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Watch ‘Women Talking’ Movie Online – Women Talking” was one of the most critically acclaimed plays of 2022 and was also well-liked by audiences. The movie is based on a 2018 novel by Miriam Toews and is directed by Sarah Polley (Stories We Tell, Take This Waltz). Sarah Polley’s Women Talking has been nominated for Best Film and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2023 Academy Awards.

The majority of the well-known actors featured in the film are female. Frances McDormand, three-time Oscar winner; Jessie Buckley, Oscar nominee; Rooney Mara, Emmy winner; and Claire Foy. The film’s protagonists are women from the historical Mennonite settlement of Manitoba Colony, Bolivia. In a handful of theatres in December 2022, Women Talking was exhibited. The picture received a wide international release just in time for the Academy Awards. In the next weeks, the film will also be made available online for the first time.

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“Women Talking” Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Alone in bed, a young woman is sleeping. The bruises and wounds on her hips and inner thighs are indications that she was raped.

In 2010, female residents of a secluded Mennonite community discovered that their male counterparts had been using cow tranquilizers to sexually abuse and dominate them. All of the attackers are apprehended and transported to a local jail. The majority of the men in the colony had left for two days to observe the event, leaving the females to plan their next move. They vote on whether or not to do nothing, fight, or depart.

There is a tie in the polls between staying and fighting or leaving. Eleven of the colony’s women gather in a hayloft to decide, but Scarface, a “do-nothing” woman, storms off after becoming upset with the discussion, accompanied by her ambivalent daughter Anna and her resistant granddaughter Helena. While none of the women in the colony are literate, August, one of the only two remaining men, assists the ladies in keeping a record of the gathering. The second man, Melvin (formerly Nettie), is a transsexual who stopped speaking after being raped, except for the younger children. Thus, he is accountable for monitoring the females and advising them of any external changes.

Salome, who has just returned from obtaining medication for her beaten 4-year-old daughter, is as determined to stay and fight as when she left. Ona, who is pregnant, also suggests that they remain and, after the conflict, form new rules for the colony that accord women equal rights. Mariche, the daughter of Greta and the mother of Autje, believes that forgiveness is the only option. To defuse the tension, Ona suggests that August compose a list of the pros of staying and the drawbacks of leaving.

Our time together is concluded. During the recess, it is revealed that August comes from a family that was excommunicated from the colony. However, he was recently granted permission to return to teach the boys there. When they were children, he had feelings for Ona, and they were close friends.

After the 2010 census, the women learn that Klaas, Mariche’s abusive ex-husband, will return that evening to collect the remainder of their bond. We’ll resume the meeting where we left off. It appears that Ona and Mejal have decided to go. Despite this, Salome refuses to give up the fight, and she admits with ferocity that she would rather kill the men than risk her daughter’s life any longer. Agata, Ona’s and her own mother, reminds her of their religious convictions, causing her to reevaluate her viewpoint. Mariche is the sole individual who remains unconvinced. During the ensuing conflict, she discloses that she had forgiven her husband’s abuse at Greta’s urging, which the other women found disrespectful. Mariche agrees to go after Greta and expresses regret.

August documents the reasons for their departure, which include protecting their children, being true to their convictions, and exercising their right to free speech. They like to recruit young guys between the ages of 12 and 15 but will not force anyone older than 12 to join. They prepare to go before daybreak while keeping their plans secret from Klaas. Ona suggests that August display the paperwork describing the advantages and disadvantages of leaving and staying as an “artefact” of the women’s colonial experience. In addition, he expresses his affection for Ona and gives her a blueprint for the ladies to follow.

Before departing, Melvin informs Salome that her adolescent son Aaron has fled and is hiding. While he is located, convincing him to leave on time is impossible. Once they leave, Salome poisons him and enslaves him to her will instead of allowing Aaron to leave quietly. August’s sole confidant is aware of and accepts this fact without question. To prevent further violence, he instructs her to care for Ona, and she instructs him in the art of peacemaking to teach the boys to avoid conflict.

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Where To Watch ‘Women Talking’ Film?

Women Talking debuted in a limited theatrical release during the Christmas season of 2022. On January 20, 2023, it was widely released in theatres nationwide. This will ensure that viewers can view the Best Picture nominees before the Academy Awards. Women Talking has not yet been added to streaming platforms since early February 2023. This involves both purchasing or renting the film and paying to view it online. After the film’s limited theatrical run concludes and it opens in an increasing number of foreign territories, this will alter.

Orion Pictures produced and released the picture Women Chatting. Amazon, through its subsidiary MGM Studios, owns Orion Pictures. This means that Women Talking will be available for streaming on Prime Video in the next weeks, if not for purchase or renting. If you can’t wait, you can sign up for Prime Video today to gain access to this movie (and many more) as soon as it becomes available.

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