and celebrates) in a raucous manner.

The San Francisco municipal transportation agency’s Randall Pearson threatens Kalanick with severe legal consequences for blatantly snatching the local taxi company.

But the young CEO is unfazed, instead goes on the offensive. UberCab is eventually served with a subpoena to cease and desist all services (which is also ignored).

Super Pumped The Battle for Uber Ending Explained

Super Pumped Episode 1 Ending Explained – Why Did UberCab Switch to Uber?

Despite the fact that the company appears to be doing well, its “burn rate” causes finances to run out.

To make matters worse, the subpoena also imposes fines of $5000 per ride on UberCab, potentially plunging the corporation further into debt. Kalanick eventually approaches Gurley for further investment, and the latter agrees.

Recognizing that in order to succeed, he must overplay his hand, the CEO begins collecting signed petitions from his clients, quickly rising to stage a protest outside the Mayor’s office.

Kalanick meets with the Mayor, but his company is still facing significant fines. Gurley returns to the workplace with Emil Michael, claiming the latter is a prodigious dealmaker, just as the team faces the terrible prospect of going bankrupt.

Initially concerned that Michael is a Gurley stooge, Kalanick puts his “dealmaking” talents to the test and is pleasantly surprised. Based on Michael’s recommendation, UberCab shortens its name to Uber at the end of the episode.

Why Does UberCab Change to Uber

As a result, the programme ends on a significant note, demonstrating how a renowned company’s name evolves.

Apart from the fact that the new name is more appealing to Kalanick, there is also a big financial motive for the shift.

UberCab is classified as a “cab” company by the municipal transportation department and the subpoena it issues, both of which are thorns in the side of the young transportation provider.

When Michael brings this up to Kalanick’s attention, the CEO recognises the devilishly obvious answer the dealmaker is suggesting.

Kalanick appears to have removed his company from the scope of the subpoena by changing the company’s name from UberCab to just Uber and removing the word “Cab.”

Because the corporation is no longer bound by the court ruling, it appears that their huge fines have vanished as well. As a result, the change in name from UberCab to Uber is primarily intended to escape fines imposed on the corporation for disobeying cease and desist orders.

Super Pumped Episode 1 Ending

What Happened in Travis Kalanick And Mayor Lee Meeting?

Kalanick makes a concerted attempt to meet with Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco in order to persuade him of UberCab’s potential.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, recognises that he’ll have to utilise a different strategy to gain the Mayor’s attention.

He organises enormous protests outside the latter’s office and collects tens of thousands of signatures on petitions in favour of his business.

Lee eventually agrees to meet with Kalanick and is dismissive. The tech entrepreneur, on the other hand, instantly flips the discussion, explaining how everything that is now antiquated and accepted was once novel and original.

After a fast history lesson and some quick rhetoric, the Mayor appears to be convinced. The Mayor appears to agree to let Uber operate unimpeded in San Francisco, despite not cancelling the fines.

Of course, the transportation company’s troubles are just beginning, given its goals for national and worldwide expansion. However, the first episode ends with a win for Uber (without the “Cab”) and its controversial Co-Founder CEO.